A world desolate and silent,
shattered by the cataclysmic war.

A beautiful sanctuary, rebuilt and aggregate,
fellowship reformed and stature found.

Pride, arrogant and haughty,
Lucifer broken by the rapier of Meekness.

Envy, resenting and jealous,
Leviathan drowned by the shuriken of Humility.

Wrath, reckless and hostile,
Satan dismembered by the scythe of Temperance.

Sloth, passive and apathetic,
Belphegor poisoned by the staff of Zeal.

Greed, covetous and eager,
Mammon boiled by the halberd of Generosity.

Gluttony, carnivorous and yearning,
Beelzebub suffocated by the axe of Moderation.

Lust, carnal and desirous,
Asmodeus cremated by the claws of Chastity.

Found and repenting, a world of religious devotion,
Seven Virtues unmatched in worship and praise.

Chastity, devoted and loving,
fair maiden of the heart.

Moderation, calm and rational,
just guardian of the stomach.

Generosity, noble and caring,
kind guardian of the purse.

Zeal, enthusiastic and tireless,
active maiden of the body.

Temperance, restrained and ascetic,
realistic guardian of the mind.

Humility, humble and docile,
modest maiden of the eyes.

Meekness, patient and differential,
judgmental guardian of the soul.

A world of restored Virtue and religion,
Vices condemned and forbidden.

A God remembered and desired, worshiped,
restored Lord of a forever repenting civilization.