Verena felt his presence, the bond of being tied to another being. Her fists clenched, and she wondered why she always was pulled into things. The first time she was pulled to this world was because she stumbled on Zeth on a back street, bleeding, getting ready to be killed by another.

The door opened and Verena did not turn, she knew this was the man that Zeth had used to trap her here. Standing, she turned ready to give the man hell, but words died in her throat. Trory was now leaning against the door frame, his red eyes seemed to be boring into her core. Trory's hair hung over his face, as his arms were crossed casually over his chest.


She swallowed then smirked, building her confidence back up. " So you're the num-nut, that thinks he will be able to out smart me."

Trory did not respond, instead he finished walking into the room and pushed the door shut with his boot. He walked towards her, then he began circling her, examining every inch of her body. Verena's fist clenched and she turned to hit him, and he caught her hand amused. He opened her fingers and examined her palm.

He looks so innocent right now, and hott.

" I will not trick you, but you will be willing over time." Trory then raised his eyes, an almost unseen smile lingering on his lips.

" So you think," Verena snapped and went to pull her hand from his, but he held it tightly. His smirk looking slightly more wicked now, yet Verena did not feel threatened, in fact it was quite the opposite, she was intrigued, even more so, as he pressed his lips to her palm.

" You will be lusting for me before the week is out," Trory said then stepped closer to her, and noticed how her eyes became wide. He then leaned down and kissed her just under her ear, this caused her to jump back. Trory then released her hand and moved toward the door, then paused and turned back to her.

" If you wish to make a person think you have no attraction to them, you may want to conceal your thoughts." Verena stared at Trory in horror, he then started to chuckle and then closed the door.

Xaria moved quickly through the woods and then stopped when she was out of breath. Her eyes stared out over the landscape, it was a cliff, that extended out slightly. Slowly Xaria moved towards the edge, then she sat , her legs over the edge. She was alone, and almost wished for Zeth to be there, but he was the one she was mad at.

Zeth emerged from the brush, and she turned and glared at him. He stuck out his lower lip, his eyes reminded her of a three year old. He sat two feet from her, and intensely watched her, waiting for her to look at him.

" Are you mad at me, love?"

" I'm jumping for joy."

" Do you hate me now?"

" Have I told you I hated you?"

" No."

" Well then, now you have my answer." Xaria then turned to look at him. He gave her a smile, and practically jumped into her lap. Xaria let out a shriek, and fell back. Zeth then used her stomach, to rest his head. Xaria pushed him off and which caused him to pout. He then put his hands behind his head, and laid on his back. The grass framing his body, his eyes now the original shade of copper, like when she had first met him.

" I still can't believe you tricked Verena to being bonded by Trory, that's just cruel."

" Trory only tricks people into the first wish, after that he lets them make the rest. He unlike myself has more morals about wishes. I get what I want."

" You don't care who you hurt," Xaria said annoyed.

" Not true," Zeth said with a sigh.

" Yea right," Xaria said bitterly.

" Are you hungry, I'm going to get some food."

" Yea a little," Xaria said sighing, Zeth could not keep on a serious topic.

Why did I think he would?

" Then wait here," Zeth said jumping up, " I will go and get some!"

Xaria went to respond and he was gone. Sighing she looked back out over the distance. Her mind dancing over all the facts about Zeth. Yet even though there was negative things, the small things seemed to capture her eye the most.

" I love it when you think about me love," Zeth said as he seemed to appear out of nowhere, his lips were right next to her ear. He was so close she could feel his breath on her neck. But this startled her, Xaria went to scream but all that seemed to come out of her mouth was a squeak.. Slowly she felt his arms slink around her shoulders and watched as he locked his hands in front of her. Zeth pulled her back against him.

" What makes you think I was thinking about you," Xaria said defensively

" I just know," His voice seemed almost raw, as if he just finished screaming. There was a hidden darkness within his voice.

" I don't see how," Xaria said forcing herself to keep from looking at him.

" Because you belong to me," his answer ended at that. The way he said it made it seem as if she had no choice in the matter.

" I do not," Xaria said as she went to pull forward out of his arms. She stopped dead when his arms tightened and held her in place.

" You do," Zeth said darkly, as he pulled her close and held his lips next to her ear, "but you haven't realized it yet."

" Stop playing," Xaria said slightly irritated, " I don't find it funny." Xaria now realized she had this conversation before, she couldn't remember where. Then she realized, it was her dream, and she swallowed.

