AN: Yeah My first attempt at a romance. Just letting you know that the words that are italic are thoughts. Bold italics are dreams/daydreams. Also if anyone read this story before I went back and made edits, then you may want to reread. PLEASE Point out mistakes. I am horrible with them and constantly am missing them, and I don't have a beta reader. So any critique and suggestions are welcome. Also let me know if anything does not make sense.

" Why the hell, do I have to go to this hellhole, "Xaria fumed, as she pushed roughly between two people standing idly in the hall way. So many bodies, sweaty, hot, smelly bodies. Xaria had her nose wrinkled, as she pushed past a kid, who smelled like they did not wash in days.

There Xaria walked, books clutched in her arms. Her sunglasses pushed high on her face, her skin more freckled than tanned skin. A brown flannel shirt worn over a tight white shirt, which she of course, made sure covered her stomach. Light brown jeans, with her worn tennis shoes. Xaria's reddish blonde hair and blue eyes contrasted beautifully, in her opinion were the only things that were beautiful in her whole being.

She was late to school again, which was not at all her fault. She was not even ten feet from the bus stop, and the bus left without her! Xaria refused to run after the bus, it only would ruin her already horrible reputation. No one at all seemed to want to be caught dead around her, in her mind. She did have her small group of friends, but to all of the guys in the school she was just a joke.

Sighing Xaria walked past a kissing couple, then felt a evil sort of rage and turned to them and yelled, " Get a room!"

The couple completely ignored Xaria, they were far to busy with their tongue war, to care. Sighing again Xaria headed toward the over crowded and loud cafeteria. Walking past every one of the popular crowd, Xaria sat in a corner as she always did when she didn't want to sit in the library with the rest of her friends. So there she sat, feeling almost lost in the crowd of people. Then after hoping someone would talk to her, she realized that she was practically unnoticed.

She opened a sketch pad and began to draw various cartoon figures, and several of her own little creations. Then she began looking around and decided it would be fun to draw people in cartoon forms. A glee formed in Xaria's eyes. Her first target in her own little twisted game was the head cheer leader. Xaria drew the girls way to big, chatting on the cell phone. Then behind the cheer leaders back Xaria drew all of her friends with their hands over their mouths says , calling her every name in the unwritten book.

" Interesting art work," A voice said from beside her. Glancing over she noticed a mischievous look in his copper eyes, and his lips turned up into a smirk.

" I know," Xaria replied, a little unsettled by the smirk on his face.

" Your not a people person are you," He said thoughtfully.

" I try not to be," Xaria then shut her sketch pad with a amused look in her eyes, " After all, I am like a contagious disease within this building. Are you sure want to be seem with me?" Then when she looked up she almost froze. He had just been sitting there and now was gone.

Rubbing the back of her head she walked to class, staring at the ceiling as she went thinking At that moment in time she was thinking that something off to the side caught her eye. Turning she stared straight back into copper eyes, which caused her to stop in her tracts. He smirked, Xaria felt a blush coming on and hurried on her way.

At first period Xaria sat in math barely staying awake. She gave up, she was known for being smart, but the teacher was so boring. One moment Xaria's face was comfortably laying on a desk top, the next she was in a jumbled heap on the floor. Blushing furiously, she rushed to her feet glaring at her teacher, who was the one who pulled the object out from under her.

" Maybe next time you wont sleep in class," Mrs. Windspike, or Mrs. Windpipe as the kids of the school referred to her, just stood smirking.

Mumbling something, Xaria sat up as the teacher walked back to the front of the class room. She purposely made the entire class laugh at her predicament. Keeping her eyes firmly planted on the desk as a new arrival arrived, Xaria didn't want to even look at them. Eventually Xaria's curiosity got the best of her, Lifting her gaze Xaria's eyes met with the copper ones she had seen earlier.

Xaria then took notice of the boys taller frame, tan skin, and beautiful face. He wore baggy jeans with chains connecting to his wallet. He also had a hat on backwards, which accented his semi long dark hair, that reached the top of his ears. His shirt was for some underground band.

Needless to say one word described him, gorgeous.

Xaria was to embarrassed, to keep her eyes connected to his. So she preoccupied herself, with the notebook paper sitting on her desk. She was not the only one who noticed this new arrival had looks, several other girls in the class were gushing. This caused Xaria to feel slightly disgusted. If the other girls want him, then she would gladly let them have him. After all was not looking for a distraction.

" Well Miss Nyx," the Windpipe spoke, her voice raspy voice brought pain to Xaria's ears as she heard her name being called," Mr. Raven will be you partner."

Xaria watched with horror, as the guy she had just been staring at, walked up to the desk next to hers and sat down. Turning he looked at Xaria. Soon she noticed, how the look turned to a stare. Then mentally she spoke to herself, he is probably thinking I am plain, just another nerd. She was still wondering why he had even spoken to her in the first place.

" Hey , I'm Zeth, Zeth Raven, you wanna know my middle name you gotta guess." He said with a lip curling up.

