by Ella-Watson

I can do this,

I believe.

You'll never know,

What's up my sleeve.

I can fight,

I can decide.

I can show,

What I have inside.

I can be a fire-fighter,

Who puts out the flames.

I can teacher,

And play fun and games.

I can be a lawyer,

Who fights for my way.

I can be an artist,

And make fantasy into clay.

We can be who we want to be,

We just need to make it possible.

If we live life to thefullest,

We would be unstoppable.

It's a whole new adventure,

For every single one.

Any thing we're asked,

Can always be done.

Our hopes and our dreams,

Will one day come true.

No one can help you with that,

All you haveis you.


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