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Chapter 21 Exultant Conclusion

A few months had passed and Daisuke and Keichii's relationship went on smoothly. Keichii had given Daisuke his ring back as Daisuke apologized repeatedly. Keichii just smiled and ruffled Daisuke's hair. Every thing seemed perfect and each day Daisuke had the sensation of being completely filled. There were no empty gaps in his life or his heart. He had taken even more pictures with Keichii and placed them on his binder. It was Saturday and he was going to go hang out with his friends.

"I'm leaving, okay mom!" Daisuke called from the door. His mom stuck her head out and she smiled at her son.

"Okay, but don't be gone too long. I need some help around the house today." She replied. Daisuke smiled and gave her a nod then he left. As he jogged to their meeting spot he smiled since his uncle Jimmy was coming over a few days from now. He saw his friends and waved to them.

"Hey guys!" Daisuke said cheerily as he walked up to them. They all smiled and started talking together as they waited for the bus. Once they were at the mall they walked around and talked. Daisuke had a lot of fun with his friends and he was very content when he got home. At midnight he snuck out and went to his lover's cave.

"You seem happy, what happened?" Keichii asked as he brushed a strand of hair out of Daisuke's eyes. Daisuke smiled broadly looking up at his koi and replied, "I had a good time with my friends today and my uncle Jimmy is coming over in a few days." Keichii chuckled kissing his kitten's forehead lightly.

"I take it this 'uncle Jimmy' is a fun guy, am I right?" Keichii said smirking. Daisuke grinned nodding his head and he prepared to tell Keichii all about his favorite uncle.

Monday came and the four sat at their table as usual. They heard someone screaming and then a bunch of people laughing hard.

"Wow their table is always really lively." Yuki said as they looked over at the table with 8 people sitting at it. Daisuke cocked his head and he asked, "That's Kelley's table right? They're all huge anime fans." The three looked at him and Kei asked, "And how do you know that?"

"Well Kelley told me of course!" Daisuke said as though the answer was obvious. Suddenly another girl came up to the table at started talking with Kelley.

"Oh that's Lauren…Kelley always calls her Maki though. It's a cute nickname." Daisuke said smiling. Tooru chuckled placing his hand on Daisuke's head.

"You're so cute Dai. You like to talk to Kelley, don't you?" Tooru said smiling. Daisuke smiled up at him nodding his head and replied, "Yea, she's really nice and lively." Kei smirked and said, "Just like you." Daisuke blushed but smiled wider at his friends. Lauren left and Kelley put her cat ears on and Daisuke waved at her.

"Hey Kelley! I love your cat ears!" Daisuke called. Kelley looked over at him and blushed but smiled at him.

"Thanks Dai-chan! As I've said before I adore you're cat ears too!" Kelley replied smiling. She returned to talking and laughing with her friends as Daisuke sat back down.

"I think she likes you." Kei grinned nudging Daisuke in the side gently. Daisuke giggled and replied, "I already told her about me and Keichii. She really supports us." Daisuke smiled and laughed a bit then began to talk about random stuff with his friends. (I couldn't resist putting myself & friends in there! My friend, Miki, gave me the idea XD Eeek Dai-chan talked to me! ::is embarrassed:: He is so adorable! )

At Dai-chan's House

Daisuke's mom was cleaning furiously and she went up stairs to Daisuke's room to clean it since Daisuke didn't keep it very clean. (Considering he is a boy ::sweatdrop:: ) She vacuumed his room and put things in their appropriate places. She picked up his binder and I few photo's fell out.

"Oh no." His mom murmured as she bent down to pick them up. She lifted them up and stared at the pictures to see her son and another guy with him. She had never seen him before and if he was one of Daisuke's new friends surely he would have introduced this boy.

"Wait a minute…he looks like a vampire!" His mom cried dropping the photos. She found more photos and gasped when she saw one with the two kissing.

Daisuke…is he…She thought staring at the picture.

Dai-chan's POV

I jogged home happily feeling in a very good mood from my good day at school. I didn't ever want this good feeling to go away…not ever. I reached home and I opened the door calling, "I'm home!" When no one answered I just shrugged and walked up to my room. I set my backpack on my bed and took out my school binder.

"Lets see what I have to do today." I said as I started looking at my homework. There was a knock on my door and I looked up.

"Come in." I said. The door opened and my mom poked her head in. She smiled at me and replied, "Hi sweety. Can I talk to you for a moment?" I shrugged and nodded my head allowing her to come inside and shut the door. She came and sat down on my bed and she smiled sadly at me.

"Daisuke I found some pictures on your desk when I was cleaning today. Who is that guy in the picture with you?" She asked me. I bit my lip turning away I knew I couldn't really lie to my mom…I told her everything.

"H-He's…well he's my um lover." I said softly as I stared down at the ground. My mom sighed and took my hand in her's.

"He looks like a vampire." She replied. I nodded my head and said quickly, "Yea I know, he is a vampire, but he would never hurt me. Keichii is one of the nicest guys I know." My mom nodded her head and replied, "Well its okay as long as he is good to you. It he ever hurts you don't be afraid to turn him down." I was shocked that my mom was taking it so well although I always knew my mom would accept things easier than anyone else in my family. I hugged my mom and thanked her.

