Snow gently floated down from the heavens, coating the already icy ground with a fresh new layer of pure white. A strong wind picked up, pushing the top layer of new snow off from its resting place, and relocating it to a new resting spot for a moment or two. Two voices could be scanty heard drifting across the winter landscape, getting picked up and dropped by the wind. "—just the worst timing to get locked out, you know that?"

Another voice answered, "I can't help it! My brother hates me. I saw him standing in the window. I swear! Anyways, we're almost there. See? Graveyard. Sure sign that we're only a few blocks from her house."

The pair trudged through the snow, one bundled up in a thick, deep purple-red coat, the fur lined hood pulled snug over her rosy cheeks. The other had on a varsity jacket, sporting the schools colors of royal blue and white, with a flying foot on the back. Each had on two or three pairs of gloves, and warm snow boots. Another gust of wind blew them backwards, and the two girls huddled a bit closer together.

Walking along for another five minutes in silence, the entrance to a new subdivision came into view. The girl in the varsity jacket quickly tried to pick up her speed, before slipping on black ice, and sprawling across the snowy street. She groaned deeply, before prying herself from the icy surface. Her footing went out from under her once more, and she slid a foot down a slight dip in the road. Another groan escaped her mouth, as she straightened out the fleece skull cap on her head. Laughter could be heard from behind her, and in front of her. Great…I have a concussion, the runner told herself. "Okay, I won't have to kill you for making me walk in that. That was just too—"the friend coughed, holding her side in laughter. "OW! It hurts!"

The sun was nearly gone, and shadows danced across the landscape, making the snow an eerie blue. A dark figure darted out across the yard of the closest house, and out towards the two, laughing maniacally. "Livi! Raine-Lady!" the voice screeched, throwing herself at the girl, Raine-lady, who was still standing.

Raine, or Rebecca, which is her real name, yelled and tried to run, but was caught in the dark figures running hug, and dragged to the ground. All three girls laughed, and somehow managed to drag themselves back to their feet, and into their friends' house. Livi quickly removed her snowy blue jacket, and kicked off her boots. Her face was snow bitten and wind worn, but she smiled brightly despite it. Rebecca pulled off layer after layer, carefully stuffing her gloves into her pockets. The girls' house they were in, Prite, or, really, Nichole, stood there laughing at her taller friends. She had not bothered to put on a coat, or shoes, for that matter. "You guys didn't die, or get eaten by the snow yeti!"

Rebecca pulled her boots off, and took her winter protection to the laundry room, and Livi threw her coat on top of the pile as she went by. "Oh, here y'go Prite! Merry Christmas."

She handed the dark haired girl a small box wrapped in bright green paper, with a gold bow on top. Glancing around quickly, she tore into the paper, leaving shreds lying on the wet landing. Prite opened the small box, and took out a brightly colored glass bead bracelet. The main color of the bracelet was blood red, with some softer shades of red and orange mixed in. Quickly, she slipped the bracelet on, and threw herself at the blonde. "Thank you Livi!"

As the two girls embraced, the third came in and put her arms around the two. "C'mon, sexy ladies. Let's move to the basement…"

Rebecca led the way, swaying her hips from side to side, as far as they would go, her lips pursed up and pushing against her nose. Livi shook her head, and followed after, and Prite hopped in the wake of the other two. Not long after being down the stairs, Livi was lying across the floor, and Rebecca was sitting on top of her. "Oh, don't start without me!" Prite joked, laughing, and made her way towards her friends.

Before she got there, a loud crash could be heard far above, and then another, followed by shouting, and then another crash. The three girls fell silent, before all pushing Livi forward to go up the stairs first. She grabbed onto Rebecca wrist before being pushed up the stairs, dragging her up as well. Prite followed after, hiding behind Rebecca, peeping between her arm and side now and then. There was snow falling into the living room, and a large, fat mass of a person lying in the middle of the floor. Adorned in red, it could only be the famous fat man himself; Santa Claus. "Santa?" Prite questioned.