" I'm not," Zeth purred into her ear, " Only someone who is connected with an elf, can make them learn new abilities. When I am with you, I can hear your thoughts, I can teleport, I have all these new abilities surfacing because of you."

" How is that even possible."

" I don't know, this has not happened before," he whispered, the confusion evident in his voice.

Verena sat in silence, she started to feel contained and caged. She stood up and left the room. She walked around the town, and was pleasantly reminded that in the middle of the town was a large garden. She walked past all the flowers, and stopped and smiled at the roses. Roses were not natural to this world, and were brought from earth. She reached out and touched the silken petals.

" I should have known you would be attracted to the roses, and the black ones as well." Verena turned and was surprised to see Trory sitting on a tree. " After all, roses are the perfect description of a woman. All women have beauty, thorns, and needs"

" Charming," Verena snapped sarcastically.

" The truth sometimes stings."

" Don't you have someone else's life you can ruin?"

This caused Trory to look extremely amused. His eyes danced, as his lips started to twitch. He sincerely was not trying to laugh at her, but he failed.

" What?"

" Seeming I have been here for the last hour, and you have been here for about ten minutes. So who's trying to ruin who's life?"

Verena glared at him, and for once in three years, she had no good response. Instead she turned and stormed off. She could hear his laughter following her.

I so wanna smack him with a brick.

Verena planted herself, on a stone bench. She enjoyed the warm sun on her face. The soft scented breeze. She remembered how the first time she had been in this world. She use to travel to see this garden, just because it was only filled with the plants of earth. Yet now, earth was no longer her home. She had lands, friends, respect within this world. Yet now she had to fight, for her own freedom.

She felt him moving closer. She could not describe the feeling, other than a tugging. A tugging in the direction he was in. When she had been victim to Zeth's wishes, there was never a feeling like this. It was different, and it was not all that bad, it was weird, yet pleasant.

Trory then emerged from around the bend. He stopped at the sight of her. He glanced around for another way to go, so she would not cast him another snide remark. He was in too good of a mood to deal with the pessimistic attitude. He watched her for a moment then decided that, he may as well get it over with.

Trory went to walk past Verena, who then muttered, " Stalker," under her breath. Trory cast her a glare, but kept silent. He left the garden slight offended and a little hurt.

Why did I ever let Zeth talk me into this. Now I will get attached only to be hurt.

Zeth was devouring his food, which Xaria, was having a hard time eating, because the sounds he was making. She was almost wondering if he was doing it on purpose, trying to get her to laugh. If he was, it was working. Twice Xaria almost choked because she was eating and went to laugh.

When the two finished eating, the sun was setting. Casting a warm glow over everything. Zeth glanced at Xaria, after he took another drink of the wine, from the cup. He poured more, and then poured more for Xaria.

" Why did you pick me?" Xaria asked suddenly which seemed to cause Zeth to become uncomfortable.

" I have my reasons," Zeth replied.

" Like what?"

" I will tell you later, we better get back its getting dark."

" I think I am going to stay and look at the stars."

" If your not back in a hour. I am going to come looking for you."

" Whatever elf boy."

Xaria was shocked when she heard a loud string of foreign words, which she knew were curses. She glanced at Zeth and noticed the dark look on his face.

" Never call me that."

" Ok elf boy," Xaria said happily.

" Bitch," he snapped then turned and started to walk away.

" Dick," this caused Zeth to stop and turn to her.

" Cunt"

"Bastard," she replied sweetly

" Tramp."

" Aids infected monkey fucker."

Zeth's jaw dropped and Xaria smirked. She heard a loud string of foreign words once again. Then Zeth was out of sight, She turned and looked at the stars smiling the entire time.

At least the ass is in the same mood I am in now.

" Hey," Verena said walking up, " Mind some company?"

" Nope, feel free to join."

Zeth and Trory entered the inn at the same time. They both went and sat down, ordered ale, and waited.

" You wont believe what the bitch did," Zeth and Trory said at the same time. Both men then looked at each other and started laughing. When the ale arrived they lifted their glasses to make a toast.

" To the women that drive men crazy," Zeth started.

" And then call us lazy," Trory continued.

" Who play with our hearts like a game,"

" Even though two are never the same."

" And hit us for money as soon as were paid,"

" Its all good, as long as I get laid," Trory finished grinning, the two then tapped the mugs together and began drinking. Zeth finished his first, then waved toward the bar maid. She walked over and refilled the two men's mugs. The two looked at each other grinning, the silent wager being placed. Who would out drink the other?

