I am delivered, or

I am delivered inside of you like a secret gnawing your outsides

-in- we romance like legends ( n.) So come over and

escape with me, back to when the world wasn't so round and we

not so misshapen. I am miscalculating you on the stone balcony; I can't see

past you're vermilion eye lashes and purple lipstick -or was it the cold

that turned you quick- thickly pressed do you pull your fingers to me and I kiss

the memory of them left on my mind - like bruises to wilt and wither-

I am delivered, or just trapped in broken ecstasy. Reaching- I follow my words

across the acres of lines on you're back muscles. I twist like a fist in the air,

and I rename my soul. Rather then...

- like you say right before you tighten yourself inside of me.

Right before you scream and cast language out-

cast me out if you think it will make this go away.

I am handwritten in your hands, and every other sentence says:

"I am delivered, or..."