Janice paced the cinema's entrance. Her small squinted eyes scanned the afternoon crowd as she anxiously waited for the arrival of darkboy17. "He said that he would be wearing a Puma white cap with a Burberry shirt...but I don't see anyone in a cap..." Her mouth began to quiver. Had he stood her up? After all, Janice was a nobody. Her unruly hair was messily tied together into a bun and her freckled face had a screen of oil that reflected everything. At the supposedly ripe age of sixteen, her breasts were still non existent and she secretly stuffed tissue paper into her wonder-bra in a futile attempt to accentuate her figure.

Her G-shock watch read 6.22pm. Janice was trembling from the anticipation. What if Andre didn't like her? What if he found her to be repulsive? Questions flooded her mind, and she looked at the two tickets for "King Kong". The two had been talking to each other ever since they met on an online forum. They both shared the same glaring passion for the monkey and would enthusiastically rant over the beast till it went far into the night. And now, Andre had stood her up. Although there was 3minutes left to the show, she knew that her 'love' had decided to stay at home and sleep instead. Janice clenched her fist and a tear dropped from her misty eyes as the two tickets squashed against themselves.

With her head bent low, she turned towards the bus stop and started to walk her lonely walk home. All the hopes that a relationship would grow disappeared as Janice began to weep. All her dreams of cuddling together in the cinema evaporated as her Nike sneakers dragged along the dry, cold pavement. Then she walked into someone.

"Hey fuck face! Watch where you're going!", Janice screamed and began shoving her third finger into the boy's pale face. "You asshole! I'll whoop your ass!" Janice drew back her hand and slapped the boy's face. Her hand stung from the slap. She hadn't slapped much before. Janice drew back her hand for a second slap but stopped when she saw the boy adjusting his white Puma cap and rubbing his reddened cheek. Her hands flew to her mouth to silence the 'oh my god', but all the boy did was to let out a laugh and simply say, 'You must be Janice. I'm Andre. Sorry I'm late...I had this thing to take care of. So, lets go in!" Andre snatched her right hand from her mouth and led her into Golden Village's theater six.

The two walked out of the cinema laughing and throwing popcorn at each other. The old women cleaners glared at the two laughing couple and cursed the two, and Andre and Janice did nothing but to throw more popcorn around. They were happy. The show didn't really matter, only being with Andre mattered to Janice. Although she never really did know Andre till today, she felt a connection to him. "And yes," she thought, "I like Andre very much." She loved the way his dark, glossy hair felt as she burrowed her head into Andre's neck when the gorilla body-slammed the chimpanzee. She loved his big almond eyes, she loved his sharp nose and most of all, she loved his thin red lips that seemed forever to be painted in a smile. She tightened her grip on Andre's hands, and she was content.

The city park. Quiet, Seclusive, romantic. Excellent for dating couples when they desire

that extra "oomph" in their relationship. Janice knew what was going to come. She had shaved her pubic area in hopes that it would come to this. A small giggle escaped her puckered lips. Andre was leading her deep into the park with swift steps, his whole posture seemed static. "He's so nervous", giggled Janice.

Finally, deep within the park. Here, screams of pleasure and moans of satisfaction were commonplace and ignored. This place had its own rules. This was the garden where sins were committed and regrets are sown. Janice had never been here before, but her friends had told her of it when they had their weekly sleep-over. The city park was the place to go if you wanted some undisturbed sex.

Andre sat down on the rusty bench and patted the spot next to him, gesturing Janice with a smile. She sat down and stared at her fingernails. Janice began blushing as she played with the rim of her t-shirt. Silence were their companion for a few minutes until Andre turned to look at her. She returned the glance, and she began to draw closer to his face.

The two began to kiss each other, Janice's tongue was trying to pry into Andre's sealed mouth. She moaned. "He's playing hard to get. Haha!" She leaned towards him and slowly slid her wet tongue over his gums until finally, the teeth unclenched and the pink creature slid into the mouth of her lover. Her tongue met his and all was well, until the teeth came down again with such speed and force that Janice had no time to even scream. Her tongue fell limp onto her jeans and she stared at it stupidly for a second while the pain slowly spread throughout her body. Blood was flowing from her mouth but still she stared at the pink flesh twitching on her lap. The pain jolted her and she jumped up and screamed.

Andre threw his elbow into her stomach and brought her down with a kick to her nose. Janice was unconscious even before she hit the soft, wet grass of city park.

He bent down to her body and placed his hand over her breasts. He pressed it down and sent tissue papers flying out of her blood stained shirt and into the air. He chuckled. Sitting down to the still bleeding body, he began to ransack the body. He found her wallet, opened it up and snatched the four fifty-dollar notes out. He casually threw the wallet into the nearby bushes as he hauled Janice up. Andre snorted as he heaved Janice onto his shoulder. Why must his suppers always be this heavy?