Xaria wasn't sure, why he was looking at her the way he was, it confused her. Also she didn't understand why he was talking to her at all. Xaria was after all already declared by the cheerleaders as the official nerd of the school. So she looked blankly back at him and said, "That's nice."

Then after a moment of silence he added, " Man you really are not a people person."

" I try not be," Xaria said and shot him a glare. Hoping he would get the hint. He seemed slightly shocked then shrugged, turning he went to try and get the answers of the guy behind him.

Xaria headed to her locker, Xaria thought of herself as short. She only stood about 5'3, but there were still others in her class shorter then her. She stood in front of the ugly blue and gold lockers, the gold looking more puke green than gold, in her personal opinion of them. Opening the locker after typing in her combination to the lock she pushed her heavy text books in the top of the locker. She didn't need them as many of the other students did, she completed her homework with ease.

Though she had kept getting distracted, be it willingly, or unwillingly it happened. Mostly from the copper eyed boy, who was not in just a couple of her classes, but every one. Closing her eyes she was relieved that she wouldn't have to see him for the rest of the day.

Well he is attractive, Xaria thought then stopped, bad thoughts, very bad thoughts.

Looking at an envelope sitting at the bottom of her locker, Xaria leaned down and picked it up. Frowning she flipped it over to the front and stared at the lettering and noticed something a little off about it. The letters were fancy and curved into strange loops and swirls. She lifted an eyebrow and went to open it, then decided to wait till she got home.

It could be another prank, she thought as she stuffed it into her backpack.

Sighing in agitation, Xaria stood outside of the school building, arms crossed tapping her fingers fiercely. Her ride wasn't there, did her mother forget again? Her mother promised to pick her up, that was why, Xaria didn't ride the bus.

Sighing Xaria sat down and closed her eyes, she couldn't believe it. Then the one thing she didn't want to happen did, as she started walking home, It began to rain. Xaria threw back her head and screamed in irritation, Why did she have to wear a white shirt on the one day she would have to walk home in the rain. Sighing Xaria waited for her life to just end, at that moment in time she would have welcomed it.

Just great.

About a half hour later, Xaria was freezing. It was no longer just raining it was down pouring, with lightening streaking across the sky. The wind was blowing as Xaria shivered from the dropping temperature. She was surprised to see a car pull up to the side of the road just ahead of her. Swallowing she walked up to the car, and was going to keep going when a voice stopped her.

" Hey your that shy girl I sit next to in Algebra," She stopped and lifted her eyes slowly to the copper eyes that had been haunting her thoughts all through the day.

So there Xaria stood in a white gym shirt, after her other one had gotten ruined earlier in the day. From certain someone with copper eyes. Xaria stood drenched from the rain. Her blue eyes just stared at him almost in a shocked sort of way, but also with a irritation at the sight of him.

" Are you going to get in," Zeth said with a mischievous grin.

" No, what the hell is so funny," Xaria replied irritated and then looked down at her clothes and then noticed that her white shirt now looked tan.


"Well I just figured you wouldn't wanna continue standing out there in a white shirt," his eyes were dancing with laughter.

Then she looked around then walked over to the passenger side door.. Xaria watched as Zeth laid a towel over his leather seat. Climbing in Xaria sat stiff as a board, for a couple minutes of silence, drying her glasses off.

"Man, you looked like you were freezing out there," Zeth said casually as he drove his mustang up the road.

" Well when I left the school the sun was out, now look at it," Xaria said muttering, as her blue eyes moved to the heavy rain.

" Here," Zeth said as he tossed another towel, and hit her in the face.

" Gee, thanks," Xaria said sarcastically. After she wiped her face off, she then began to realize, how see through her shirt was. Swallowing, she used the towel to cover her chest. She didn't exactly have a flat chest, but then again she was nothing compared to the other girls. Looking up, she noticed Zeth was looking at her with a cocky grin on his face.

" Must have been really cold out there," he said with a laugh, and looked back towards the road.

" Why, were you looking?" Xaria stared down at her chest, at the clear indication of the cold weather.

" Damn straight," he said, though Xaria could have sworn there was a rose shade to his cheeks. He leaned over and turned up the stereo. It was a mix CD he had in the player, some Eminem, Korn, head PE, and several others groups Xaria didn't know.

" So where's your house," Zeth asked as they started to reach some of the communities.

" The apartment complex is down by the Avenue, Xaria said as she referred to the strip club that was located directly in front of the complex that she lived behind.

" Alright, " he said as he listened to the rap that was playing. His fingers drummed against the steering wheel. Xaria watched him, until she got caught staring at him, he just gave her a smirk.

" Thanks for the ride," Xaria said as she got out at the Avenue's parking lot. Zeth turned off the car and got out and leaned on his cars hood, getting wet in the rain.

" Can I at least get your number?"


" How about not" Xaria turned and smirked then walked away.