Zeth stumbled up the stairs, and opened the door to the inn, and noticed that Verena, and Xaria were not present. Frowning he turned and checked back at the bar area, he wanted to inform Xaria of his victory over his brother. He then moved outside, he decided to check the cliff to see if Xaria was still there.

Halfway to where he left Xaria, he heard a scream, His head snapped up, and he took off running. He broke through the brush in time to see his two companions being lifted off of the ground. Both women unconscious, bleeding and bruised.

He recognized the creature, a gargoyle, but why was it here. Zeth let out a yell and went to use a fire spell, but his senses were dulled from the alcohol. He missed and heard the laugh that sounded more like a growl.

Zeth used the leaves lying around and sent them flying, their now blade like edges, doing nothing to the creature. Zeth then went to fight the towering creature, he sung his fist, but was smacked with the gargoyles tail. He was thrown back threw a tree. He tried to get up but was choking blood. The gargoyle then gave a flap from its red and black wings, it let out a screech and took off with the women.


" Fuck," Zeth whispered trying to get up again, only to see a broken bone peeking through his flesh. His shin was broke, he swallowed and fell back, blood leaking from his lips. He needed to help Xaria, but he first needed to help himself. He closed his eyes and concentrated on one person, his brother.


Zeth cringed as he used his good leg to push himself up against a tree. He wiped the blood from his lips, only to have more pour from his mouth. He coughed and lifted his shirt to see dark bruising forming on his stomach. His vision started to blur, everything began to spin out of control, just before his body slumped over.

He was lying on his bed, relaxing, still wanting to go to Verena's room and speak with her. But he unwillingly had to admit that he was a coward.


His eyes snapped back open, and he sat up looking around. Something was not right, he felt pain surging threw his body. Someone needed him, someone he loved. The tugging remained, from the telepathic link. Then it ended, nothing, the pull stopped. Trory felt his heartbeat racing, he ran down the hall, Crimson was in her room sleeping soundly.

Trory then ran down to the bar, Zeth was absent. Turning he ran out of the bar, now much more sober, the fear forced the level thinking. Then he ran toward the cliff, Zeth spoke of Xaria being there.

Had he gone to fetch the girl and things went amiss?

Trory ran to the clearing and noticed the broken tree. His eyes followed the destruction. He felt his blood run cold, when he saw Zeth lying motionless, ghost white. He moved and then kneeled beside his brother, and checked for a pulse. It was faint, but there was one. Trory could heal those who were close to death, but he could not heal the dead.

Lifting Zeth Gentling, Trory laid him flat out on the ground. Then Trory examined his brother stomach, and then held his hand over his gut. Then Trory closed his eyes and felt the pain his brother felt.

Trory then allowed his own energy flow out to his brother, then concentrated on mending the internal damage. The broken ribs, puncturing Zeth's lungs, now replacing themselves. The organs damage slowly mended to minor damage. Trory felt the tears, burning his eyes, the tears from pain, not only physical, but also emotional.

Then Trory allowed his energy to slow, and stared at the fading bruising. Trory felt drained tired. He swallowed and watched his brothers breathing improve. Trory's eyes then moved to his brother broken leg. Trory then moved and forced the bone back into place, which cause a loud crack. A cry emerged from Zeth's lips, who had regained consciousness for a moment. Then the pain, forced him back into the world of darkness. Trory then placed his hand over Zeth's leg and mended the flesh.

Trory sat back against a tree opposite of Zeth, his breathing intense. Never before had he used so much energy, he was a master at small wounds, but such damage, was new. He then cringed as a intense pain filled his chest. He gripped his chest, and hissed. His body was feeling the effects of giving so much energy.

Slowly he pushed himself up, ignoring the pain. His brother still needed him, he was not able to completely heal his wounds. His energy was dangerously low. He then lifted his brother into his arms, and started to walk. He stumbled for a moment, but continued towards the inn determined.

Trory arrived, with labored breathing. He needed rest, he could not keep exerting such energy. He stumbled through the bar, the few people present cast confused, and worried looks. Trory moved up the stairs, and pushed the door to Zeth's room.

" Verena," Trory said then stopped when he realized the room was empty. Trory took slow weak steps, till he reached Zeth's bed. He laid his brother down gently, then turned to leave. His eyes started to blur, after two steps, Trory hit the floor. The pain becoming intense, his face contorted to pain, just before his body went limp.