Only you

There was a story told to me about loving the one you're with. So girl give me a moment of your time so that I may find out what they said is true. Cause all a man has in his life is his woman. And the strength she gives, so I was wondering would you like to be my life breathes and those times when I'm so weak. Will you lift me with your words?

So is this what that mean about being in love, how a woman strength come from above. To have that kind of woman who would stand by your side, through the good and bad times. So many other man have giving you this promise, but I'm willing to show it to only you.

How can I tint a love so God true, is there nothing I can say, is there nothing I can do. I'm not the other man that hurt you. Take my hand and let me show you what loving you mean. And if that's ain't good enough than I'll get down on my knees. I just wanna show you- only you baby what true love is.

I wanna spend the rest of my life in love with only you. And spend the rest of my life time proving it to you. Baby let my hand and we're be scare together. And after traveling down life long road we're reach heaven. And I'll tell God that I wanna spend eternally with only you.

By Ronald Campbell.