" I'll just give mine to you in class then," Zeth said almost offended, then jumped into the car and sped off. Shrugging Xaria walked to the back of the Avenue and into the building. Probably was some sort of prank the " popular crowd," was planning to play on her. Why would someone, ever have an interest in her?

Hurrying through the worn down halls, the cracked tiles on the floors, and the walls. Opening the door to the apartment, Xaria looked over at her mother, who was passed out on the couch, with an empty bottle of vodka. Looking around the living room, Xaria took in the damage done to the furniture. The vase Xaria had relieved for Christmas lay shattered on the floor. Holes punched into the walls, pictures ripped out of the wall, the broken frames lay scattered around the floor.

Walking into the tiny kitchen, Xaria got her self a cup of apple juice, then moved to her room in the back of the apartment. Xaria sat the juice down, as she flopped down onto the bed, and flipped on cartoons. After amusing herself with the idiocy of fantasy, she got bored,. She also needed a cigarette.

Grabbing the umbrella she walked out of the apartment and walked down the hallway and sat on the steps. She sat cockeyed with her back against the wall. Xaria listened to the heavy droplets hitting the roof of the stairwell. The tranquility was suddenly broken by a yelling coming from one of the apartments. The voices were foreign, unknown to Xaria, while she stayed in her own thoughts.

They would have a heart attack, If the snobs could see me now, the " goody goody."

" What the hell do you want from me your Fuckin' crack head? You burned your bridges years ago! " a voice yelled louder then before. It almost sounded, as if the fight had moved into the hall way

" I just need ten dollars," The other voice yelled.

" Get a job," The other voice said calmly before slamming the door.

Standing she moved to go and smoke a cigarette. Xaria's mother had lost the house so they had moved to the apartment complex. For a month her mother did pretty good with drinking. Then as soon as there was spare money she had began to drink heavily.

Standing out of view when the older mother came out, not wanting to be seen. The woman stopped and saw Xaria. Then the woman moved towards her.

" Do you got a cigarette I could get?"

Handing the woman a cigarette, she turned and went on her way. When the woman finally had left, Xaria let out a breath, she had been subconsciously holding. Shifting the umbrella that Xaria was now holding over her head, she watched her surroundings, Xaria had been jumped four times since they had arrived in the city. Licking her lips she took another long drag off of the cigarette, being jumped once a week, having to return home to an alcoholic mother who gets violent.

Not fun.

When Xaria turned, she noticed a man standing in the shadows. Shaking it of at first, she turned to open the door when she heard footsteps coming towards her. Looking shocked she watched in horror when a man charged at her.

It all happened so fast that Xaria couldn't believe her eyes. A woman came bolting out of the doors of the apartment complex and tackled the man before he had reached Xaria. She watched as the girl beat on the mans face, and wrestled the knife from the mans hand. Throwing it to the side, she managed to get a good hold of the mans hand and pinned his arm up behind his back. She then proceeded to break the guys arm. The whole time Xaria stared in awe at what this strange woman did.

" Get the hell outta here," the girl yelled at the man, as he ran away. Leaving the knife on the ground, where the woman had thrown it. The girl then turned to Xaria, " you ok?"

" Yea, thanks," Xaria said still in shock.

" I'm Verena," The girl said with a grin. It was then that Xaria noticed the other girls lip ring and eye brow ring. The girl was dressed in all dark colors, only part of the girl that had color, was her bright blue hair. Her eyes were blue, so it made it look good. The girls roots had begun to grow in, showing her naturally dark hair underneath. The girl also had a trench coat on, which looked like leather. The girls feet were hidden by thick combat boots, which had huge buckles on it.

" Yea I'm Xaria,," she said with a smile of her own. The two then walked into the stair well and sat on the steps, talking for about an hour. Then Xaria walked with Verena to her apartment, where they went in to watch a movie.

" That so looked fake," Verena said as she stared at the TV screen in disgust. A man on the movie, had been bitten in half, obviously the graphics pissed Verena off. She started throwing pop corn at the television, as if it would magically make the movie better. Xaria could only laugh, at the other girls antics.

" So, how long have you lived around here," Verena asked, turning to Xaria.

" Not real long actually, only about a month." Xaria replied with a shrug, " Its not the nicest place."

" Yep, sucks here, but hey shit happens," Verena replied, " So you live in the apartment, with that crazy lady?"

" Yup," Xaria replied with another shrug.

" Yea she was raising hell earlier, then with my mom coming, and causing probs, the neighbors are probably angrier then a swarm of hornets."

" Yea, I might as well be going," Xaria said standing, " its been nice."

" Sure thing sweetheart, you want a ride to school tomorrow?"

" Yea, that would be good." Xaria then turned towards the door and left Verena's place. Walking down the hall to her apartment she opened the door. Once she entered she noticed her mother was no longer sleeping. Staring into her mother blood shot and drunken eyes, Xaria knew it was going to be a bad night.


