Eyes down, she walks down the busy halls trying to avoid running into someone. She blends in with the mass of people. In class she quietly sits in the back, unnoticed by anyone. Vaguely she hears the world around her and absorbs what's going on, but mostly she is in her own little world. One might wonder what that world is like and why she spends so much time there. (Assuming one even slightly cares) In her world anything can happen. She can do whatever she wants to do, be whoever she wants to be, go wherever she wants to go. There is nothing she has to do. No one she has to see. No problems she has to worry about. The only limit to her abilities is her own imagination. All her dreams can come true if she only wishes it. That is the world she has created for herself. That is where she spends most of her time anymore.

Outside her world is the real world, reality. Out there is where the problems are. There is where her faults are found. The things she can't do are made painfully obvious. Out there she watches her dreams shatter because she realizes they will never come true. She isn't good enough. The future she dreads is the only one she can obtain. Out there she always makes the wrong choices. She never does anything right. She sees what kind of person she is and she doesn't like it. But what can she do. That's who she is and she's stuck with herself. To escape that world she made her own. It was fine at first. She would visit occasionally when it all got to her, but now she is there all the time. She has just wondered so far into her mind it's hard to come back.

One of the many unfortunate things about this life is that you should be present in it to get anywhere. She knows that. She just can't do it. She tries and it frustrates her that she can't concentrate. But, then again, why go back to that cruel world. So she's stuck. Stay in her mind? In a strange state, something like happy? Though all she's really doing is avoiding the real world. But all the real world seems to offer her is pain. Though, she knows she's not in control of everything that happens to her, but it seems to her that most the time it's what she does and doesn't do that makes it so terrible. She hates herself for that.

Quietly in the corner, she is alone yet surrounded by people. She lets herself disappear from the persons all around. She allows herself to become invisible in plain sight. She stands in her own world and watches the real one pass on by.