A low, deep moan was heard, as he lifted his head. "Ho? Ho? Ho?"

Livi sighed. "I hope that's not what he's calling us…" she muttered, before going closer to him. "Santa?"

His warm brown eyes widened, as he reached up and grabbed onto the sleeve of her white half sweater. His other hand scrambled at her red cami she wore under it. "Ho, ho, ho? Ho-hum, hrrmfp."

Livi rolled her eyes again, before grabbing onto his forearm, and pulling him up. Santa continued to make odd noises starting with "H", before coughing up a large, white fluff ball. "He was…choking on his hat…" Rebecca stated, stepping a bit closer.

Prite pushed away from Rebecca, her eyes wide with child-like innocence. "I knew you were real! I knew it, I knew it!" she chanted, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Santa rubbed the back of his head with his other gloved hand, wincing. "Someone wanna get Santa some medical attention?"

Quickly Prite rushed off to the garage, where her parent figures were drinking with their friends. Rebecca quickly went off to the internet, and Livi stayed with Santa. "Okay, where's it hurt?"

Santa whimpered a bit in pain, sniffed, and said in a whine, "Here, here, and here…" He pointed to his head, back, and his leg. Livi helped him up onto the couch, and went to the freezer, and grabbed a bag of peas. "Santa, hold this on your head, okay?" Livi instructed, handing him the bag.

The man nodded, and put his hat down, and placed the pack on the back of his head. She tossed him another bag of frozen veggies for his back, and she went back over to inspect his leg. "Ow, ow, owwie!" he shouted, hitting at Livi's back with his black gloved hands.

"Sorry, sorry! Will you be okay for a second? I have to go check somethin' quick…" Without waiting for an answer, Livi went to the computer room to check on Rebecca.

"Santa's off course. He's supposed to be on the other side of the world, where it is actually midnight slash being official Christmas," Rebecca ranted off.

"How do you know?" Livi questioned.

"Santa tracker. Duh," she stated, as if it were completely obvious.

Livi shook her head, and left the room, and found Prite sitting on the floor by Santa in the living room. "My mom's had too much alcohol to be of any help, and same for Pat."

Livi nodded, and asked, "Santa, you want something to drink, or eat, or any pain killers?"

He shook his white haired head. "No, no. It's fine, Olivia. I just need to get back to my sleigh, but I got thrown from it!"

"Santa, I'm on it. I'll go out and find it. The reindeer still on it?"

He nodded, and pointed out. "They might not like you at first. It should be just down the road, back behind in the forest part. Be careful!"

Livi quickly grabbed her coat, hat, and gloves, and rushed out the door while pulling her boots on. The wind blew strongly, and Livi forced her way out across the white snow-scape, disappearing into the thick black trunks of trees of the forest. Looking down at the snow, she continued forward, walking aimlessly for about ten minutes, before coming across a few newly broken tree branches and tree trunks, for that matter. "Getting warmer…"

Back in the living room, Prite and Rebecca were close by to Santa. "I think your leg is fractured, maybe even broken," Rebecca said, gently poking an odd shaped lump protruding from the jolly mans leg. He winced, and swatted at her hand. "Don't do that!"

Prite frowned, before scampering off. She came back with a sketch book, and sat down. "Santa…can I draw you a picture?" she asked, with the same childish joy as before.

He smiled warmly at her. "Of course you can, Nichole! Draw me…me, with you, Rebecca here, and Livi."

She quickly nodded, and went to pushing her pencil furiously across the surface of the professional paper, stopping now and then to erase with the same vigor. He laughed whole heartedly, and eyed Rebecca. "You wanna make me some fresh cookies? They sound good about now…"

Off in the forest, Livi could tell she was getting closer to the sleigh, and the reindeer. She wrinkled her nose at the foul smell of fresh deer dropping, but forced a smile through it. "It's fresh, so they must be close!"

