Lust, a tantalizing seductress of emotions,
the Goddess of fantasies and temptation,
most mortal of the Seven Sins, alone forever.

Gluttony, voracious and wild,
ceaselessly devouring a most realistic eternity,
the most dependent of the Seven Sins, forever empty.

Greed, most vain and eternal, a wealth of desire,
the God of mortal sin and decadence,
most baseless of the Seven Sins, hungry forever.

Sloth, an apathetic genius, the temperate master,
ceasing exertion and forever lying in thought,
the most holy of the Seven Sins, forever waiting.

Envy, the devious temptress of passion,
mischievous and illustrious, victim of temptation,
most vengeful of the Seven Sins, hating forever.

Pride, the unrelenting and selfish dictator,
vain and blind with ignorance, completely unrelenting,
the most destructive of the Seven Sins, forever advancing.

Wrath, the most cruel and unfeeling destroyer,
corrupted and broken by time and temperament,
most ruthless of the Seven Sins, fighting forever.

Seven sins, all picturesque in ideal and fantasy,
self-destructive and ignorant in reality and truth,
forbidden acts of desperation and temptation.