I wonder why the heartbeat pulses

Pushing our lungs full of poison

Suffocating on broken promises

Our reflections altered in shattered glass.

Our blood bleeds black-

A false persona of a failing race-

A covet full of murderers,

A body dead with pain.

I wonder why all hopes lost in darkness

The cold pale moon across a crimson tear

Head bowed in prayer, a prayer for loneliness

Blood drops fall on your rose-faced tomb

With broken spirits upon those tombstones-

Crying into the madness of eyeless night

Decaying flesh of the masses

Lie here your sanity, the suicide of light.

I wonder why the rain tears our skin

Black ashes burn to scars

As vacant eyes stare into nightmares

Towards a dark shadow, with open arms-

Arms open to suffering

A black cloaked lullaby,

with a fatal embrace-

Your soul surrenders your life, you break.

I wonder why we die

Rotten flesh, buried to be forgotten

Withered faces rest eternally

As breathes in our death

All on black-

Hooded figures, drinking your tears

In the shadow of his crucifix

We bleed out screaming,

I wonder why we liveā€¦