The following morning Xaria woke up her alarm blaring. She turned it off and stood, her arms aching her, head pounding. She hurt everywhere. Grabbing a towel she moved toward the bathroom, turning on the water she felt relief course through her body and aching muscles. Then she hurried and got out of the bathroom. She ran across the hall in only a towel, and into her room and shut the door.

Getting dressed she pulled out a tight blue shirt and a blue flannel to match it. A pair of faded jeans, smiley face socks. And her raggedy tennis shoes. She looked at her herself in the mirror, and frowned. She pulled a hair tie and wrapped her hair up into a bun. She then put on eye liner and then continued to get her stuff ready for school.

She walked out of the door of her apartment and was surprised to see Verena leaning against the wall in the hallway. Xaria smiled at her and turned to walk down the hallway, Verena walked beside her quietly

" You and your mom get into it last night," Verena asked suddenly.


" Yea," Xaria replied shortly.

" She give you them bruises?"

Oh Yeah.

" Nah," Xaria said with a grin, " I fell out of bed this morning."

" Ok," Verena said but looked doubtful. Xaria then grinned.

" Don't worry, I just bruise easy."

Verena did not reply she just got a strange look in her eyes then went silent. Xaria examined the beat up truck that Verena owned. It looked like it had been in a few accidents. Bent up bumper, peeling red paint, and torn interior.

" Here's my baby," Verena said proudly, and Xaria smirked slightly.

" Its very beautiful," Xaria said, sarcasm laced in her voice.

"Yeah. It's a piece of shit," Verena said bluntly, " hop in, I swear it wont fall apart."

Xaria jumped into the Truck and sat leaned back against the soft seat. She closed her eyes relaxing, as she sat in the sun warmed, dust filled Xaria jumped when Verena turned on the car, and her speakers began blaring Korn. Xaria looked at Verena and noticed the grin the girl had on her face. She turned down the music and pulled out of the parking lot.

I'm Deaf!

" That was loud," Xaria said slowly rubbing her ears.

" It was just a wake up call," Verena said still grinning. She then drove signing the lyrics to songs. Xaria would laugh at the other girl for the simple fact, Verena would keep getting hilarious expressions on her face.

Cafeteria, the crowded, muggy, loud, annoying gathering of teenagers. Xaria sat down at her corner table, away from the other students. She then yawned and leaned down onto her back pack. Then she felt a hard nudge in her shoulder. She refused to look up, not caring who was there.




" What," Xaria said sitting up when the person nudging her suddenly smacked her. She looked up to see a set of mischievous copper eyes, Dark hair, and tanned skin.

" Hi there," Zeth said with a mysterious grin.

" What?"

" Nothing , just came to annoy you."

" Why," Xaria said as she glared at him.

" What happened to your face," Zeth asked as he leaned forward and stared at her with an intense gaze, as his finger tips traced the outline of the bruises. She glared at him then put her head in her arms. What should she tell him, She then looked back up to see the intense stare she was receiving.

My mother beat me.

" I fell out of bed," Xaria muttered.

" Oh," Zeth said then went silent. Xaria looked up and once again found that he was gone. That man had to move quicker than anyone else on the planet.

Then slowly Xaria looked down at her backpack remembering about the note she had found in her locker the day before. She leaned down and pulled it out. The letters, were obviously worked on, more than a normal person would concentrate on. Slipping a piece of paper from the envelope, she looked at it with interest. Then she opened the folded paper, and examined the writing:


You don't know who I am, but I know about you, Xaria. Three wishes, can make your life wonderful. Think about it and meet me at the water fountain in the park, at five pm tomorrow.

Flipping it over she glanced at the back of the paper, then back at the front. There was no name or address. She frowned and shrugged and placed it back within the envelope.

Great, now I have a stalker.

She stood and headed to her first class. She sat down, planting her face onto the hard desk in front of her. Then she felt someone nudging her. She glanced up and glared at the copper eyed boy who sat next to her grinning.

I forgot he would be here.

" What?"

" Don't fall asleep," He said grinning.

" I do what I want," Xaria muttered.

" You don't want her to pull the desk out from under you do you?"

" Shut up," Xaria muttered and closed her eyes.


What could he possibly want?


Maybe if I ignore him, he will stop.


" What," Xaria muttered, " do you want?"

" Nothing, I find it fun to annoy you," Zeth grinned and leaned back in his chair. He opened his note book and scribbled down some notes. Xaria glared at him and then sighed, why did he irritate her so much?

He knows it too, the jerk.

The rest of the day followed in the same pattern. Xaria would get to class, hoping for catch a couple minutes of sleep, and Zeth was there, to purposely stop that from happening.

In first period, he continued to nudge her till she finally sat up and did her class work. In second period, he was throwing paper balls across the classroom, and continued hitting her with them. In lunch, he found it fun to launch pea's at her from his table of new friends. While Xaria sat with Verena who was laughing at her the whole time. In third period, he kept throwing pencils at her, or nudging her with his pencil as he walked by her. And finally in fourth period he launched notes across the room, smacking Xaria in the face, when the teacher wasn't looking. He also seemed to own a limitless supply of rubber bands, which he had smacking her with them. When Xaria left, she had at least a hundred little red lines over her arms, legs and face.

