Mountains walk with god, making footsteps in the ages without ever taking movement. Rocks stand tall and watch men fall from the trivial foothills and the vital peaks. Mountains and men live side by side as natural elevations on the surface of the earth. We are insignificant to the Mountain but from its bluffs and ridges we for a moment share the celestial majesty the alp deity holds from its icy heights.

Kings break treaties with men and beg for them from the Red Mountains. The wrath of god executed through liquid flame rivers with vehement tributaries that char and wither all life along the land its burning cloak flows unto. Mountains remain still and kill by your actions or melt the earth and slaughter thousands for taking none. They endure the wind, the ice, the time and the progress. Man has modelled himself after the Mountains. Forever more will man strive to become a mortal Everest beginning from the human valley; to stand the highest from the corporeal depths and to walk with god in his own era, and make footsteps of his own.