The Queen of the Geeks

Rated T

Chapter One

"Anne, honey. It's time to get up. You'll be late for school." Karen Carnes gently shook her daughters shoulder. Getting very little response she prodded her a bit harder. "Come on Miss sleepy, You'll be late for the first day of school." Anne rolled over and stared at her mother.

"Do I really have to leave my extremely warm bed , just to trudge to school and be laughed at for another entire year?" She almost cried. Her mother had expected something like this. She was ready for that question.

"You won't be laughed at sweetie. All the girls at your school will be so jealous of your new look." I scoffed at my mother's happy face. I immediately felt guilty. After all, if it hadn't been for her, I would probably be the size of a baby whale right now. She and her new husband ,Keith had paid for an expensive weight loss summer camp, which she reminded me of, like every five minutes.

"All those girls will be jealous. You mark my words. You've changed so much, that I hardly recognized you when we picked you up from the airport three days ago. You look extremely beautiful and it's not only your looks that's changed. You seem so much more confident. You don't stare at your feet anymore. Now everyone will see those gorgeous eyes that you have. I'm so glad that Keith decided that you should have that counselor at camp. It seems to have made a huge difference in you."

See, I told you she has to mention Keith every five minutes. Don't get me wrong Keith is a great guy, but I miss my dad. He's been dead since I was like six. I suddenly realized that he had been gone exactly ten years today. I looked at my mother, to see if she remembered what today was. It doesn't seem that she does. Keith has pushed him right out of her mind. I know I'm being selfish here. I was actually happy a year ago when my mom told me that she was getting married. Exactly one month after they were married I was sent to what I call fat camp. Do not get the wrong idea here. It was my idea. Keith actually said there was nothing wrong with my appearance. You think I believed him? So when I finally convinced both the parentals, I was flown to a very prestigious Weight Loss Camp. I stayed the entire summer. It was awful the first week. I hated exercise. Once I learned to say, "Quit your whining and get the best out of this experience. You'll never get another chance like this." After that sad little pep talk to myself, I buckled down and the weight seemed to melt off.

I was up from dawn till dusk exercising. My counselor actually told me to slow down. I did. A little. Well, in front of her I did. I was determined to get rid of The Queen of the Geeks. Nice nick name huh? It was given to me at school by (The Bitchiest Bitch of Bitches, see I can make up nick names too) Stephanie Marshall and her cronies Deana Sinead and Bethany Hill. They made my life miserable from the day I met them. That's all going to change now. I will not be pushed around anymore, I will not be the mouse in the corner.

I got quickly out of bed. I think I may have startled my mother with my sudden mood change. I walked into the bathroom and put on my new contacts. No more thick bottle glasses for me. No siree. I brushed out my shoulder length hair. I usually wore it up in a messy bun, because it was such a curly mess. And not the good kind of curls either. I got it straitened the day I got home from camp. I was tired of being the ugly duckling. As I was looking through my new school clothes, I pulled out this vibrant red long sleeved shirt and a pair of great hip hugging jeans. Something so simple to everyone else was new to me. I usually wore frumpy clothes that looked as if it belonged to someone three times my age. I spun around to my mother with an evil little glint in my eyes.

"You're right, this is going to be a great year."

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