How can I seem so different to so many people? How can one person see me one way and someone else think me the complete opposite? I am only one person. I think I only have one personality. Some people like me, a few love me. Many don't, some even hate. There are those that think me a mean nasty bitch and others believe that I'm the most sweet and innocent thing to walk the earth. (I do believe they are misinformed) Some people see me as intelligent, abnormally so in some cases. Some people roll their eyes at me because I'm a dumb blonde with no sense. Some people have decided me to be evil and devious. I'm apparently plotting to take over the world. There are those who see a good counselor and other who would never ask my opinion or advice if their lives depended on it. Many people see me as odd and random. Some think that's fun while to others I'm simply crazy. Some think I'm an interesting person. Some would swear I'm the most boring in the world. Some people think I never talk while others think I never shut up. There are those that think I'm never sad and those who can't remember the last time they saw me smile. How can that be? I don't understand. And then, after all their deliberations, there are mine. I may see myself one way but people swear I'm the other. I thought I was like this, but no never, I'm like that. So many choices. So many options. Which one is right? Which person is wrong? Their perception versus mine. Which to trust? Which to believe? So I am left here confused, wondering what I'm really like and who I really am.