I throw my hands up.

Waking up in the morning wiping eyes to this same old loneliness, And each in every morning remind me of that fight we had. And I can't do this any more. Sitting at the table and the loneliness creeps up on me. So I go's and pick up the phone just to hear your voice.

All this crying makes me wanna throw up my hands, because life is no good without a go man. All the games we played were so old that neither one of us won. So please hear your baby cry. And I have so many more words to say but, I throw them up, I throw up my hands.

Now when we fought I was the one who gave up, I was the one who held back the fuss. But now I threw them up. I had enough can't go through another two or three years with eyes full of tears. Can't go through more broken promises from you. So I threw up my hands, I threw them up. Wait there more to say. I knew about yesterday when you went over that woman place. And that where you stay the night. Now coming home this morning thinking everything is alright.

That's enough I had enough you can have the fights and the fussing. Cause I throw my hands up. You were over her house last night so don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Oh I should punch you right in your face. But I'm a lady and I need to keep my grace. And since you don't know how to act, go back to where you slept at.

Cause I threw them up, I had enough there no begging and pleading here. Because love doesn't live here anymore, I had enough I throw my hands up….

By Ronald Campbell.