Xaria awoke to the sound of dripping, which caused her to crack one eye open. A black chasm greeted her vision. Swallowing she went to move her arms, which were chained together. She grimaced as pain escalated from the back of her skull. How did she end up here? Xaria's feet were bound, but her mouth was not gagged.

" Xaria, you alright?" Verena's comforting voice called, a few feet away.

What the hell kind of question is that. My hands and feat are bound, and my head feels like its going to explode.

" Just peachy, where the hell are we," Xaria said, just before she gave up trying to free her hands.

" I don't have a fucking clue," Verena said with a sigh.

" Do a magic thingy," Xaria said bluntly, turning her head to the direction of Verena's voice.

" There is a magical blanket, or barrier over this area of land."

" Your point?"

" I am physically incapable."

" fuck."


" Yeah?"

" Watch your fucking mouth."

" What?"

" Don't mind me. I have heard far worse this past year," a voice called from the opposite side of Xaria. Xaria glared at the new foreign voice, even though it sounded like a child.

" Whose that?" Xaria questioned, her voice quiet and cautious.

" Mary."

Silence followed, which was abruptly shattered as Xaria began pulling on the chains. Xaria stood , forgetting about the bounds on her feet, and fell forward, till the chains yanked and held her in the air. Xaria then screamed as loud as her lungs would allow, as she swung connected to the wall. Once she stopped swinging, she began screaming out of frustration and rage.

" Feel better?" Verena said her voice irritated.

" Yeah," Xaria muttered and slid back against the wall.

" So Mary, how old are you?"

" Seven," she replied quietly.

" oh," Xaria said with lack of anything better to say. Xaria closed her eyes then fell into a restless sleep. Verena watched Xaria fall back into the peaceful realm of sleep. Mary was still awake, the child's breathing was a clear indicator in the dark.

" How long have you been here," Verena asked bored at the continued silence.

" A year."

" Has anyone come for you?"

" Yeah, they died though."

" I see."


Fuck! Hello?

Help! Is anyone hearing this? Hello!

Trory felt sudden relief of cool water running over his skin, bringing some relief but none from the voices. He opened his eyes and saw Crimson sitting there draining a cloth of water. Trory pushed himself up and Crimson jumped dropping the bowl of water to the ground out of shock. He stood, grabbing his shirt, he made his way towards the door.

" Where the hell do you think you are going?" Crimson demanded her voice becoming louder, as her eyes flashed with mixed emotions of fear and anger.

" To get a drink," Trory said calmly.

" You and Zeth are horrible."

" Your one to talk," Trory snapped, and left the room slamming the door behind him. Crimson stood staring at the door blankly.

Trory moved down the hall, shirt still in hand. He walked past a waitress who just was relieved from shift. He moved past her in a swift motion, giving her a nod of his head in acknowledgement.

He looks like a god.

He turned the corner and was about to walk down the steps when he overheard the woman's thought, which caused him to stop in mid step. He shook his head and continued down the stairs. He noticed Zeth was sitting up drinking a mug of ale.

" What the hell are you doing," Trory snapped, his foul mood showing through.

" Drinking because I am a piece of shit."

" Charming, especially when Xaria and Verena are probably being tortured or raped at this very moment."

" Then go and do something about it. I tried; failed. What is the point? You didn't see this fucking thing, it was like huge," Zeth said, using his hands as he tried to imitate the size of the creature that abducted the women.

" I cant believe I almost died trying to save a shit-head like you."

" I never asked you to."

" Wallow in your fucking pity by yourself, I am going, whether you decide to help or not."

" Have fun."

" Plan too, as soon as its head is my wall ornament."

" Oh such a tough guy, I will see you when you fail."

Trory was already out the door before Zeth's comment was completely out of his mouth. Zeth glanced back at the door and sighed.

He must really like Verena. But I tried, I failed. But if I help Trory, maybe I could distract it, while he figures out the weakness. Xaria. Fuck!

Zeth looked down at the mug, and took the last drink, then stared at the empty ceramic container. Swallowing, Zeth turned and headed towards the door. His shoulder hunched, he needed to help her. He was too weak to do anything of use.

" Hey, you need to pay for your drinks."

" Add it to the tab."

" What did they say Verena?" Xaria asked curious, her eyes glancing up frantically at the door where foreign voices were being heard, moving away.

" Um nothing."

" They said you two will be executed in the morning and divided between the Dark Races, as food."

