A God forgotten in vain mortality,
lost to an unbelieving world of despondency.

Home of Virtues lost, seven angels unmatched in contempt,
Corrupted and tainted with sin and deviation.

Meekness, modest respect of thine achievements.

Humility, complacency with oneself .

Temperance, an unbiased neutrality.

Zeal, passion of life.

Generosity, aid to the unaided.

Moderation, necessities tended.

Chastity, love pure and selfless.

A world of Vices, seven demons unmatched in worship,
exaggerated and loved with passion and vigor.

Lust, Chastity bastardized, love of attraction.

Gluttony, Moderation indulged, love of consumption.

Greed, Generosity bastardized, love of possessions.

Sloth, Zeal monotonized, love of passivity.

Wrath, Temperance enraged, love of enemies.

Envy, Humility perverted, love of resentment.

Pride, Meekness debased, love of thyself.

A beautiful sanctuary, burned and broken,
fellowship disbanded and stature lost.

A world of Chaos, dark and solemn,
one cacophonous lament of misery.