Part Two


"What the hell was that?" Onitchi asked himself, plopping down onto the sidewalk. He scratched the back of his head, shivering. "Damn them all..." he muttered, his eyes turning to the jug of milk next to him... the empty jug, it's contents having been spilled all over the pavement, forming a white puddle that was slowly beginning to freeze over.

"Oooooniiiitchiiii" a feminine voice cried, causing the boy to turn his head. Skipping towards him, was a rather odd looking person. A Person clad in a bright, pink dress, with netted stockings, boots, and a purple, winter coat. This person possessed long, pointed ears, transparent wings, and pearly-pink colored hair, which trailed down to their waist, tied back in a ponytail. This person... was a man.

Onitchi's eyes narrowed, and he sighed. "Great. Just great," he mumbled as he stood up.

"Otome, what're you doing?"

The strange man twirled about gracefully, careful not to slip on the ice. "Setsume sent me to get you" he said, grinning. His lips were painted an orchid pink, his cheeks a rosy red. He grabbed onto Onitchi by the arm, hugging it to his chest.

Onitchi's face turned red, and he looked away. "Stop, people might think we're seeing each other, or something," he mumbled, pulling his arm away.

"And there's something wrong with that?" The fairy asked with a playful giggle. "Come on!" he cried, "Let's go home, Setsume's got a bit of a surprise for you!" he said, giggling as he proceeded to skip down the sidewalk.

"Whatever," was Onitchi's response with a roll of his eyes. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he followed Otome.

"Setsume! We're home!" Otome shrieked, flinging the door open, causing it to slam against the wall.

Setsume stopped reading once more, sighing as he looked over at Otome. "How many times have I told you not to make such dramatic entrances, Otome?" he approached the door, moving it away from the wall. He shook his head. "Look, see? Now there's a hole in my wall..." He looked up as Onitchi entered the house.

Aiko- who had been seated on the floor beside the rocking chair Setsume had been in- looked up at him, tilting her head.

"Hey! I-It's you! You're that... girl!" Onitchi said, pointing a finger at Aiko.

"Onitchi, you know it's rude to point fingers," Setsume scolded, looking to the teenager as he stepped away from the wall. "You didn't bring the milk," he pointed out.

Onitchi glared at him, clenching his fists. "Shut up! I was shot" he retorted, crossing his arms.

"The milk wasn't shot," Setsume responded, sighing. "Otome, please refrain from knocking anything over. That vase was a gift."

Onitchi rolled his eyes at Setsume and Otome, who had been dancing about as he removed his coat. He fixed his eyes back onto Aiko. "Anyways, who the hell's the girl?" he asked, turning his gaze to Setsume, who ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, "Her name is Aiko," he began, placing his hands on her shoulders, "And she has lived here since before you moved in."

"That's bull!" was Onitchi's response. "I've never seen her!" Setsume shrugged his shoulders and smirked softly. "That's because you don't pay enough attention," he responded.

Onitchi growled, clenching his fists. "I guess it explains a lot, though. Like those shoes, and all the girls clothes we have laying around," he mumbled. "Anyways, who is she?"

Setsume's grip on Aiko's shoulders tightened slightly, and she looked up at him. "Her name is Aiko, as I have said before. I have appointed her as your guardian."


"That's right. As in Guardian Angel. God knows I can't take care of you forever," Setsume responded, sighing.

"Wait... what the hell?" Onitchi raised an eyebrow, as Setsume took a seat in his rocking chair. "What's going on?"

Otome clapped his hands. "Story time!" he said happily, grinning as he plopped down on the floor next to Aiko. Onitchi raised an eyebrow again as he took a seat on the couch.

Setsume closed his eyes, taking a breath, before speaking.

"Alright. You already know that Otome is a fairy, and that Aiko here is an angel. What you don't know is why you're with us, and some other... details," he muttered. He rose to his feet. "To begin, Aiko here came to the human world under my influence. As I, being the guardian of Angels was responsible for her. Keep quiet about that, I'm not supposed to be down here." He paused, the room falling completely silent for only a moment. "I came here... to protect you, Onitchi," he said, fixating his gaze upon the boy.

"Why?" Onitchi asked, with a blink.

Setsume merely held up a hand. "I cannot tell you all the details, it is something you will slowly begin to figure out on your own. I can tell you that many demons seek your life, Onitchi," he said. "Unfortunately, as... you mature, I am losing the ability to protect you properly. So... Aiko will be taking over that job."

Onitchi eyed Aiko, shaking his head. "Great. I live in a house with God and his cross-dressing fairy boyfriend, and a little angel girl is my bodyguard..."

"I'm not God... I'm an Archangel," Setsume responded. "And Otome is definitely not my boyfriend," he added, shaking his head. "Anyways, Onitchi, you have school tomorrow. And Aiko officially begins her job as your Guardian. I demand you all go to sleep, now," he ordered, staring at Aiko and Onitchi.

Aiko jumped to her feet, nodding. "Y-Yes, Master," she said, quickly turning away. Onitchi however, glared at Setsume. "Y'know... I really hate you sometimes," he hissed, rising from the couch. However, he did not protest, and turned and headed for his own room, cursing under his breath.

Setsume frowned, looking down at Otome. He couldn't help but smirk and chuckle. "Those who are young are so stupid. Not even Aiko could sense it... neither could sense that... my life is ending," he mumbled. Otome merely stared at him.