A world of Chaos, dark and solemn,
one cacophonous lament of misery.

Seven Virtues, determined and resolute,
fighting to redeem their disciples.

Sin against Splendor, Vice versus Virtue,
Hell against Heaven in one final battle.

Lust, unholy seductress of the mind,
smothered in brimstone and fire.

Asmodeus condemned by Chastity.

Gluttony, barbaric connoisseur of the mouth,
drowned in snakes and vermin.

Beelzebub starved by Moderation.

Greed, selfish thief of the hands,
boiled alive in stolen oil.

Mammon broken by Generosity.

Sloth, apathetic pacifist of the body,
banished to a pit of snakes.

Belphegor exterminated by Zeal.

Wrath, unfeeling dictator of the heart,
eternally dismembered alive.

Satan destroyed by Temperance.

Envy, jealous addiction of the eyes,
thrown in ever-freezing water.

Leviathan drowned by Humility.

Pride, pompous recluse of the soul,
broken on the wheel.

Lucifer tortured by Meekness.

Seven Virtues, determined and resolute,
winning back the souls of their disciples.

Sin under Splendor, Vice lower than Virtue,
Good over Evil in one final battle.

A world desolate and silent,
shattered by the cataclysmic war.