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Silence surrounded her in waves. One moment she could hear voices, so loud that it pained her, then the next she could hear nothing. Xaria opened her eyes and hissed as bright light flooded her vision. She felt a weight on the side of her bed, as a cool rag cover her forehead.

" Xaria, are you alright?"

" Too bright, thirsty."

Zeth jumped up and began on blocking the light. When he finished his task he turned and saw pained blue eyes looking at him. He walked over to a table that held a pitcher with some water. He poured her a cup of water and moved over to her. He helped her drink it, only allowing her a little at a time.

" I thought I wished the pain away."

" No." Xaria raised her eyes to his form as he stood. He ran his fingers through his hair as he looked to see if Verena had regained consciousness. He looked at her his copper eyes examining her with intensity. " I will not grant a wish, that uses your pain to gain my goal."

" You want me to make wishes don't you?"

" Not this way." Zeth was facing the door debating leaving the situation. He turned to continue speaking with Xaria, but her eyes had already shut. She was once again asleep.

Zeth sighed softly as he left the room. His feet felt heavy, he wanted to sleep. He entered the second room, where he and Trory were now staying as the girls rested.

" The town healer will be here by sunset," Trory said dully, anger laced deep within his voice.

" Did you tell them the condition they are in," Zeth growled as he sat down on his bed for the night.

" There is a disease breaking out here. After the two are healed, be best if we leave as soon as possible."

" Yeah," Zeth said softly as he laid on his bed, " we should head home."

Verena's blue eyes snapped open as she rushed to a sitting position. She lost her breath to the pain, slowly she took note that she was back in a room, in a bed. Fear bottled in her stomach. She then slowly laid back, she remembered slowly. Trory had come for her.

She turned her head and looked at Xaria's battered form. Cuts lined her face, and arms. Verena could not tell where else she was wounded, but she didn't look good. Her face was pale, covered in beads of sweat dotted her skin. Xaria cringed in her sleep which caused a cut on her face to break open and bleed slowly.


Silence followed her concentrated thought. She sighed and closed her eyes, her friend needed to have the fever broken and all she could do was lye there helpless. If she moved now, then the pain would drain her strength. She closed her eyes, feeling a gentle tingling behind her eyes. Then she heard the door handle turn and Trory entered the room quietly.

" Yes woman?"

" Stay with me a while. Xaria needs help and I need company."

Trory stopped as he looked at her face, she seemed so sad. Her eyes were filling slowly with tears, his eyes examined hers, as he heard crying.

Trory took a step forward and stopped as his eyes went wide. Slowly he watched the darkness spread around him; the cold settling to his bones. Trory looked up and he saw Verena, only she sat as a child hugging her knees , her head buried in her arms. He watched her look at him her blue eyes darkened, the sorrow showing as the tears slid down her face. Bruises lined her cheek and jaw. Her lip was busted, a trail of blood running down her skin.

" Verena?" She stood and took two steps back, black hair surrounding her face. She turned and ran into the darkness and out of sight.

Trory took another step forward and stared at Verena who was looking at Xaria. Trory rubbed his neck confused, had he gazed at the child she once was? Or was it another time where she felt the same amount of pain in her heart?

" Yes?"

" Nothing," Trory replied forgetting he was just spoke her name. He walked over to Xaria and sat on a stool that sat against the wall. He wet a piece of cloth and gently began to clean the blood that was running from a cut on her cheek. He swallowed feeling Verena staring at him, like her gaze could burn a hole in his back. After he cleaned her wound he left the room and woke his brother to clean the rest of Xaria's wounds.

Then Trory reentered the room he saw Verena trying to stand. She had managed to get to her feet, but proceeded to loose her balance. Trory grabbed her arm gently and sat her on the bed. Verena lifted her eyes to his, he expected to see relief. Wrong.

He was staring straight into the eyes of a women who wanted to gauge his eyes out, maybe even kick them around a little afterward. For the first time in his life, Trory was truly slightly fearful of a female. He swallowed and took a step back.

Zeth entered the room just in time to watch Verena take a deep breath. He cringed, and held his palms over his ears as he walked toward Xaria.

" You are an Asshole, "Verena Screamed.

" What the fuck did I do?" Trory was looking at Verena with complete confusion.

" I was trying to-"

" To what?"

" I need to pee ok?"

Trory tried not the laugh, at first all the appeared on his face was a smirk, then slowly he began laughing. He looked up in time to see a pillow thrown at his head, which smacked him directly in the face. The pillow hit the floor and Trory looked up grinning, then frowned as Verena went ghost white and leaned back.

