A Result of Thinking When My Head Hurts

why I'm a always

not saying what I mean

nothing means

a big something

and yes sometimes means no

and everyone is saying that girls

are so crazy

and complex

but we just need people to

stop looking on the surface

for answers

and start digging

for clues

about us


if I'm so damn complicated

and every time

you look at me

you have to make a double take

to see if I'm for real

then why do you keep looking at me

i'm not that hard to figure out

i like things the way I like them

and get very bored easily

i'm loyal and hate promises

forever broken

i need a little time to warm up to you

but don't let me drop

because ill take you with me

if I do

i'm so fucking weird

and I like making stupid jokes

and laughing with my friends until my

tummy hurts


i like being immature

and wishing on stars

like everything will come true

and I like boys who are nice

but not in a fake way

and who will like me back

i don't need someone perfect

because I am far from it

just don't make me cry

and I won't blow you



My head is really killing me. I need some Advil or whatever. Doesn't Advil taste kind of like skittles? The ones I buy do at least. Ah, feedback welcomed.