George Bush is Great

12:39 AM 12/24/2005

Much has been said about George W. Bush. Liberals like to paint him as unintelligent, but there are many reasons why Bush has been one of the greatest presidents of the United States. The Left often say that it is not the American Government's duty to go into other areas and tell them what to do, but is it moral to stand by and wait as totalitarian governments around the world terrorize their citizens? If the father next door were sexually abusing his child and you knew this, would you be comfortable standing by and doing nothing? Let them handle it. Even though that child is being abused we should sit back and let the child get out of the problem by himself or herself. I certainly wouldn't stand by and do nothing. I would call the police and do everything I can to get that father in prison. Unfortunately, however, among the neighborhood of governments (i.e. the international level) there are no police, or the police may be slow and/or corrupt. If the police were slow, corrupt, or non-existent, and I knew that the father across the street was abusing his children, and I had the weapons to bring this father to justice (as well as the courage to do so), then I would. Most people would think that is good.

The war has gone ahead, but things seem to be going slowly. The people are starting to get frustrated, and Michael Moore is now happy as ever that the majority are against Bush. The Left is starting to win. But I ask: is it noble to fight a battle to help others and then run away before the job is done? Is it noble to raid the neighbor's house to attack the father who is abusing his son and daughter only to run away because it is too tough? This is no ordinary war. This is a war for liberty. This is a war to bring democracy to the rest of the world, to give people freedom. Only in free countries like America will you not be executed by the government for being a homosexual.

Finally, we must address the issue of terrorism. Terrorists around the world seek to destroy freedom by destroying the source of freedom, which is America. America by definition is based on the creed of individual freedom. By this definition anything anti-American is anti-freedom and anything anti-freedom is anti-American. The terrorists want to destroy freedom, to replace it instead with religious rule, where individuals do not have a say in how they live their lives-their lives are instead lived for them by force from the government. Without freedom there is nothing. Without freedom businessmen cannot engage in free trade and the economy suffers. The terrorists have already done this to many countries of the world and the meme is spreading fast. This meme puts a halt to freedom, it shackles the people of that country, making them live in fear and anxiety.

Spreading democracy around the world will also create more trade opportunities that benefit not only American businesses but the businesses that do business with the American businesses. Everyone wins with free trade, but free trade is often difficult when a totalitarian government exists.

Many people think that spreading Americanism will destroy other cultures, but it won't. Spreading American culture will in fact create culture. First we have to define what Americanism is. Americanism is based on the principles of individual freedom and capitalism. Therefore, establishing these principles in another country won't destroy its culture. Culture includes things like the type of food worn and the type of clothes worn. If individuals have the freedom to wear these clothes and eat these foods, then the culture will still exists. However, because the individuals have choice, e.g. they don't have to wear Gap they can wear Nike instead or they don't have to listen to African tribal music they can listen to Britney Spears instead, then this creates more culture. Think of a poor country with an authoritarian government that controls what kinds of music you can listen to. Go into a music store in this country and chances are you will see hardly any music. The government might ban some music because it goes against their moralities. However, walk into a music store in America or any other free country like Japan or Australia and you'll see huge ranges of music to choose from. Therefore, culture increases with American influence, not the other way around.

It is the American Government's destiny to destroy those who take away liberty. It is America's destiny to spread democracy. To not do so is morally equivalent to ignoring the pleas of an abused child next door.