Now Xaria, was simply happy to be leaving, hoping to be able to catch a ride with Verena. Verena caught her by the arm, right as she was about to walk out the door.

" Hey," Verena said looking sheepishly, " I can't give you a ride, I got detention."

" What did you get it for," Xaria was not amused.

" Cussing out the teacher," Verena said in a bored tone.

" Oh ok, I could wait till you get out, that's no prob," Xaria said as she watched the buses start to pull away.

" Ok," Verena spoke with a shrug, " It's all on you."

Xaria watched Verena run off as she shook her head. Verena was a nice girl, but she was a trouble maker through and through. Verena seemed to live off the expressions on people's faces when she purposely caused problems.

" Fancy meeting you here," Zeth said, as he walked up behind her and put an arm around her shoulder.

" What," Xaria said, then realized that it was the most used word, she had said that day.

He's warm...

She smacked her forehead as she took a step forward so his arm would fall off her shoulder. She glanced at him only to see a smirk on his face, but he didn't say anything.

" So wha'cha doing?" Zeth asked as she walked away and out the front doors of the school. Zeth followed grinning the whole time, he liked to watch her expressions change, her face was like an open book. Not to mention she looked rather amusing with that frown and narrowed eyes.

" Trying to be alone," Xaria said.

" Oh that's cool," Zeth said as he sat down on a bench in front of her. She stared at him blankly and sat on a bench a few feet away. Opening a book, she began to read the words, trying to ignore the guy sitting on the bench across from her,

Does he not get a hint?

" What are you reading," Zeth whispered, his lips next to her ear, he was now sitting next to her. Xaria jumped at his sudden closeness and then glared.

" A book," She said tonelessly.

" I figured that much, what book," Zeth said as he yanked it out of her hands. Looking at the cover he said in a odd tone , " Shakespeare's King Lear."

" Yes," Xaria said as she went to grab for the book. He stood and held it out of her reach with a grin. Tilting his head to the side, he let his dark hair fall in front of his copper eyes, " Give me my book."

" No," Zeth said still grinning, " What will you give me for it?"

" Nothing, It's my book, now give it back."

" But I am a big fan of Shakespeare, "Zeth said, with a smirk.

The jerk.

" I don't care," Xaria replied irritated, " It's my book."

" I will give it back , If I get something in return," Zeth said with a grin.

" What?" Xaria exclaimed her jaw became firm, she just wanted to read her book.

" A kiss, from a pretty lady," Zeth said the mischievous look now twinkling in his eyes.

" No," Xaria said and jumped for her book. Grabbing it she yanked and found herself as a tumbled heap on the ground. Papers from within the book flying everywhere, Zeth looked confused for a second. He looked at Xaria's face and burst out laughing.

" My book," Xaria said horrified.

" Your face," Zeth said as he almost fell from laughing so hard.

That jerk!

Xaria stood and walked over to him and stomped on his foot, which caused him to yelp in pain and surprise. He gave her a look, that clearly asked the question of why she hurt him. She flashed him a grin and went to walk away, when his arms wrapped around her from behind.

" I'm sorry about your book," Zeth whispered against her ear, which caused a shiver to run down her spine. She bit down on her lip, and closed her eyes for a second.

He is warm, with his arms around me , its lovely . But this is the jerk.

Zeth stepped back and grinned as Xaria continued to move away. Xaria glanced back and noticed that ever so persistent smirk on his face. He thought he won, what ever little battle he was trying to win.

" I'll see you tomorrow, beautiful," Zeth said with sarcasm.

" Don't-" Xaria turned and looked around only to notice that he was no longer standing there. The cold wind blew over the concrete and rushed past her. Tilting her head to the side, she turned confused.

Where did the prick go?

After school, Xaria stared at the clock, it was 4 pm, her mind ticking over the note she had read earlier in the day. Verena was passed out on the couch snoring rather loudly, Causing Xaria to shoot the other women a glance.

My god, can she snore any louder?

Then Xaria stared over at the girl and almost gave a sigh of relief when she abruptly stopped snoring.


Tapping her hand on the arm rest, then she ran it across her neck and leaned back, and almost jumped as the girls snores seemed to echo off the walls.

I hoped to soon.

Xaria then decided she was going to the fountain in the park. The note caught her curiosity. She frowned not wanting to walk alone so she walked over to Verena and stared down at her amused. The cat had run out of the room because of the noise, but not after casting Verena a glare. Xaria then poked the sleeping girls arm, and stepped back. Verena stopped snoring and opened one eye then shut it.

" Verena," Xaria said annoyed, " Come on, Verena!"

" What," Verena muttered with irritation.

