Why can't people see?

That the ones they pick on,

Make fun of, and tease.

Are the ones that will spread their dark or golden wings?

And fly away over the land and sea to greater things unknown to them.

But to the ones that did the teasing, they seem to be the ones that will be lost to all things,

As their lives that was once full of joy by humiliating others,

Just suddenly turn to a storm full of dread.

Why can't people see?

That behind these eyes of non-stop crying tears,

Is a mind that just wants to show people the ideas that they have inside

Can give citizens of the poor a chance at a life that has passed them by.

But of course, those people don't and never will understand,

Are just people of stupidity that can never seem to form a simple plan?

A/n: This is for all of those that feel that their lives are worthless, when they actually aren't.