Loud snorting was heard as Livi picked up her pace, jumping over random branches and low bushes that had survived the cold bite of winter. Soon pawing on the snow could be heard. In a small clearing 20 feet away stood eight majestic reindeer, their rich fur glistening in the moonlight. Their antlers were covered in dirt and had a few small branches stuck to them. The harnesses attached to their deep chests were lined with shiny silver bells, which all led to the large red sleigh they were connected to.

Huge curled metal runners were lodged between a few rocks and tree stumps. The runners were just as shiny as the bells, and the deep red sleigh was freshly waxed. Livi took another step closer, and the reindeer stopped moving, turning all their eyes to her. Smiling softly, and walking slower, she took another step, talking softly and calming words to the deer. The closest one lowered its head, and grunted at her.

Livi closed her eyes, and without thinking, threw herself to all fours, and continued forward, trying to act as least threatening as possible. She continued forward, and when she opened her eyes, she was face to face with the lead deer, who snorted, blowing his hot breath into her face. She stood stiff, and offered her right hand out, holding it palm down, and limp. The reindeer sniffed at her, and thought, holding still, before trying to force his velvety nose under her hand.

Livi smiled and sighed with relief, scratching the animals' nose, and then stroked his face. "Okay you guys, we have to get you and this sleigh over to Prite's house, okay? We have to go to Santa."

All of the antlered heads turned at the name. She smiled softly, and walked down between the two rows of reindeers, petting each of them. She reached the sleigh, and jumped over the front of it, and sat down in the cushy front seat. Grabbing the reins, she grinned. "Okay…let's see…"

A loud buzzer went off, and Rebecca quickly bolted across the room, and turned it off. Grabbing an oven mitt, she slipped it on and pulled out the cookies. The warm smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies floated through the kitchen and across to the living room, drawing Santa's attention. With the quick ease of a professional chef, Rebecca flipped the cookies off the hot metal tray onto a plate to cool. "Santa, you want some milk?"

"Please, and thank you," he responded, his brown eyes on the cookies.

Prite was still sitting on the floor, now grabbing colored pencils. With expertise, she began to color in Santa's outfit. The man on the couch leaned over slightly, trying to look at her work. "No peeking!" she stated, pulling the book to her chest.

Outside, suddenly, there was a loud whooping and shouting, and quickly followed by laughter. After that, there was a loud bounce or two, and animal noises. After that, a blonde head bobbed by the window, and burst in through the door. "That…is just awesome! Hey Santa, got your sleigh!" Livi walked into the living room, her body shaking with what could be assumed adrenaline.

Santa smiled brightly, and it widened even more as Rebecca brought him his cookies and milk. The cookies had been shaped into odd blobs, and Rebecca smiled, and pointed to one of them. "That one is the best. I even gave it a title. It's "I love Santa very much and deserve to have the authority to take over Canada"!"

Santa laughed, if a bit forced and nervously, before taking a bite of it, leaving bits and crumbs in his curly beard. He then took the offered cup of milk, and drained half of the cup rather quickly. Livi had disappeared, and came back holding two belts, and four stiff dowels of wood (or sticks, whatever). "Okay Santa. Since we cannot legally drive, and those reindeer are crazy, or I suck at steering that sleigh and we can't have you stuck in a hospital all night, we're going to brace your leg up."

Santa thought about this for a moment, before nodding in agreement. Livi knelt down by his side, and rolled up his pant leg, placing a stick on either side of his leg, and on the top and bottom. She then slipped a belt around it near the top, and then at the bottom. Taking the top belt in her hand, she turned to face Santa. "Okay, now, on the count of three, I'm gonna tighten this. Get ready!"

"One… "Livi said, and yanked the belt tight, and put the little metal bar into place.

Santa cried out in pain, and clutched at his leg. "What happened to two and three?"

"Three!" she shouted, and tightened the other.

He glared at Livi, as she rolled down his pant leg. "Hey, don't get mad at me. It's no good if you know exactly when it comes. It hurts more. Proven fact, Santa."