"I love you Daisuke and I want what's best for you…if Keichii makes you happy then I'm happy for the both of you." My mom replied smiling.

"Mommy…can you please not tell dad. I-I just don't want him to know about this…at least not yet." I stammered as I let go of my mom. She nodded and I smiled thanking her again. My mom left and I let out a sigh of relief as the pressure upon my chest lifted. I was glad to finally be able to tell my mom, but my dad was a completely different story.

Normal POV

Weeks passed and Daisuke continued seeing his lover each night. He talked to his mom about Keichii and told her all about him and his friends. Daisuke's uncle Jimmy had come and gone both of them having a very good time. Daisuke had many stories to tell Keichii after that and they were both happy. Finally on Saturday Daisuke's dad was clearing the newspapers from the table when he stumbled upon the photos Daisuke's mother had seen. When he saw the one were they were kissing he flew into a mad rage.

"I'm home!" Daisuke called as he walked into the house. He had just returned from Yuki's house since he and his friends had hung out at her house together. Daisuke's dad ran up to him and asked, "What the hell is this?" He held up the photo and Daisuke let out a gasp.

"D-Dad…What the? How did you get those pictures." Daisuke stammered as his mom walked out. She bit her lip slightly and she walked up to her husband.

"Now dear…calm down. Its really nothing—" She tried to say, but he cut her off.

"Nothing? My son is kissing another man!" His father shouted. He rounded on Daisuke and made the poor boy flinch and whimper with fear.

"Who the hell is this?" His dad shouted.

"T-That's Keichii…my lover." Daisuke replied shaking. His father growled in frustration and he threw the picture at the wall.

"What? You're lover! Daisuke…why are you with this sick fag?" His father asked. Daisuke was pissed now and he stormed up to his room. His dad pounded on the door yelling, "Daisuke open this door right now or I'll break it down!" Daisuke had tears running down his face and he walked to his window. He opened it and looked at the door.

"I don't care! Just leave Keichii alone!" Daisuke shouted. He slipped out of his room and ran to Keichii's cave praying to dear God his parents wouldn't follow.

Keichii's POV

I heard my kitten enter the cave and he burst into the bedroom. Tears streamed down his cheeks and his breath came out in ragged pants. I immediately sensed something was wrong and Daisuke ran into my arms.

"What's wrong?" I asked stroking his hair. Daisuke looked up at me and sniffled, "My dad…he found out about us! He's probably looking for you right now!" I smirked and asked, "What could your old man do to me?" Daisuke shook his head burying his face into my chest.

"Please…I think it would be better if you left." Daisuke said softly as stared at the ground. I shook my head and lifted his chin up with my hand. I gazed into his eyes and making sure he knew I was serious I said, "I'm not going anywhere Daisuke."

"Then we'll leave together! Please don't underestimate my dad!" Daisuke cried as he tugged at my shirt. I tried my best to calm him down and I hugged him tightly.

"I'm not taking you away…this is your home. Our home. We're not leaving…I'll stand by you no matter what Daisuke." I replied kissing his forehead. Daisuke blushed gazing into my eyes as he leaned up our lips nearing.

"Oh Keichii…" He whispered as our lips almost touched when two people suddenly interrupted us.

Normal POV

Daisuke's parents stood there gasping for breath and Keichii and Daisuke stood up.

"Please don't hurt him." Daisuke whispered as Keichii stepped in front of him making sure he was out of harm's way.

"I won't." Keichii whispered back as he nodded. Daisuke's father grinned and he yelled, "What are you two whispering about? Are you going to kill me?" Keichii's eye twitched in annoyance, but he held himself back from punching Daisuke's dad's lights out. Daisuke stepped forwards and he shook his head.

"No dad! I don't want Keichii to hurt you let alone kill you! I love you and mom so much…as well as Keichii and my friends!" Daisuke cried tears already leaking down his face. He didn't bother to wipe them away though and continued, "You know how it feels to be in love! Can't you understand the feelings that Keichii and I have for one another. So what if we're gay! At least we're happy!" Daisuke's father blinked and he sunk to his knees.

"What have I done?" He asked himself as he started to cry. Daisuke's mom hugged him as Keichii hugged Daisuke all of them shedding tears.

Dai-chan's POV

A while later we were all good even though it took dad a little while to get used to Keichii and my being gay. I didn't mind as long as he understood and still loved me then everything was okay. Presently I sat in the living room waiting for Keichii to show up. He had told me last night to invite my friends over and to make sure my parents were there at my house. I was curious as to what he wanted to do.

"We're here!" Kentaro announced as he walked in through the door. Yoshimi and Keichii followed and I immediately hugged my koi tightly. I let him go and Keichii closed the door. Everyone was in the living room and Keichii got down on one knee in front of me. He took out a little box and opened it. I gasped as a beautiful ring sat in the box and Keichii took it out.

"Daisuke will you marry me?" Keichii asked. Tears filled my eyes and I nodded my head then I cried happily, "Yes!" Keichii grinned as he slipped the ring on over my engagement ring. I gazed at it the pretty diamond shining in the light.

