Don't make me worry.

It's raining out, y'know.

Drive slowly and mind the leaves.

Buckle up and keep on the main road.

Give me a call when you get there.

Don't make me worry.

It's cold out, y'know.

Grab a scarf and dry your hair.

Wear your boots and for Godssakes, button up!

It's winter now, you know that.

Don't make me worry.

I got groceries, y'know.

Make yourself something good to eat.

Lay off the junk food

You'll lose that great metabolism someday

And end up looking like me.

Is that what you want?

Don't make me worry.

You have to stand up for yourself.

Give respect where it's due

Be polite, but don't me a doormat.

You better me more assertive next time.

Don't make me worry.

It's getting late, y'know.

Finish what you're doing and get to bed.

Set your alarm and don't be late tomorrow.

If you're tired in the morning, don't take it out on me.

Don't be so damn cranky for Godssakes, don't make me worry!