" Come on get up, it's only four," Xaria said and noticed that Verena was already falling back asleep," Verena!"

" Damn it, what," Verena said sitting up.

" Lets go for a walk," Xaria said grinning. Then walked over and put on her coat and tossed Verena her trench coat.

" Why," Verena examined Xaria's face.

" Just …get up and walk with me, I don't like walking alone. I want to go to the park."

" Why," Verena said standing. Stretching she yawned still staring at Xaria.

" It's a nice day," Xaria offered, and Verena looked doubtful.

"I mean why the park," Verena said as she put on her coat, " Why not the café' or the Donut Place?" Xaria just stared at Verena and sighed.

" I well," Xaria started not knowing what to say, " just wanna go to the park, I haven't been there yet."

" How could you not have been to the park, its huge," Verena said standing, her voice making it clear she didn't believe Xaria. Verena shrugged and finished buttoning up her coat. If Xaria did not want to talk to her that was fine with her.

" Yup, I know a little sad isn't it." Xaria said with a sheepish grin.

Please believe it, please believe it.

" I know your lying, but lets go."


The two of them, were walking through the park, Xaria was looking around and then spotted a small water fountain in the middle of the park. No one else was out, Verena was walking slouched with her hands in her pockets.

" I thought you said it was a nice day," Verena muttered, irritated, " It's fucking cold."

" I lied," Xaria said and flashed her a grin, which only received a glare in return.

" It's Cold."

" I know, I'm in it too."

" I hate the cold," Verena said still glaring at Xaria.

" It shouldn't take long, I just want to see something.," Verena sighed, and Xaria smirked in triumph.

When the two reached the water fountain, Verena sat down, and Xaria followed suit. Verena sighed and crossed her arms, giving Xaria a odd look. Xaria drug her out into the cold, to sit on a bench. Xaria sighed and showed Verena the note and Verena read it silently.

" Sounds like a stalker," Verena said calmly, but her expression was blank. " You drug me out to see a stalker."

" That why I brought you, I can't fight but you can."

" I don't know weather I should feel proud, or insulted."

Damn Verena's short temper.

" I was curious," Xaria said, then realized how pathetic it sounded. Verena just stared at her in disbelief, and shook her head. Verena was a very cautious person unless someone pissed her off. Verena shrugged and leaned back against the bench.

" Hello ladies, how are you this evening," A voice said and Xaria groaned. It was Jake, Verena's older brother who was a jerk.

" What up," Verena said grinning.

" Just taking a walk, then heading home."

" Yup, same with us," Xaria muttered, then she noticed a familiar set of copper eyes. There sat on the other side of the fountain, he seemed to be laughing at her. Xaria glared at him then received an odd look from, Verena. So she ignored him, and Jake as well for that matter. For the last five minutes he was always mentioning her faults. Who was he to judge?

" Bye brat, " Jake said looking at Xaria who glared at him. She hated the popular crowd, and Jake was popular. He was not as cruel to her, after she became friends with his little sister, but he loved to pick on her. The whole time he was there, all he did was pick on her.


" Who are we waiting for," Verena said glancing at Xaria.

" I do not, know, you know as much as I do," Xaria said looking back at Verena.

" Damn you two are never happy are you," Zeth said as he walked over and sat right next to Xaria. Then she noticed how his hair was a more golden brown, and his eyes seemed to have silver in them. He was dressed rather normally, but seemed to have a overly evil glint to his eyes.

Beautiful., Damn, why did he have to be so irritating?

" Zeth," Verena yelled, and he winced.

" Hey," He said with a forced grin, "You know the rules,"


" You see him right," Verena said grinning. Xaria looked confused and cast her an odd look.

" Yeah," Xaria said slowly," He's sitting right there."

" Why are you here, Verena?"

" Not like I want to be here," Verena said and cast Xaria a glare, " I just agreed to go on a walk with a friend."

" Well, this messes things up a little bit."

" I'm confused," Xaria said looking at the two.

" He's only visible when he uses a special drink, or another person drinks a potion to see the fey." Verena tried to explain.

" What kind of drugs are you two on," Xaria said really baffled at the situation.

" I'm an elf," Zeth said looking serious. Xaria smirked and then starting laughing. Zeth looked uncomfortable and Verena grimaced

" Now I know you two are on something," Xaria said still laughing.

" Want me to prove myself, make a wish."

" Ok elf boy," Xaria said clearly still trying not to laugh, " I wish for you to take Verena and me to your magical home."

" Now Xaria," Verena said slowly, " Don't go involving me into this. "

To late.

A bright light flashed around the three standing by the water fountain. Verena yelped and Xaria stood shocked. Verena glanced over at Xaria with a death glare. Then the three vanished when the light dimmed.

He pranced around the two women slumped onto the ground. He found it amusing, Zeth after all was an elf, with one of the centuries most mischievous natures. Verena was one of his previous victims. She had spent a hundred years with him before she figured out the secret.

