For You

You don't scare me, so why even


You cannot hurt or make me


You do not frighten or intimidate me

For you fight your cause so childishly

You think you're wise, I know you're not

You act in anger, you should have thought

OF CONSEQUENCE! Do you think you'll


Your love is greed and moral sin.

Why start this war, I am not your foe

This fight is pointless, but I hope you know

That I will push you back, much further still

So don't try to break my heart or will

You say you're hurt, but so am I

We need to allow this pain to die

For if we keep up this awkward charade

Our only bed shall be our grave

With our endless fights, each hurtful glare

For jealousy has caught you within her snare

I don't think myself mighty, or better than you

But you ruined your chance, you know this is true

So back off a little, give us our turn

But I know how it feels to have your heart burn

As you watch from the side, for I did the same thing

A heart full of sorrow, yet forced still to sing

I'm sorry but, then again that's not true

For I have no reason

To apologize to you.