She cries on the inside
So no one knows the pain she hides

She has a fake smile plastered on her face
She has a cheery attitude she puts into place

She smiles at you and laughs at your jokes
She goes to movies with you and you share cokes

She does what you say
Never gets in your way
But you hurt her still

You want her to live and breathe for you
And she tries but doesn't succeed

So you lash out at her with words and fists
You slap her, so to get rid of this horrible ache inside she cuts her wrists

She BLEEDS for you but you don't care
All you notice is how she isn't really there

You don't try to help or understand
You leave her with her misery
You push her farther and farther away
Until there is only one thing she's good for and that's to meet your needs
Your totally oblivious to everything going on

So now she's sitting at her desk writing a note
A note that will explain all
And as she gets out the razor her tears begin to fall as she silently whispers
It shouldn't have ended this way