She found a knife,
He pulled a trigger,
That's just life,
Who'da figger?

He found a thrill,
She found a high,
It's run-a-the-mill,
Kiss them good bye,

Kid found a drink,
Baby found a pill,
How many, ya think,
Can we kill?

You think we'd notice,
How things go wrong,
We can't seem to focus,
Where does good belong?

You take that hammer,
I'll take this board,
We'll make a clamor,
And get people floored.

She'll take her cooking,
To the corner street home,
He'll keep on looking,
For kids on the roam.

It would be simple,
To make one smile,
To see a few dimples,
And walk an extra mile.

So why won't we sweat,
Just to help a stranger,
Why can't we meet,
And calm all our anger?