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Two Hearts

Chapter 26 – Bubble Burst

So between my sobbing I said everything. Everything. How and why I was helping Matt and since when and finally the reason Ron and his friends had humiliated me. I obviously skipped the flirting parts, that had been too much information.

Ravian was furious, but Victor… well, his face was just staring at me.

I sobbed quietly meeting his eyes, and feeling scared at them as our first encounter, "You have been going to Matt's all this time? Without telling me?"

"He's telling you now." Ravian snapped at him but Victor shot him a glare to mind his own business. My brother shrugged and went out of the room promising to be in the room next door.

"I-I thought you would be angry." I tried to reason.

Vic closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Didn't you think I would be angrier to know you lied to me?!" his breathing was hard and very scary like the night he almost hit the guys at the concert.

I fidgeted with my shirt, "But you're so jealous and he needed help." I casted my eyes downwards wishing my bangs were longer as normal to hide my eyes.

Victor finally lost it, "They were paying you, you didn't have to help him! I told you I didn't want you near him!"

"He's my friend!" I shot back.

He scoffed, "Is that a lie too? Like you helping your brother instead of coming with me? Maybe you are letting him touch you instead of me."

I stared at him in confusion, "What?"

"You said you are a virgin. Am i supposed to believe you?" Victor's eyes began to swell but the tears didn't fall, "Maybe you are whoring yourself with the whole basketball team."

This time I glared at him, "Victor snap out of it! That's so uncalled for!" he stood up walking towards the door, "What I told you is the truth, You are the only one!"

"How am I supposed to believe you?" he asked in a low voice, "How can I trust you, if you don't trust me?" With that he left the room and my house. I stayed in the kitchen staring at the door not fully understanding what had happened but just feeling so angry at my boyfriend. And then as I sat there for an hour I thought: is he still my boyfriend?

Ravian took me later to my room and after being completely sure I was ok, he left me. I stared at my reflection in the bathroom. I was horrible. A huge bruise had started to swell where Ron had hit me and my hair… well, it looked as if it had been chopped off by a donkey. My two coloured eyes stared at me from the mirror, red and puffy. I had messed it up good.

The next day I didn't go to school, and decided to go and see Matt so I could convince myself that what I was doing was right. But what I found was not what I was expecting. Matt had opened the door staring at me coldly.

"Are you ok?" he looked terrible, with red eyes and his hair a mess. He looked surprised at me, but who wouldn't with bruises and half cut hair.

"Not really." He answered shortly.

I walked closer to him, and wanted to grab his arm, "What's happened? Did someone-?" he backed off from my touch.

"You don't have to be a hypocrite any longer." I stared at his green eyes in confusion, "I know."

"W-what do you know?"

He gave a dry laugh, "That you're just my friend because Al pays you." I open my mouth but don't know where to begin "that you've been coming here just for fucking money!"

"Wait wait, that's not true." He eyed me and I growled, "not entirely."

He glared at me with a force that pained me too much, "I don't care, just get the fuck out of my life."

"I can explain." I tried to reach him again but his glare was enough to remind me to keep my hands at bay.

"Your boyfriend already did the explanations, thanks." Matt sneered sourly.

"What?" at that the door closed at my face.

The only thing I could do was to call Jolie and Jake to pick me up by a shop in the street corner. Jake gaped at me when he pulled over in his dad's car, but Jolie just helped me to get in and didn't say anything as I silently cried.

When we reached my house I was guided as a zombie again upstairs but now to the bathroom, where Jolie did her best to make my hair look normal, trying to save a few strands to hide one of my eyes.

"So…" I stared at her reflection in the mirror. "I heard Ron and his guys hit you."

"Did you talk to Ravian?" I asked softly.

"That too." Jake answered from behind me where he was sitting, "But actually your boyfriend got into a huge fight and broke Ron's front teeth."

"Ex-boyfriend." I corrected and Jolie's hand stopped for a few seconds before continuing the last touches. When she put the scissors down I started crying again and told them everything. Somehow I though that replaying it again would give me a clue to make it all better. And now that I was replaying it I thought about thing I should have said. But it was already in the past.

"What an ass that Williams!" Jolie growled and then stared at me, "but you should have told Matt earlier about the money and stuff."

"I couldn't!" I groaned. How was i supposed to do it? Hey Matt, just so you know I'm getting money from your brother so I can be with you. Riiight...

"And you shouldn't have lied to Williams." Jake added.

I growled frustrated, "But he's so jealous!" I sighed and gave a small moan, I knew they were right.

"Well Roe, maybe this is it." Jolie patted my back, "You have to do your best to apologize and if none of them will accept it then they're not worthy enough." She smiled softly, "Becasue in teh end you did it because you cared about them, right?"

"Or you must accept you screwed up." Jake whispered, but I heard him. Had I really fucked my relationship with the two guys I liked that bad?

I heard my parents arrive. Jake and Jolie took off and I decided to tell my parents the truth. As a clean start, no more lies.



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