Sleep with thoughts of me, my dear. Dream of legs entwined through satin sheets, threaded with purple, violet, indigo, soothing:

Soothe me?

Celestial romantics in beat with the light of the moon, fade into the shadows in between the whispers and the silence, where do we go when our bodies fixate?

Nitrogenous adoration / hydrogenous antics / tell me something, baby, did you know this would happen? (Nonsense, we knew it was promising.)The atmosphere mists away the fascination, lights turn cold; frost cold.

Indigo, cobalt, sapphire blue, lonely, only blue- Make it stop, I want my violencia back.

There there, sweetie pie, it will be back before you blink again. I blink fast, so that must be a lie. Lies, LIES, Lies, lie one more time and smoke rings will enclose your pretty-boy flavor. I want my indigogogogo…go…leave.

Leave and let live. It's the only way to survive, and you do want to stay alive? Turnaround, my friend, and listen to the flowers; sing, oh hymnal roses, amethyst roses,

A Purple Rose…
Back to passion,
and satin.

Too much thought dwindles me down. I need comfort once more,

Softness in one last kiss.

You're gentle.

Soothe me?