Xaria was still asleep, While Zeth was glaring at the two bickering. He looked down at Xaria and felt guilty. He should have reacted soon, instead he had filled himself with alcohol.

" Why the hell are you going to go and do something that is going to hurt you?"

" because you got to help me."

" Yeah we'll take you to pee when you catch your breath."

" Good, because I got to pee like a racehorse ."

The town healer arrived before sunset, and had healed the life threatening wounds. The two women had been given a potion for induced sleep. Then The healer began the healing spells. Most people believe that healing spells are painless. Most of the time healing of wounds by magic, is ten times more painful then the actual wound upon infliction.

Zeth and Trory waited outside the door, the healer was insistent that they remain out of the room so she may complete concentration without distractions.. So the two men both paced outside of the locked door like two guard dogs protecting their owner. Both men were in sour moods, even more so when the induced sleep wore off, and pain was felt. Loud screeches echoed throughout the entire building, once so loud that even the pub dropped silent in curiosity.

When the door finally opened the healer looked at the two men, her lips were tense, she looked tired. She smiled at the two, " they will be in pain for a couple of weeks, while the fractures finalize in the mending process. They should be careful not to do any extensive activity. But walking should be done without pain in about a week.

" Good," Zeth and Trory said at the sane time.

"Good day then," The healer then made her way down the hallway and down the stairs. Zeth and Trory entered the room, the two women were still asleep. They then left, knowing they were sleeping sound, and returned to their room and fell asleep.

The morning arrived with a shock to both of the men. Zeth has risen first and went to check on Xaria and Verena, when he opened the door, he realized that the two were gone.

" Trory!"

Trory raced out of the room hearing his brothers panicked voice, his hair astray from jumping out of a deep sleep. He took note on what Zeth was yelling about. He then went and put on his boots and coat as Zeth did the same.

" How the hell could two women who are in pain, get up and leave."

" Well hopefully they are in town."

" So why are we doing this again?"

" To fucking worry those two assholes," Verena ranted angry, " I mean damn took um long enough to come and get us,! "

" Oh, well you have fun with that. I am going to go into that book store and get a book, then go back to the inn."

" Xaria come on, we were locked in a fucking cell, tortured and you don't want to go out and enjoy your freedom?"

Xaria looked at Verena with a frown on her face, " I will enjoy my freedom when it doesn't hurt to do so."

" Actually, that's pretty understandable," Verena said as she began to focus on the pains where cuts, bruises and fractures were, " lets head back."

" I'm still getting a book damn it," Xaria grumbled as she walked towards the store. Verena stood still for a moment her face contorted with a look of confusion as she brushed a blue strand of hair out of her eyes.

" No reason to bite my head off," Verena said as she followed Xaria.

" Where the hell did they go," Zeth panted, He and Trory had finally met up after the two spit and searched a side of the town. Trory stood catching his breath staring at Zeth who was dubbed over hands on his knees breathing hard. Trory shook his head as he looked around the crowd of people.

" I have no idea," Trory spoke frowning.

" I mean they could not have gone real far."

" Why would they run away from us," Trory asked concern lacing his voice, " I mean many other elves have been far worse to those they are granting wishes to."

" Well you were kind of an ass yesterday."

" Fuck off Zeth."

" Well I will be fucking damned," Zeth ground out through clenched teeth. His eyes narrowed on the two women walking casually out of the book store. Xaria carried two books in her hand, while Verena was tucking a book into her bag.

" Oh she thought I was an ass yesterday," Trory smirked she didn't know what kind of things she had in store for her.

Xaria and Verena laughed as they walked out of the book store. Verena quickly tucked a book on potions in her side bag, as Xaria was looking down at two books. Verena was not sure why she was interested in basic spell books, when she herself could teach her all she needed to know.

" I still don't see why you wasted your money."

" Well I don't see it as a waste, you wont always be there."

" Still have to have it memorized, not to mention that those spells are so weak that they will do little or no effect. Especially the fire spell, all that specific one is only good for is starting a camp fire-"

" Well then its good for something," Xaria snapped, she hurt and only wanted to go and lye down to relax, and sleep. She smiled dreamily at the thought of the soft bed, warm blanket and reading a book in silence.

" What are you smiling about," Zeth said anger full in his voice, " What the hell do you think your doing? You should be in bed."

" I agree," Xaria admitted with a smiled, " bed sounds good."

" Well ok then, " Zeth said caught off guard. Then he felt a tugging on his pants, he looked down and saw the small child he helped escape. As he told her he would take her to the town but could not care for her. A couple happily took her in, after loosing their daughter to the very monsters that held Mary captive.