"Remember when I left for that while? Well I went and made this just for you, kitten." Keichii said smirking. I looked up at him as he stood up and my eyes widened with awe.

"Oh my God! You did that for me! Thank you so much Keichii! I love you!" I cried as I jumped into my koi's arms. He hugged me tightly and we shared a kiss. Everyone cheered and cried happily for us. I blushed and Keichii nuzzled his nose with mine.

"I love you too, sweet kitten of mine." He replied grinning. That night I spent the night at Keichii's cave and he carried me in bridal style.

"As for our celebration…a little lovin time!" Keichii said smiling. I smiled as he laid me down on the bed and I blushed wanting this to go as slow as possible. We removed our clothing and met in a fiery kiss. Our tongues dueled inside each other's mouths exploring every warm cavern. I groaned as Keichii slid his hands down my chest. We parted for breath and he started placing kisses down my neck. I groaned tilting my head allowing him more access to my skin. Keichii kissed down my chest and to my stomach then he kissed around my naval. I moaned as he dipped his tongue in swishing it around slowly. Keichii went down to my legs caressing up my leg and thigh leisurely. I was already getting hard and I could feel Keichii getting hard as well. His feather light touches increased my arousal as his fingers danced up and down my erection. I moaned bucking my hips some wanting more of his touches. Keichii chuckled and he licked up my leg tracing the path of his fingers. I moaned louder throwing my head back is bliss. Keichii licked up my hard shaft torturing me as he went down to my balls nuzzling them gently with his nose. I almost came but held it back as he probed my entrance with his tongue making me groan loudly as I ran my fingers through his hair.

"Ah…God koi…" I moaned feeling his tongue probe my entrance again. He smirked and stopped. I stared at him with half lidded eyes and cocked my head.

"Can you turn over kitten?" Keichii asked. I smiled and turned over so I was lying on my stomach now. Keichii kissed down my back licking the sweat away as he did so. I moaned being turned on by the simple kisses. Keichii reached my ass and he licked up my ass, which made me shudder in pleasure. He grinned at my reaction and he stopped kissing me. I was confused for a minute then I felt him push a finger into my ass making me let out a groan.

"God…koi I love you." I whispered as he repeated the action. He did this repeatedly then rolled me back over as he reached over and picked up the bottle of lube.

"I'm really starting to love that stuff." I said breathlessly as he spread it onto his fingers. Keichii laughed and replied, "It makes things a whole lot easier. What did I tell ya?" I smiled but groaned in pain a bit as his pushed a finger into my tight entrance. He entered two more fingers and once I was used to the feeling slowly started to pump them in and out. I moaned loudly pulling his hair slightly as I desperately wanted release. He started to scissor inside me loosening my insides up as I cried out for more. Keichii moaned out in ecstasy, which in turn made me moan louder. He removed his fingers and I whimpered from the sudden lack of warmth. Keichii covered his completely harden length with lube and my entrance then he lifted my hips up slightly.

"I'm ready." I whispered huskily. Keichii grinned and he quickly entered me as I cried out in bliss. He had entered me just right and I pulled his hair again begging to be fucked. Keichii slowly started thrusting in and out and began going faster. Our hips rocked with his thrusts and I moaned begging him for release.

"Koiiii! My God! Fuck!" I cried as his thrusts increased. Each time he thrust in he hit that sweet spot inside me and Keichii grabbed my length pumping it in time with his thrusts. My arousal built up each time and I felt my inside contract as I shot out my release. Keichii groaned crying out in ecstasy as he shot his cum into me. He pulled out of me and let me rest for a while. Then I suddenly felt his hot breath on my length as it immediately hardened up again. He licked up my erection making me moan. Keichii skillfully took me into his mouth creating a rhythm as he bobbed his head up and down. He sucked me hard scraping his teeth over my head as I cried out.

"Oh sweet fuck!" I cried as he sucked harder. Keichii cupped my balls and they contracted as I released into his mouth. He swallowed the liquid and smiled up at me. Keichii brought me into a kiss as I tasted myself in his mouth although I didn't mind. We broke the kiss and sat up then switched positions. I grinned down at my lover wishing I had enough strength to fuck him, but knew I didn't. So I settled on just blowing his mind. I licked up his leg and thigh and all around the area around his length.

"Mmmm…my God kitten…Make me cum." Keichii panted. I grinned and nuzzled his balls then licked up his erection. Keichii's breath hitched and I went down as I probed his entrance with my tongue. Keichii gasped pulling my hair slightly as I repeated the action. I licked up his erection again and took him into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down then sucked him hard while scraping his sensitive flesh with my teeth. Keichii cried out pulling my hair as both of us were lost in our land of pleasure. I cupped his balls feeling them contract and he released into my mouth. I drank his seed smiling as I milked every drop from him. I laid on top of his chest and cuddled close to Keichii. He stroked my hair smiling kindly at me.

"I love you so much Daisuke." Keichii said as he held me close. I smiled and nuzzled my cheek against his chest.

"I love you too…Keichii." I replied. The both of us fell into a peaceful sleep dreaming of each other and our dream wedding.


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