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Chapter 1: Exploring Caves

"I'm going to go meet my friends now!" A boy the age of 15 shouted from the front door.

"Okay be back by 7." His mother called from the living room. The boy nodded running out the door slamming it behind him. He ran to the corner where his three friends were waiting for him. He smiled at them and waved as they waved back.

"Hey Daisuke right on time." A tall boy said grinning. Daisuke smacked him lightly on the arm then said, "Shut up Kei. I'm never late." He laughed as did the others and they started walking away from the corner.

"So what do you want to do today?" Asked another boy who was slightly smaller than Kei.

"I dunno. What do you want to do Yuki?" Kei said looking at the girl beside him. She looked up at him quickly looking back down and replied in a quiet voice, "Oh um…I'm not sure. What about you Daisuke?" Daisuke grinned and placed his hands behind his head.

"Well I was thinking maybe we could go exploring." He said.

"Where? It better not be some stupid place again." Kei said. Daisuke chuckled and said, "Well you remember when Tooru told me that there are some caves around here? We could go exploring in those." Tooru stared at him and said, "Dai those are vampire caves! We're not supposed to go in those!" Daisuke shrugged and replied, "So, why does that matter? It'll be fun don't ya think?" Yuki gently tugged on Daisuke's sleeve and Daisuke looked down at her.

"Would it be okay if I didn't come?" Yuki asked softly. Daisuke smiled taking Yuki's hand in his and gently squeezing it.

"Sure. I know you're not comfortable with that stuff so it's fine Yuki. Oh I know!" Daisuke said smiling, as he dug into his pocket and pulled out a card, "Here Yuki you can have this. Its for Starbucks so go and buy something good okay."

"Oh but Dai-san—" Yuki began to say, but Daisuke held up his hand and placed it in Yuki's hand.

"I don't need it Yuki. I want you to go buy something and to be happy." Daisuke said smiling. Yuki smiled giggling softly and she let go of Daisuke's hand. They waved goodbye then kept walking.

"So are we gonna go to the caves?" Daisuke asked after a little while. Kei sighed closing his eyes for a minute then he replied, "Nah. I got better things to do." Daisuke scoffed and said, "Like what? Sharpening your little vampire killing machine." Kei stopped and faced Daisuke his face red with anger.

"Listen Daisuke that's not what its called and no that's not what I'm going to do. I need to run some errands okay." Kei retorted. Daisuke frowned and replied, "You don't need to get so mad, god." Kei looked as though he was about to wring Daisuke's neck but Tooru placed his hand on Kei's shoulder snapping him out of it.

"Let it go Kei. You know you can't change his mind about liking vampires okay." He said calmly. Daisuke grinned and stuck his tongue out then said, "Yup that's right!" Kei growled and turned away walking away from the two.

"I'll see you guys later!" He called. Daisuke just stuck his tongue out at him making faces and stopped once he had gone. Daisuke and Tooru walked on in silence then Tooru finally broke it.

"You know you shouldn't make him mad like that." He said. Daisuke sighed placing his hands behind his head and he replied, "Yea I know. Still he just doesn't understand." He let his arms fall back down to his side and he sighed again. Tooru draped an arm around his shoulders comforting him the best he could.

"He does understand its just he doesn't want to believe it. You know how uncommon it is for somebody like you to like vampires." Tooru said gently. Daisuke nodded and said, "Yea I know, but its not my fault…I just feel really attracted to them."

"Maybe it's just because of animal instinct." Tooru said as he gently flicked Daisuke's orange neko ears. Daisuke covered his ears and hissed at him.

"Hey don't touch the ears! How many times do I have to tell you that?" He growled. Tooru chuckled and Daisuke laughed too then there was comfortable silence.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe it's just instinct that I'm drawn to them. I dunno I guess you're right Tooru." Daisuke said his spark fading a bit. Tooru smiled and removed his arm then he stopped.

"Even if I am right it's your decision. I'm not going to make you change your mind." He said with sincerity. Daisuke smiled up at him then Tooru said, "Well I need to go home and help mom out. I barely got out of the house this morning cause she wanted me to help with housework." Daisuke smiled and they waved goodbye to each other then parted. Daisuke sighed and stood there for a minute then a grin suddenly lit up his face.

Yes! Now I can go exploring!He thought as he headed straight for the caves up in mountains not to far from here.

Dai-chan's POV

I climbed through the mountains and finally found the caves I was looking for. I peered in squinting through the darkness and I walked in timidly. As I walked through the caves I found clues that there was something or someone here. After only 20 minutes I realized I had already gotten lost. I wandered around aimlessly for a few hours then I stopped for a bit to rest.

