The cowarding souls

Nature plan and therefore to guide man, Let us stay from high grace to check and sway. Will comprehend well in mind till you soul seeker ascend. The moon bright as fire seems to drown that sign between its declines and above fully charge him with love. They find my questions within my mind. They pack a great mob at my back. The night might see high love charging toward me. For all them were calling out with screaming tears. But one refrain to be slow in love came behind my striving grace. The spirit said, you who show negligence and delay there below. I coward out to say. Please show me the nearest way. One running soul breaking step reply, you will find the hole with the speed that fill us. Begging your parson speak with pain in the grave the evil orders he once gave. The head worse in mind the true pastor stood. For be hide was last to me. This much in the mind master two cried aloud, what soul may flee it faster? Those purple who stood aside was most glorious. So far ahead the trends of them were so scrambled inside them. But my reason rambled into a dream.