" I think I am going to be sick," Xaria muttered in a panicked voice.

" I have been a prisoner here for a year. You will be tortured for information, then drained of blood, till death, then cut to tiny pieces. Its ritual for the killings. Well if you are going to die anyway, why not annoy the fuck out of them." Mary said enthusiastically.

" Why have they not eaten you?"

" I have until I become a mature women, then I am killed. Killing children goes against their code, or something."

" Oh," Xaria said and then sighed.

" Will our wishes work here?"

" I do not know," Verena answered honestly.

A silence then followed the conversation. Then slowly a repeating sound began moving closer. Then it was recognizable as foot steps. Xaria sighed, fearing what was too come. Swallowing she leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

She prayed the new arrival thought she was asleep. There was a loud bang as the door to the cell swung open, Xaria could see the light through her eyelids. She used all her will power to remain emotionless.

" Stand."

Xaria could hear one of her companions stand. Xaria refused to moved, playing dead, so to speak. She then felt the rough kick of a boot to her side. She remained unmoving, she heard the chains click, then drop around her. She felt her body being lifted like a sack of potatoes, thrown over a shoulder. Xaria inwardly cringed, as she felt sharp horns from the creature puncturing her arms.

Zeth found Trory at the stables, Trory had his horse readied. A second one tied to his. He gave Zeth a cold look, his red orbs staring at the silver-copper eyes of his brother. Zeth then walked up to his brother and grinned, shaking his head.

" Why ride, when there is a quicker way."

" I thought you weren't helping me."

" Eh I realized I think I care a little more about the chic then I thought I did. I guess I needed some guidance from my brother."

" Well," Trory said impatiently after they stood there for a moment.

" eh, patience is a virtue when using this sort of a spell."

" Just hurry the fuck up," Trory snapped.

Zeth then shot Trory a cold look, and then closed his eyes. Suddenly the two horses, Trory and Zeth rose into the air. Trory looked down at the ground and closed his eyes suddenly feeling ill at ease about the situation.

" We will be there in no time, got to love traveling by air!"

" Just get us there."

Screaming echoed throughout the building. Xaria had only managed to fake unconsciousness for about an hour, before she was found to be actually awake. When she was not screaming from pain, the others around her filled the void with their own screeches of torture. There was light, but only when the tormenters made their way to her cell, to inflict more injuries.

" Where is the woman named Crimson," She heard the voice once again, as she had hundreds of times before.

" Fuck off," Xaria said, then spit the thick red liquid from her mouth at him, hitting him in the face.

A crack, the leather tipped with metal cut into Xaria flesh. She screamed then gritted her teeth, closing her eyes which watered uncontrollably.

" Where is she," It snapped. It was nothing like Xaria had seen in her life. It reminded her of a fish in a way, how its eyes bugged from the side of the creatures head. Horns emerged from its skin in various areas of it's body. Its skin was a blue-green. The hands of the creature, only had three fingers. The stench that emitted from the vile being, continued to force Xaria's stomach to lurch.

"Well if you are going to die anyway, why not annoy the fuck out of them?"

Xaria looked up at her tormenter and tried to grin, but only managed a twitch from her lips," Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall." Crack. The whip tore into her flesh, she stopped her self from crying out, " Ninety nine bottles of beer. Take one down pass it around," Crack. She hissed as pain continued to surge throughout her body, " ninety eight bottles of beer on the wall."

Xaria heard Verena's dry laughing in the cell across from her. Then Slowly Verena joined her in her plan to annoy the patience out of their Captors, why not, they were going to die anyway.

After about twenty minutes of traveling time, over forty miles covered, Zeth needed to rest. Trory looked like he could not handle another second of flight, looking nauseous, and his eyes clamped tightly shut. Zeth noticed that the horses were happily dancing now that they could once again walk on the land.

"How much longer should it take?" Trory asked still pale in the face.

" A half hour at most," Zeth replied looking into the distance.

" Then lets keep moving."

" Can you handle it," Zeth asked looking at him cautiously.

" Yea, just handling heights is not my strongest asset."

" Alright lets go" Zeth said as he closed his eyes and began centering his energy. Then slowing once again the two men and two horses lifted up into the air.

Zeth and Trory arrived, under the estimated time. They stopped and tied off the horses near a small rock incline, a hundred yards from the cavern entrance. Zeth shook off the slight dizziness that over came him, and followed Trory to the entrance. Zeth stopped and noticed the entrance itself was small, but the actual cavern was rather wide. He stepped inside after his brother.

