Once I have sorted out the bugs in chapter 1 I will post it, for now I leave you with the prologue. Sorry.

-BlackOrigin 3

Standard Date: 12-5-0069-07

After much thinking and exploring I have come to the conclusion that life simply cannot be put into words. It is, and always will be, too complicated, and trying to describe it will only result in a massive headache. Thus I will not attempt to try again for as long as I live. Though my efforts have not been completely in vain; while trying to describe life in all its grandeur is impossible by my standard, looking for connections in it is quite a worthy goal. It may be fraught with difficulties but, I believe it is possible. So far I have been able to gather two possible elements; they are thus: that change is the only constant and that you must have both good and evil to be whole, in other words Yin and Yang. I do, however, believe there is much more to be learned and therefore have decided that I should go out in the vast lands of Space and dedicate myself to finding all possible connections. That and the fact I'm extraordinarily bored. :End report:

-Jetarain Orms, Military Cybernetics Student