Queen of the Geeks

Chapter Four (Why me? )

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Remember how I said that tomorrow couldn't be any worse. Ha, boy was I way off that mark. As I walked to school, I was soaked by a passing car. It's just lucky that I have an extra set of clothes. Not! Gym clothes. I had to sit through first period English in my shorts. I felt so embarrassed. It was only the second day of school and I already felt like the queen of the geeks again. Making matters worse Billy Jackson, school heartthrob was approaching my desk. My desk!

"Hey , why the long face?" he said taking an empty seat beside me. "And what's with the gym clothes?" Okay, I know I shouldn't care what other people think of me, but I do. I really do. All my camp therapy is going down the drain. Along with my self esteem. I mumble out my reply in hopes he won't ask what I just said.

No such luck. "What was that, didn't quite catch it? You'll have to speak up a bit." he was smirking when I raised my head to look at him. When my eyes met his, he winked.

Wait one blooming moment was he trying to flirt with me? Or was he just making fun of me. I couldn't tell. Of course I've had my share of being made fun of , but this seemed different. Was it just wishful thinking on my part? He looked at me like I was crazy for not answering him right away. I decided he was teasing me for his enjoyment.

"Earth to Anne, I said what's with the clothes? Yesterday you looked good, but today you make the gym clothes look like something Julia Roberts could pull off. You could make anything look good. Probably even a paper bag." he said with a huge grin on his face. My face must look like a sun tanned tomato. My head snapped to the front of the class when I heard my name being mentioned by the teacher, Mr Engleburton. I spun towards Billy.

"What did he just say?" I said pointing to the teacher.

" He said that you and I are to be partners for the project."

"What project?" I asked stupidly. I didn't think my face could go any more red. It did.

"The English project Anne, the one due in two weeks. Didn't you listen to a word he said. It has to be at least twenty pages. Typed. My house or yours?"

I bet I looked like a little goldfish to him. "What do you mean, my house or yours?"

"For the paper we have to write. Sheesh, did you have a stroke or something. Come to think of it, you are pretty red." The bell rang out shrilly and saved me. When I made my way out the door I turned slightly towards Billy with determination.

" The public library."

" What? What about the library?" I had a feeling that before I turned to face him, he had been checking out my backside. I didn't quite know what to say except...

"Now who looks like they've had a stroke. Would you like for me to find something for you to bite on?" He was the one turning red this time.

"Oh, what time?" he recovered well.

"5:30? This afternoon?"

"Sure sounds fine." As I turned back around I ran into the person I least expected to run into. Steve Sakely. Not only Steve, but also James Grant, Billy's cousin and the local juvenile type. Papers went flying every which way. Not only mine, but Billy's, Steve's and Jame's. I quickly apologized to everyone while grabbing for my papers. They all said it was okay and made for their papers. We separated and I went to my next dreaded class. During the whole paper dropping fiasco, Jame's eyes were constantly on me. He gave me the weirdest look. A look that seemed to be saying, 'You're not so great.' Which I couldn't care less what that ass thought. He always made me feel inferior to everyone else. He looked older than other guys at school. Well, next to his cousin Billy that is. They both looked older. My brother often said that he hated looking so young. I have to admit that even I looked like the older sibling of the family. I always said to him, 'be glad, when I'm fifty and saggy you'll still look thirty something. Then you can gloat.' That always seemed to cheer him up a little.

I sat down in Spanish class and opened my notebook looking for a blank piece of paper. What I found made my jaw drop. It was an envelope. It was sealed, with nothing written on it. I slowly and carefully opened it.


I have watched her from afar. I've gazed at her a million times. I love the way she smiles. Happiness creeps up into her eyes. I love to watch her when she thinks no one is looking her way. I stare at her big brown eyes when they're out of focus. She cannot see me looking into the recesses of her soul. I glance away when she recovers her sight. Alas, I am not brave enough to tell her how I feel in my heart. Her looks have changed, but I hope her soul is the same. My Anne.

I turned the paper over in my hand. Looking for any identifying marks.

No name, no address, nothing. Not even a finger print. All I could think was. Who? Was it one of the three guys that dropped their papers along with mine, or did someone else leave it for me. Or was I being delusional and hoping that it was even about me? Hey, a girl can hope. I suddenly remembered the English project with Billy. I had to go meet him and not act like an inexperienced reject. Oh, who am I kidding, I am a reject. I put my head down on my desk and waited for the class to end, and my misery of a life to begin. What am I going to do?

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