A Woman.

When you woke up this morning did you tell her you love her? No. after she token a shower did you tell her how beautiful she was? No. and when she cooked your breakfast did you say thank you baby. Now don't you know that there another out there, willing to do all that. So watch your back.

He willing to do all that takes her in his arms and holds her. Kiss her on the cheek and love her. And never forget to tell her that she wanted. A woman is so much more than your lover, your wife, your play toy. I love you is something she just got to know.

When she cooked your dinner did you know that? When she put the kids to bed did you know that? And when she made love to you did you understand it. See a woman is much more than you count her for. And the other guy knows this.

O lord, you don't hear me, sometime she gotta know that you love her. That she being loved for everything she does. And the words I love you gotta come from you.

By Ronald Campbell.