Drizzle covers my body in a shroud,

Drip by drip, the rain wears away,

Misery on my mind, trudging through the streets.

Just a slinking black figure to be generalized.

All happiness is sapped away,

Rain drop on the tip of an eyelash,

Puddle amassed in the gutter.

Thunder rumbles and lightning cracks.

Yet I still go on, the cold seeping through to my skin,

It rains everyday here, with more puddles to slog through.

My umbrella broke a week from friday,

To keep the rain from hitting my face, the wind stinging my cheeks.

Now the rain never stops falling, but I barely feel it.

Not the wind, the rain, the feeling of lightning in my bones.

Been walking too long to step into the puddles again,

Trip, and fall to my knees on the pavement,

To face the downpour of feelings again.

Just staring at the ground, to get by.

With the sunshining, things may get worse,

They may improve.

Some things I dont want to chance.

Unless there's a person next to me, without the umbrella.