A/N: I have never ever ever actually thought of doing this, or trying it on. Its just an ideaI had for a piece of writing. It really is sitting here though.

one ring

I have it sitting next to me right now.

It's small, delicate, much smaller than the size my mother wanted her to have. The sun shines through the window and a ray of light hits its shiny solid surface. The small diamond glints in the sun's attention and my eye is drawn to it.

I know, it's not my own.

I know, it doesn't belong to me.

But I can't help it.

I pick it up, cautiously. My fingers sweat. They slip. It drops to the floor.

I bend on, on my knees, searching the cold hard floor. It's hiding from me; it knows I'm not its owner.

It's right.

I see it, it's under my foot. A thought flashes through my mind. My foot wavers a little. I see them through my mind, her face distorted, his confused.

She's trusted me with it, I can't.

I move my foot and pick it up and quickly put it back in its box.