"sometimes music grabs her soul
and sometimes he tears it apart

and her royal beauty wishes
that she was -> talented.
(she wishes upon a red star
that .moves. across her horizon)

&& it's funny how
how we never know
what's for show & what's

sometimes an arrangement
on the piano sounds so hermes
and yet so repulsive . .. .

and bricks hold us down,
like expectations of
glossy hair
gilded masks that hide who we wish we could be
behind which waits who we are

&& maybe she wouldn't be so
if the captivating lullaby on his piano weren't overly graceful

give her sheet music
-of swirly treble clefs and
uniform black lines
with polka(ing) dots-
and she'll read you a poem

and exuberate elegance of a never-before-seen
ice queen

to whom i can relate
through common misconceptions and
and 327 arrivals
and our
ordinary body .

thank god for winter break . now i can sleep and write . thanks for reading :-)