Landed on Soft Cellar Drapes

With a heavy thud, sound gives way to my position.
Forever falling it seemed, my body is ripped and tattered;
Stench-dripped skin and open wounds that will never heal.
I couldn't peer into the sackcloth-covered room that is my final destination.

The shroud removed from my eyes..."Let there be light."

This room I've landed- dusk and musk conquer my senses-
Has my mind quivering. Fear soaking my new-found tranquility.
This room is fitted with soft cellar drapes, windows fully opened.
Soft cotton, intricately woven by the soft hands of cruelty.

Placid colour lightens the cellar with dreams of lost kingdoms past.
Dreams of which have perturbed my sleep on this cold cellar floor.
Sleep which I've already lost from nightmares strung upon the drapes
Runs wildly around this room of mine and lands a blow to my fair face.

Tears have yet to run rampant 'round my cheeks.
Fears have only begun to rear their ugly head.
This gentle room I am in has quickly fed my ego.
My narcissism reaching wretched heights bewilders me.

Clear was the thought of a rebirth of self-pious demeanour.

But how can I leave behind such beautiful tapestries?
The moonlight bathes me at night through these amiable filters.
My dreams fill me: Flowing silver waters bathe my filthy body.
So used and abused, screaming purely in disgust of my sins.

Rushed with a nightmare of malice enticed, singing of death,
Chanting this angel's demise. Though I've, this night, compelled
To get rid of them. I cannot, I shall not; important I've been
To so many people that have never noticed me!

And naked I lie in this rain-weathered cell.
My breast filled with rancor and hate-
animosity drowning my heart-
No longer feels warmth but burns with anger and weeps
To rid itself of me. The feel of soft cotton embraces me.

Embraced, tied to the corner of this cellar by my lovely drapes.