By that time she had already become a full master in sorcery, she gave it all up to live in the mortal world. If she used any magic she would have been thrown right back out of the mortal boundaries. Unless she found a loop hole in the laws there and used magic carefully.

" I did not want anything to do with that wish," Verena said as she pushed herself off of the ground, " I don't even want to be apart of any of this. I worked hard to go back to a normal ignorant life!"

" A wish is a wish, you were included in it and now you're here."

" Damn it Zeth! Why must you make my life hell," Verena said as she began to pace around.

" It was far to easy, her curiosity will be her downfall."

" Shut up Zeth."

" No, you have to admit, I had to pester you for three months, two weeks and four days. While the first second she heard I was an elf who could grant wishes,," Zeth said as he snapped his fingers. He then began hoping around laughing.

" Shut up," Verena yelled and the surprised elf let out a yelp when he was pushed back into a tree. Verena grinned, " I didn't think I would be allowed to use magic here."

" See I can be useful at times,"

" Uh-huh," Verena said giving him a odd glance, then walked towards him with narrowed eyes.

" What," Zeth said as he dashed to the other side of the burning pit, in the middle of a small but efficient camp site.

" What do you mean," Verena asked which caused a evil smirk to appear on Zeth's face. His copper eyes seemed to shine more silver. His dark hair now seemed to be lighter, but still noticeably brown, "I know you. You love to twist statements to hide the foul play"

" Why, my lovely sorceress," Zeth said with a bow, " Why would I ever wish to harm you."

" Besides the numerous times I've tried to impale you with random objects, and started using your own wishes against you?"

" Well now I have enough reason to want you dead, but having you here was not my intention," Zeth said grinning then began to walk a couple steps, and then float.

"Then send me back, I want nothing to do with your tricks." Verena was glaring at the floating figure and then pointed at the fire and at the floating elf. Flames jumped out of the fire and at Zeth who dodged with a yelp.

" It is not my call girl," Zeth said in a somber voice," But however you are bound by what ever Xaria is bound. "

" What the hell sense is that," Verena said as she jumped around to face the elf.

" Well you see when you were included in the first wish against your will," Zeth said as he examined her blue hair. He smirked and then began to walk around the women," You are now bound to Xaria."

" She doesn't want your wishes, she never did."

" You lie horribly," Zeth said as he began to float around, now looking bored, " why would she have came if she did not want them."

" Bastard," Verena turned and began to pace.

" Bitch," Zeth replied calmly and then let himself fall back to the ground. He walked over to Xaria and began to nudge her with his boot and didn't receive a response. He sat down and stared at her, he reached over and lifted up a stick that lay beside the unconscious girl, and then proceeded to poke her with it.

" What are you doing," Verena snapped, " leave her alone."

" Aw come on, look how her lips twitch , and how her eyebrows lower," Zeth said as he continued his game of poking her with the stick, his eyes warm with contentment. Verena threw her hands up into the air and started talking to herself.

" You suck," Verena said as she glared at Zeth who stopped irritating the sleeping girl, to look at her.

" No I don't," Zeth said with a grin, " That's a girls job."

" I'm going to kill you."

" No you wont, but you can try."

Verena grabbed a hand full of sand and smiled sweetly at Zeth who seemed amused. Then she threw the sand, which now turned to shards of glass at Zeth who, stepped out of the way. He seemed bored.

Then he held out his hand, and a wind seemed to blow from behind him, and Verena watched as leaves began to fly by her. The leaves cut her on contact so she did the sensible thing and ducked behind a tree.

She pointed at the flame then muttered something and began to point at the leaves. The flame jumped towards each and began to burn the targets. The wind died suddenly when Xaria awoke, she looked around and noticed that there was a absolute silence.

What the hell?

" Hello beautiful, welcome to your new reality" Zeth said as he walked towards Xaria, and left a Glaring Verena stepping out from behind the tree.

" What were you two trying to do, to kill each other, and what are you talking about new reality" Xaria asked as she looked around at the wrecked campsite. Her eyes then moved to the seething Verena, and to a very amused elf. Xaria then examined Zeth's ears and took notice of the slight points to his ears, as well as the silver shining in his eyes.

He has pointy ears!

" Well you see, Verena here seems to want me dead, mostly because you are no longer limited to only the mortal world."

" Ok, what drugs did you slip me, because I am tripping out."

" We did not drug you or anything, Xaria," Verena said in a calm voice. Then she snapped her fingers and a light appeared and her clothes changed into black with blue trim robes. The sleeves were wide, and the robe reached to the ground. The robe buttoned in the front and had a cloth tied around it. Verena seemed rather pleased with the outfit and walked towards the other two.

" Then why does he have pointy ears, and what the hell are you wearing," Xaria asked completely dumbfounded," And how the hell did you just do that?"

" Why does everyone have to point out my damn ears," Zeth said annoyed as he stood and crossed his arms. His eyes narrowed at Xaria, and a frown tugged at his lips. He reminded Xaria of a little kid who just was denied a cookie by his mother.