"Ugh…my feet are killing me." I said. I rubbed my temples feeling my head start to pound and I leaned back against the cold cavern walls. I closed my eyes, but they suddenly flashed open when I heard something. My sharp hearing identified the noise as the sound of wings flapping and the sound of heavy breathing. Before I could get away something grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. With my good eyes I could see that it was a vampire and a very huge one at that. He looked very roughed up and starved looking. Long fangs hung from his mouth almost reaching down to his chin. I could barely think of what to do, but once he started to advance on me I started to kick and shout.

"No please stop! I didn't mean to trespass!" I shouted. The vampire took hold of my wrist twisting it slowly. I screamed in pain and instinctively lashed out with my free hand. My long nails scratched his face and he flung me aside clutching his face.

"You idiot! You shouldn't have done that little boy!" He shouted. He flew at me clawing at my face and clothes whatever he could get at. I screamed louder and watched as he grinned at my pain. I kicked him in the face then tried again this time in the stomach but he caught my ankle.

"Hehe…I'm going to enjoy seeing you die in such agony." He said. My eyes widened and I felt my ankle snap a scream tore through my throat as I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. My conscious was fading and just as he was about to kill me I saw something fly at him and knock him off me.

"Wha? What?" I asked as I rolled over trying to see who or what it was. My vision was blurred so badly that I could barely make out the outline of the person. I watched as they made the vampire back off then looked up as they walked up to me. Their mouth moved, but I heard no sound. The edges of my vision were fading and everything went black.

Normal POV

What's that feeling? It…hurts…Daisuke was suddenly awoken when he felt a searing pain in his ankle. His eyes snapped open and he looked around realizing he was in a cave, but it wasn't the same one he had passed out in. It looked a little more homely there were things on the walls and soft moss and grass on the ground. It was a lot drier than the other one and a lot neater too.

Dai-chan's POV

My eyes wandered around the room and I realized I was lying on a bed. The bed was much like a futon with warm blankets on top and underneath me. I looked down at my ankle and saw that it was in some sort of sling. I sat up a bit, blinked then looked down at myself. My face burned a bright red when I realized I had nothing on. Oh my God! Had I somehow lost my virginity while I was passed out? My eyes watered and I felt like crying but as I looked down at myself I realized that my cuts were bandaged up. Eh? Why would they…? My head snapped up when I heard someone come in.

"Hey! You awake now?" The person asked. I stared at the person surprised that it was boy who looked about my age. He had long dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and cold blue eyes behind him were a pair of vampire wings! I blinked wondering if I was dreaming but when I tried standing up the pain in my ankle told me he was real.

"I-I uh…did you…are you the one who saved me?" I stammered. He crossed his arms in front of his chest scowling at me and replied coldly, "Yea so. You better be happy I got that guy off of you." I blinked and bowed respectfully.

"Oh um yes…thank you very much. Ah um I don't believe I know your name." I said looking up at him again. He walked up to me sitting down a little farther away from me.

"Ugh…don't bow like that. Its damn annoying!" He snapped. I felt a little hurt, but smiled at him anyway. He stared at me with a weird expression like he had never seen someone smile at him before.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked feeling concerned. He looked away quickly replying, "Its nothing. Just shut up." I blinked feeling my neko ears flatten as tears welled up in my eyes.

"My name's Keichii." He said suddenly. I gazed at him my ears springing back up as I felt my spark return.

"Wow that's a cool name! Mine's Daisuke Iwasaki." I said excitedly. He stared at me with an expressionless face, but nodded when I told him my name.

"So why did you go into the caves?" He asked. I blinked cocking my head then I replied, "Oh well I was just exploring. I had gotten a tip from someone that vampires lived in them." Keichii suddenly took a defensive position and he showed his fangs. My eyes widened as I saw his fangs.

"What do you want? Are you a vampire hunter?" He asked eyeing me warily. I shook my head waving my hands defensively and said, "Oh no. I would never be one of those! I adore vampires!" He blinked staring at me relaxing for a minute then he suddenly went defensive again.

"You're lying! No one would go into those caves ever!" He hissed. I sighed then said, "Well I would and I did. I was curious and I just wanted to see if there were any vampires." Keichii glared at me, but I didn't back down determined to make him see that I was telling the truth.

"Look I wouldn't lie to you. I swear." I said. I watched him and realized he was sniffing at the air. He stopped and suddenly relaxed. I blinked a little surprised at this then I smiled glad he believed me.

"Fine I believe you now explain to me why you like our kind?" Keichii asked.


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