"Almost done…" muttered Prite, tossing down one colored pencil, only to replace it with another, and then began the process of coloring another section all over again.

Rebecca had another plate full of cookies, and was standing close to Santa. He smiled, and reached out for one, but was an inch or two too far away from the tray. Rebecca continued to stand there, looking around as if she had no idea he was reaching for them. She then put the tray down, turned around, and walked away, giggling softly. Santa sighed, and drank a bit more of his milk, watching Prite. She was now talking to herself, the colored pencils, and the picture. Santa twiddled his thumbs, before glancing up at the sound of someone walking on the kitchen floor. His eyes widened, as he grinned happily. "Why, hello there, pretty young thing. Wanna come and sit on Santa's lap? Or have you been…naughty?"

Prite's grandma stood holding a dish towel in her hands, and then began to laugh. "Oh, who's your friend, Nikki?"

"Jolly old Saint Nick," she replied, tossing aside a blue pencil.

Santa winked at Prite's Grandma, and she laughed again, going on with whatever she had been doing before. "Santa, aren't you married?" questioned Livi, who had apparently disappeared back outside again. She was standing in the doorway, covered in snow.

"Of…course not. I was, but…she… passed away. Why do you think I always ask for cookies, I have no one to make them for me at home! 'Tis sad, no?"

Livi nodded, and Rebecca shrugged, randomly walking back into the room. "If you think about it that way, I guess anything could equal cookies," Rebecca reminded everyone.

Silence fell over the group, before Santa exclaimed, "Oh, dear! It's getting late! I need to finish delivering the presents! Olivia, how're the reindeer and sleigh?"

A wide smile crossed her face, lighting up her rosy cheeks. "Rearin' to go, Santa."

With ease, he lifted himself to his feet, and stumbled a bit. Livi ran to his side, and put his arm around her shoulders, helping him walk. "C'mon Prite, bring it with you. You too, Rebecca. I'm gonna need all the extra help tonight," Santa instructed.

Prite eagerly threw all her things together, tucked them under her arm, and ran out the door shrieking with glee. Rebecca casually shrugged, and went to put all of her snow protection on, before making her way out the door after Santa. She made sure to close the sliding glass door behind her, and turned to face the famed red sleigh and deer.

Prite had already made her way over to the deer, and was staring up at them with wonder and appreciation. "Thank you guys, so much for pulling Santa's sleigh all this time, to help aid my presents in reaching their destination to my home!" With that, she threw her arms around the neck of each animal, laughing to herself.

Livi shook her head, and continued to walk next to Santa, and helped him up into the sleigh. As soon as he was seated and in front of the reins, and glanced over at Rebecca, who was leaning against the house, staring at the sleigh. "Well…are you coming?" he questioned, grabbing hold of the reins.

A deep sigh escaped the mouth of the teen, as she replied almost sadly, "If I really have to…I guess I could go…" She then ran to the sleigh, and clambered up into the back, sitting next to the giant sack of gifts. Her eyes narrowed mischievously, and muttered something about how not everyone really deserved gifts, and how she never did anything wrong, ever.

Prite was sitting next to Livi, bouncing in her seat, laughing now and then. Livi turned to face her, and Prite tossed her arms around her taller friends shoulders, dragging her down in the embrace. "Oh, iloveyousomuchforfindingsantasreindeerandforbeingmyfriend."

Livi stared for a moment with her blue eyes, (instead of the extra pair of brown one's she has now and then) before laughing and returning the hug. "Uh…yes. I love you, too, dear Prite."

Santa grinned, and shouted as he pulled on the reins, "Hold onto your seats! We're off!"

Before all the words had left his mouth, the group was launching off the ground and through the night air at an incredibly fast pace. "Okay, who of you has good aim?"

Two sets of fingers were pointing at Livi, whose eyes went wide. "Why? What did I do?"

Santa laughed heartily. "Nothing! I want you to toss the gifts down the chimney for me, since I don't have time to go down them myself. Think you can manage?"