" I am a sorceress," Verena said simply.

" Sorcerers don't exist," Xaria said but had a unsure tone to her voice.

" Neither do elves, but here I am," Zeth said, his voice still portraying his annoyance.

" Then I am dreaming," Xaria reasoned with a smiled.

Verena shook her head and pointed to a small stick on the ground and snapped her fingers as the branch began to rise into the air. Verena controlled it with her pointer finger and then pointed suddenly at Xaria who looked horrified at the floating object. Then the stick sped towards her and began to hit her on the head repetitively.

Smack, smack, crack. The stick suddenly broke over Xaria's head. This shocked Verena slightly who watched the stick fall to the ground in pieces. Xaria looked up towards the other women with rage in her eyes. Verena tilted her head in thought, then when Xaria expected to hear an apology she received something totally different.

" Your head is harder then I thought it was." Verena was amused, her eyes still lingering on the broken stick.

" Bite me," Xaria said irritated, as she slowly pulled small pieces of wood out of her hair.

" I'm sure Zeth would be more than happy," Verena said with a slight upward twitch of her lips.

Xaria turned and looked at Zeth who had a grin spreading over his face at the words," Do not even get any ideas, Elf boy." Zeth grinned even wider at this, then suddenly made a hurt face before that upward twitch started back in his lips.

Xaria glared at him and turned and walked away from the two. Verena and Zeth looked at each other and then back at Xaria. She had turned and was walking deeper into the forest. Verena then rolled her eyes and put the fire out with a wave of her hand, only leaving dying embers. Zeth kicked dirt over the fire and grabbed a small bag, and sword that lay by the tree. Zeth dashed off and Verena calmly walked behind.

" Damn it Xaria, why the hell did you drag me back into this mess?"

Xaria was mad when she first walked out into the forest. She wanted to be as far away from the others as possible. She had managed to ditch the two when they began arguing with each other.

Her opinion changed after wandering around in what seemed to be a giant circle for hours. She suddenly came to the realization that she just wanted to be back around familiar faces. Even if that meant she would have to deal with the beautiful copper eyed guy from her nightmares.

The forest seemed to drop into a eerie silence, the only noise she heard was that of the insects. The worst of all her feet hurt, her head hurt, and she had scrapes from sticker bushes that had snaked out and grabbed her.

Sitting down with a sigh Xaria leaned back against the tree as she stared at her bleeding legs. Her hair was messed up, she was dirty. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a red package of cigarettes, and a lighter. She lit the cigarette as she rested her chin on her knuckles and began to think.

Many random topics ran through her mind but none seemed to consume her as much as one had. The copper eyes elf who just turned her world upside down. She leaned back against the tree and her eyes drifted shut.

" I love it when you think about me love," Zeth said as he seemed to appear out of nowhere, his lips were right next to her ear. He was so close she could feel his breath on her neck. But this startled her, Xaria went to scream but all that seemed to come out of her mouth was a squeak.. Slowly she felt his arms slink around her shoulders and watched as he locked his hands in front of her. Zeth pulled her back against him.

" What make you think I was thinking about you," Xaria said defensively

" I just know," His voice seemed almost raw, as if he just finished screaming. There was a hidden darkness within his voice.

" I don't see how," Xaria said forcing herself to keep from looking at him.

" Because you belong to me," his answer ended at that. The way he said it made it seem as if she had no choice in the matter.

" I do not," Xaria said as she went to pull forward out of his arms. She stopped dead when his arms tightened and held her in place.

" You do," Zeth said darkly, as he pulled her close and held his lips next to her ear, "but you haven't realized it yet."

Xaria snapped awake when she felt a forceful nudging at her side. She groaned and opened her eyes and noticed Verena was kneeling in front of her. Verena gave her a warm smile, which Xaria returned. Verena helped Xaria stand, who promptly yawned afterward. Glancing around Xaria noticed that Zeth was not with them.

" Zeth ran off to find the town. He thought you may have gone there. I continued to search the forest, and I happened to stumble across you. Who was snoozing away in la-la land."

" Not like I meant to fall asleep," Xaria explained defensively, as she ran her fingers threw her hair.

" The forests here are a hell of a lot more dangerous then what you are use to. Damn sweetheart there are tigers out here with venomous claws and teeth. Use your head."

" How was I supposed to know."

" Umm, lets see I don't know, asking might be a starter."

" Ha ha funny," Xaria said as she rolled her eyes.

" Come on lets go find Zeth before he has a heart murmur," Verena said with laughter in her voice.

" You know where we have to go," Xaria asked as she followed Verena. It was dusk, the dim light making it possible to see, but not clearly. The bugs continued their song, no matter how annoying it was. The air was crisp, with cool water vapor still in the air, which had not settled yet.

" Yeah, no worries. Anyways we need to talk about our friend Zeth. Your world is now open to a lot more than you are ready to handle."