" This passage leads to the dungeon of the Dark Races," Trory said quietly.

Zeth nodded as the two moved farther into the darkness, a slow dim light, became visible once the tunnel turned to the right. Zeth picked up one of the worms on the wall, whose glow began to pulsate.

" What the hell are these things?" He stated, while Trory shook his head.

" Worms," Trory replied looking back at him," Now move it."

The two followed the long maze of pathways, the eerie glow put the two men at ill ease. Suddenly Trory stopped moving, causing Zeth to nearing run into his back. Trory then pushes Zeth against the wall. Trory waved his hand in front of Zeth, then Repeated the process. Zeth watched as his brother faded from sight.

Then two creatures came walking around the bend of the cave. One fish-like, the other a vampire sorceress. The two enemies stopped, almost sensing the two men hiding a few feet away. Then almost unsure, the two then began moving toward Zeth and Trory, their arms extended feeling for something unseen.

Trory was the first to move, he step out of the way of the females fingertips. Then Trory noticed a pole lying on the ground. Smirking he moved, taking two steps to the right. Leaning down he grabbed the metal, feeling refreshed at the cool texture touching his skin. Then in one fluid motion he swung the metal, smacking the sorceress in the back of her head. She hit the ground, then he turned dodging a swing of the fish-like creatures spear. He grabbed the end of the spear and pushed it roughly towards the creature, hitting it in the face. He then pulled the weapon from its grasp, spun it around and plunged it into its chest.

" Lets go," Trory said as he turned and continued on his way. Zeth only knew that he had walked off, because he was still carrying the spear. Zeth nodded slowly, casting one last glance at the two forms, he noticed the Vampire began to wake. He walked over and grabbed her head and slammed it into the ground knocking her out once more.

" You are issued victims, maybe this will remind you of why." He stood then jogged to catch up to his brother.


Verena remained still, simulating unconsciousness, trying to connect to anyone who would help telepathically. Pain escalated throughout her entire body, then suddenly she would feel a peaceful numb sensation. She inwardly cringed as the saltwater hit her multiple wounds, which ran along her back, arms and lags. Yet she remained motionless.

The sound of the metal door opening, then slamming shut was a heavenly sound to her ears. She swallowed, her throat soar and raw. She could still hear Xaria singing the song, Verena lost her strength. Xaria was becoming weak, her voice portrayed it.

A commotion?

Shrieks, yells of protest, and war cries suddenly filled the void. It lasted for a good ten minutes then silence. Foot steps echoed throughout the hall, and doors being opened. Verena refused to move as she heard the door to her cell open.

" Verena?"

She knew the voice, but she was so weak she could not recall who it was. She did not move in fear it was the return of her tormenter. Foot steps, she cringed as they moved in her direction. She felt pressure on her neck, they were checking for a pulse.

Chains pulled, then ell around her. The tight metal that was clasped to her wrists, then released. She opened her eyes and stared into Crimson eyes.

" Verena, Do you know who I am?"

" Angel?"

" No, Verena look at me," Trory spoke calmly.

" Trory?"

" Yeah, it's me."

" It hurts."

" I know," Trory said softly, " I'm going to get you out of here."

Trory then lifted Verena off of the ground, she hissed in pain, closed her eyes and welcomed the peaceful darkness. Trory exited the room, stepping past the dismembered remains of the guards.

" Trory?"

" Yeah?"

" Can you make the pain go away?"

Zeth entered Xaria's cell slowly. His eyes adjusting from the light in the passage, to the pitch black of the cell. He saw her handing, arms chained holding her body up, her knees the only thing touching the ground.

Xaria raised her head, speaking softly. Zeth tried to understand, but failed to hear what she was saying. He moved into the small, walking quickly to her.

" one bottle of beer on the wall," her voice cracked as she spoke.

" Xaria?"

" What do I say when there is no more bottles?"

" Xaria?"

" Yea," she replied her voice strained and soft.

" I'm here to get you out of here" Zeth said.

" I thought you weren't coming."

" Here I am," Zeth said unlocking the chains. Xaria fell forward, he caught her and lifted her up. He turned to the door and began to leave when Xaria spoke once again.

" I wish I didn't hurt anymore."

Zeth looked down at her silently. She had closed her eyes and welcomed the peaceful realm of unconsciousness. He frowned, normally he would have jumped at the opportunity to complete the bound, the third wish had been spoken.

It wouldn't be right.