Livi saluted, and hopped into the backseat, where Rebecca screamed as a present was ripped from her hands. "Hey! That's mine!"

Livi frowned as she read the name. "Since when has your name been Old Man Johnson?"

"Duh! Forever. What do you think "Rebecca" means, in French?!" she demanded.

"Oh, shut up, and just help hand me the presents for the right houses."

Santa handed back a list to Rebecca, and the blonde and brunette quickly got to work tossing presents from the back. Prite was staring out at the reindeer, then to Santa, and back and forth all the while bouncing. "What can I do for you Santa? How can I help?"

Santa looked down at Prite, whose face was oozing with innocence and wonder, as well as a hint of evil behind all those. "Why, you have a very important job. You have to finish that picture!"

Prite had a sudden confused look on her face. "How's that help at all?" she whined.

Santa laughed, and patted the girl on the head. "How often does anyone give me a present on Christmas?"

"Ooh!" Prite smiled widely, and quickly went back to coloring.

Time flew by in a race with the sleigh. Santa was trying to go fast enough to finish delivering all the presents before Time made the sun rise in the early morning sky. Yawns were constantly on the faces of the two girls in the back, Rebecca's reading getting more slurred, and Livi's tosses more of nudging the presents over the edge of the sleigh. Prite was sleeping, clutching her sketchbook close to her. Eventually, the sleigh drew to a stop, back over at Prite's house, landing carefully next to the hole Santa had created earlier. "Nichole, wake up. Rebecca, Olivia, you can rest now. I'm taking you home shortly."

Prite's eyes slowly flickered open, and she yawned widely. Santa smiled, and watched as she clambered from the sleigh and onto her roof. "Merry Christmas, Santa," she told him, handing over an envelope, containing what could only be the picture she had been working on.

The fat man reached back into his sack, and grabbed a present with her name on it, and handed it to the shivering child. "Merry Christmas, to you, Nichole."

She smiled, taking the present, and watched as Santa's sleigh lifted off of her roof and off towards her other friends' houses. "How do I get down from here…" she asked, spinning in a circle.

Livi yawned, and gradually slid over to the front seat, yawning widely once again. Santa's sleigh pulled to a stop, and Livi tumbled out, and landed in the deep snow in her yard. The sleigh hovered about ten feet above her, and Santa leaned over the edge, checking on her. He laughed, and tossed a present down to her. "Thank you very much for all the help! Merry Christmas, Olivia!"

As the sleigh pulled away, Livi waved weakly, grinning widely. She rolled over onto her hands and knees, and grabbed her present, and pulled herself to her feet. Walking up to her house door, she shook the door handle. "Great…it's locked…"

Further down the street, Santa had dropped off Rebecca onto the awning outside of her bedroom window. He handed her a small package, and grinned. "Merry Christmas, Rebecca. Make sure you stay good!"

As he pulled off, she waved a bit, and tried to open her window, slipped, and was hanging from the gutters. "Crap!" she screamed, kicking her feet wildly.

Up at the North Pole, after Santa put away the sleigh and his reindeer, he walked into his cozy little house. Pulling off his boots, he limped over to his recliner, and sighed contentedly as he fell into it. He pulled off his gloves, and tossed them aside. Sliding his fingers under the lip of the envelope, he removed the picture Prite had been working on the entire night. He smiled warmly at the picture: Santa was sitting on the couch at Prite's house, with a giant band aid on his leg. Rebecca was sitting in front of Santa with a plate of cookies shaped as deadly weapons, and frosted with poison. Livi was sitting on the arm of the couch, smiling, and her hand was on the head of a reindeer. Prite put herself in front of Santa, also, holding a giant candy cane.

Santa laughed, and set it on his mantle, to display to everyone who visited him, y'know, all those elves who stopped by to beg for some kind of payment. He laughed at the thought, and shook his head. He threw his hat off to the side, and soon drifted into sleep.