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Summary: Roe has a normal teenage life, has his crushes and his problems. Including the fact he likes two guys at the same time? YAOI folks, don like don read.

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Two Hearts

Chapter 1- Intro of my boring life.

Hello people. This is me telling you about some random part of my life which might seem to some boring. Who is 'me' you ask? My name is Romeo…yeah I know. But you can't really blame me, it's my mom's fault. My grandfather always said that she had a knack for giving 'circus' type of names. But most friends and people from school call me Roe.

I have an older brother, who doesn't live in my house anymore (who would anyway?). So technically right now I'm an only child. My father isn't at home much because of his work, in which he travels for long periods outside the country. My mother, she's a teacher, but she had a stroke a few years back, so she can't do much, she is one of the reasons that nobody would like to live here.

You see she has a very strong character, and she's extremely scary. That's why we've never been able to talk back at her (my brother and I that is). She's nice inside, and has a good heart. But the kind of protection she gives me it's a bit too excessive. She disapproves of any kind of relationship, she doesn't let me go to parties much, and she's totally convinced this is the right way to go…

But don't go thinking she's a Christian fanatic or anything, she actually hates those things or any fanatics in general (hence why she also hates sports). But we are catholic in a we-just-go-to-church-every-two-years kind of way.

So when I told her I was gay, she just stared, nodded and said that it was my life to whatever I wanted to. I actually thought she would kick me out of the house, (not technically cause she is just re-learning how to walk). But of course she reminded me that I had to wait till I was in university or something to have sex and ever since decided to give me newspaper articles about sexual diseases followed by a box of condoms. "I don't want you to do something stupid, at least if you do, it wasn't my fault."

That was the difficult part of getting out, my dad just sighed and frowned for two seconds before remembering he had a gay couple as friends that had a great business yada yada yada, in other words, it's fine won't stop me from getting 'famous'. My brother, who by the way is called Marcel, nodded slowly before asking me in a whisper "Can I stay with all your straight porn magazines?"

But now I'm in school, we're supposed to have art class, but the teacher isn't here. This means free period for everyone, hence why I'm alone in the classroom. I love art, and due to my schedule, I just have three periods per week, so I wanted to enjoy every moment I could.

I walked around the room grabbing the right acrylic paints and brushes. I stopped to garb my sketchbook, but found many of the tenth grader's sketchbooks. I began to flip some pages, finding some horrible stuff and some nice. I found one with manga characters and I grinned, yes that was more like it. I closed the last one and grabbed mine.

I was concentrated trying to get the right colour when there was a soft knock at the door and it opened a bit. I didn't turn to see who it was. They would go away seeing it was deserted, but no, I was wrong. "Sorry, do you have class here?"

I turned to see a boy standing by the doorway. His hair was brown and tied into a loose ponytail, I recognized him as one of the popular guys from the year below mine, "Uh, yeah. Well not really since the teacher isn't here."

He frowned and hesitated, "Right. Can I come in to finish something?"

"Sure, why not?" I shrugged and he entered the room closing the door behind him. I tried to make myself interested again in my painting, but found out that I couldn't.

I followed the boy around the classroom, normally people from his year would be younger than me. But I'm the youngest one in my class (people say that I skipped half a year, I really don't remember), but it's a fact that people from his year are older than me, by months of course, but still...

He finally sat down and opened his sketchbook. I noticed it's the same one I had been looking at. He then took out a magazine from his bag, I recognize the magazine as a manga news one. This amuses me, I thought there were a very tiny group of people that liked anime and manga, and watching this guy, which as far as I know used to be a jock and prick drawing a manga character is very surprising.

I want to talk to him, but I didn't know how to reach him. So I stared down at my picture, "Hey, do you think that it looks finished?" I ask aloud.

When I see him turn around I raise my drawing for him to see. "That's very neat. I think it's fine, why? You wanted to add more?"

Actually yes, "Thanks, no, I was doubting." I leave everything at the table and grab the brushes. I walk to the sink and clean them. Once they are not dripping coloured water I walk towards him, "What are you doing?"

He smiled shyly and showed me the picture he's been colouring, "It's for my final project." It's different from the one I saw but I still like it. "I'm going to do my own comic."

I grin, "That's awesome. What's your name anyway? You know, so when I grow up and I see it around newspapers I can tell my friends I once met you." Lame excuse, but it sounds better that I want your name to harass you.

"Matt, you?"


"You want to sit?" He points at the chair beside him.

"Sure." I nod and sit down. I look at his hands, which are slender. I sigh, "Hmm, I want to draw something too."

I grab a scrap paper and flip through his magazine looking for something that may catch my attention. As I flip through Matt's hand rests upon mine to hold down the page with the picture he's being copying. Once he realized what he had done he pulled his hand away. "Sorry, I just-" he stammered looking at the table.

I give him a smile, "It's fine, is shouldn't be bothering you anyway." I stood up before I could hear his soft voice.

"But you aren't." I turned around to see him, his eyes still on the table. Was he blushing? I couldn't tell as the bell rang.

"Well, that's my cue. I'll see you around?" I grab my bag and head out. Matt just nods.

"Yeah sure."

To tell you the truth I don't know what to think about him. He's cute, but I don't think he's even gay by the way he reacted. But what also surprised me was the fact he wasn't a loud mouthed as most kids from his year. I sighed and let it pass.

I walked towards the stirs that lead to my next class, but it seems I've been thinking too much because as I reach them. I realize there aren't many people around anymore, which isn't the best thing. I spot someone resting against the wall. I take a deep breath and reach the stairs, I begin to walk upstairs but a voice stops me.

"Hey kid. Aren't you the one with a strange name?" I stop dead on my tracks. I can't avoid the guy, because he's older than me and in fact seems shit creepy.

"I don't think so." I stammer. And it's true other people have strange names! Mine's just…irregular?

"Hmm, really?" The guy removes himself from the wall and walks towards me. He has black spiky hair and intense blue eyes. I stare at him. "I would think that Romeo was a strange name." He has a nice deep voice…

I back off slightly, I've seen this guy beat up kids and now this is becoming a bit dangerous for my liking. "What do you want?" I ask, thinking that maybe if I give him something he'll leave me alone.

He stops when we're only less than a meter away from each other and he's smirking at me, "Nothing." He shrugs. A teacher, Mr. Kelly, walks by and actually saves me.

"Mr. Williams this is the second time I find you outside your classroom." Ah yes, he's Victor Williams.

"Sorry sir." But Victor didn't seem at all scared at the maths teacher, who in truth creeps me out beyond reason too. Victor just grins at him.

"And now you've dragged Mr. Heatherway with you."

"We were just talking." Victor tries to point out.

At this Mr. Kelly explodes, "You can do that after classes!"

When I finally get to my English classroom, I sigh in relief, as there's no teacher inside. "What were you doing?" I sit besides Jake, my best friend.

"Stayed in the art classroom." I half lie. "By the way, do you know a guy from the 9th grade with brown hair? Called Matt?"

Jake nods frowning slightly. He knows everybody's dark story and secrets as well as gossip. He's an important source of information.

"Yeah. He used to be a jock in his grade. His parents found out he was smoking pot. God knows what they did and this year he's been all goody goody saint and stuff."

The teacher comes in and I begin to drift off into la la land, Matt didn't look like an arrogant prick, I realized that I didn't pay attention to the colour of his eyes. He was actually rather cute, shy cute. Not like Victor. Our small encounter makes me shiver. He's a handsome guy, and tall too which gives him extra points. But I never really noticed him, apart from those times he would beat the crap out of other kids on the hallway. But still…how the heck did he know my name?


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