There's a girl.
She looks in the mirror and sees herself.
She doesn't understand what it is she wants or needs.
She doesn't understand what it is that everyone else has but she lacks.
This girl, she seems so vibrant, so warm at times.
Other times she feels like there is no one in the world.
No one knows her.
No one cares.
All they want and see is on the surface.
She doesn't understand what it is they want.
This girl, she hides inside of herself.
She is afraid of the disappointments, regrets, expectations.
She doesn't measure up.
No matter what she gains or what she loses.
No matter who sees, or who sees her.
No matter.
She will never be enough.
She will never be whole.
She will never be anyone to anybody.
Nobody cares.
Nobody knows.
This girl, so vibrant, so warm.
But instead she shrivels up inside and no one takes a notice.
No one takes a notice.
Not even her.