Raindrops falling silently onto a hidden meadow,
tears shed of a tumultuous and unending sorrow.

Ripples in a lake of misery, a sea of regret,
reminiscent of a deeper and stronger emotion.

Coating red roses in streams of crimson motion,
bleeding all of the pain away in solitude.

An empty clearing of despair and sin,
an unholy miracle of untold beauty.

A beauty guarded by true Acacia and Fern,
solemn defenders of a paradoxical nightmare.

Home to lovely Datura and Brugmansia,
seductresses laced with euphoric toxicity.

Keeper of forsaken Forsythia and Zinnia,
perfect blemishes on the complexion of impurity.

Beauty in a sea of atrocity, temperance in an ocean of hatred,
forbidden to man for its beauty and truth, its very hypocrisy.

A lonesome girl in white, lost in its depths and eternity,
a dress stained dark crimson with rain and tears.

Lost and oblivious, she wandered alone, separated from life,
forever forgotten amidst the utopian nightmare.

A bittersweet tragedy, its eradication.