Even though I'm lost
Can you still see me?
Can you feel my breath
On your skin,
raising the hairs on your neck?

Even though I'm fading away
Can you still touch me?
Grasp my heart through
The ice that
Evaporates my soul?

Even though I'm smiling
Can you wipe away my tears?
Cup my chin in your
Hands and look into my windows
And wipe away my sorrows?

Even though I'm hating
Can you still love me?
Will you stay waiting
For me ever till death
And until our next breath?

Even though my promises like roses wilt
Can you promise me
That you care, that you'll be there?

Can you promise
With such sincerity, that it won't fade away
Like me and our fantasies,

That you and I,
That we'll turn into reality?