" Hey there Mary," Zeth said with a smile.

" Thank you," She said it then ran off back to the couple patiently waiting for her. She looked back and waved. He had almost left her there in his fear for Xaria. But he was glad she followed him so he could not forget.

" Lets take the girls back to the inn, I'll go and pick up some more supplies for the trip home."

Verena looked at Xaria a almost odd look crossing the blue haired girls face. Verena then turned and walked away, her thoughts returning to the last time she had been to Zeth's home, and hometown none the less. It was back when Zeth and herself had been an item. She had thought he no longer lived there, she was been mistaken in the assumption that he had moved. Why had she not thought of the possibility that he would not have. She felt unease at the thought of going back to the place that held the most of her and Zeth's memories of their relationship.

" You alright," Trory's words pulled her from her thoughts.

" Yeah, why would I not be ."

Trory rolled his eyes slightly then walked ahead of her. When they group reached the inn, Trory walked off into town. His red eyes seemed still irritated from earlier in the day. He stopped in front of the jewelry store hesitated for a moment then entered. He then noticed a Magic locket, where a person could store any memory they wanted to be played back like a movie.

" A gift for the holiday."

" So we will be arriving just in time for the festival," Verena spoke absent mindedly as she stared out the window. Zeth looked at her silently, then turned back to the game of cards in front of Xaria and himself.

" Yes, its about the time."

" Festival?"

" Yeah," Verena replied, " you would like it. Pretty colors, music and excellent food. Trinkets and games. It has been known to last for a week if the weather holds."

" Wow, can we go to it when we go there," Xaria asked her eyes bright with excitement .

" We never miss it," Zeth replied smiling.

" Was able to find a wagon, so we should be able to travel tomorrow. I bought plenty of blankets to soften the ride for them, though seeming they were already up and walking around I don't see it being much of a problem."

" Well as long as we can get out, " Xaria grumbled as she took of her boots and laid back on the bed, her eyes closed relaxing for the moment, a book in hand.

Verena moved slowly to her bed, she gently rubbed her shoulder trying to release the tension. She sat down on the bed and leaned back. It did not take long for her to get comfortable, ready to fall asleep at any moment.

Trory sat down in front of Zeth, after he removed his cloak. He watched as Zeth dealt the cards out, noticing that Zeth too seemed to be a little ill at ease returning home. Trory frowned but remained quiet about it till the two women fell asleep for the night and the two men had been making their way to their room.

" What's up Zeth?"

" Last time me and Verena we at home were together, wanting to start a family. I don't know my minds messing with me."

" Yeah, don't be going all soft on me now," Trory replied only to receive a appalled look from Zeth, whose copper eyes glowed with what he was about to say.

" This coming from Trory the Hopeless romantic, getting his heart trampled by women everywhere-"

" Shut up Zeth and go the fuck to bed."

Zeth and Trory woke before the two women. Both men had began to prepare the three day journey they were getting to start. Trory had packed all of the food and water on the wagon, then lined the remaining bottom of the wagon with pillows and blankets.

Zeth saddled Trory's horse, and connected the other to the wagon. He then helped Trory attach the white cloth top to give the women shade. Last thing either of the two men wanted was to have two already irritable women to be nagging then about the sun, or sun burns.

" So everything looking to be about in order," Zeth asked as he looked over the wagon and the horses.

" Yeah, all seems to be about right. All the girls bags are here as well."

" Good, they already woke up, " Zeth said almost breathing a sigh of relief. He sure did not want to be the one waking either of the two women, both were bad with mornings to say it kindly. Xaria and Verena resembled zombies, they both walked their eyes squinted barely open, stumbling towards the wagon, zigzagging till they climbed into it. Both settled down silently, neither woman saying a word to Zeth or Trory.

Trory looked at Zeth and Shrugged and walked over to the women and glanced in, "Got everything?"

" Go away," Verena muttered, " sleeping."

" I'll take that as a yes." Trory walked over to the saddled horse and mounted it silently. He waited till Zeth climbed onto the wagon, till he nudged his horse forward, his face pulled to a concentrated expression, he after all was tired himself.

The wagon moved forward, after it jerked forward in motion Zeth distinctly heard the two women groan at the sudden movement, he tried not too but couldn't help laughing. Which caused the women to grumble under their breath.

Zeth smiled lightly at the sun as it rose into the sky. The soft glow soon turned bright, as the air began to warm. It was a perfect day for travel.