Katelyn made her way through the crowd of people, her face void of any emotion as she continued to search for her purse that she had placed down awhile ago. She stopped in her tracks when she caught a glimpse of a close family friend crying, continuously repeating that she'll miss her friend from high school. Katelyn looked away. She couldn't find herself to cry anymore over her mothers death. She figured it was because she cried all that she could.

She sighed in relief when she saw her purse on one of the tables, picking it up and curiously looking in to see if anything was missing when she saw it unzipped a bit. She reached in when she saw folded paper, tucking her purse under her arm as she flipped it open to read.

Hey...I'm not sure what I should say. I can't say I know how you feel, because I don't. Your mom was really cool and a nice lady. I know that I'm always a jackass to you, but seriously...I'm here for you and I'll be nice to you if you need someone to talk to.

It wasn't signed and it didn't need to be. She recognized the handwriting after looking over the first sentence. She read the short note over once more before crumbling in her hand. She didn't need Jude Hayes. She didn't need him to be nice just this once because something terrible happened. She was sure that once this all blew over, he'd return to the jackass everyone knows.

She came to the conclusion that Jude Hayes would never change.



Andy steadied himself up with his cane, placing his cap on with his other hand and grinning at the camera as Mrs. Hayes got in his face and took a picture. He blinked several times, trying to refocus his vision from the bright flash. Jude nagged her to stop blinding people with the light or to turn it off, Sherry going to him in return to wipe something off of his face with her spit-covered finger. He whined and Chris scolded Sherry for treating Jude like a child. Matthew and Sarah laughed with amusement from the couch.

Jude put his cap on, sending a playful glare to his mother as the parents lined up, ready to take pictures of their sons in their cap and gowns. Andy smiled slightly at Kara when she fished out her camera, turning the flash on. His relationship with his mother was slowly rebuilding itself. She was around in the mansion every day, making him breakfast and asking how his day went. They went on a picnic and enjoyed mother and son time, though Andy's thoughts drifted off to his no-good father that only cared about his company. He wondered where he was now, missing the graduation of his only son. His smile widened at Kara. He had hope that their relationship would get back to where it was when he was a child and she was all about him.

"Alright, smile you two!" Sherry called out, the camera over her eye.

The two best friends did so, Jude wrapping his arm around Andy's shoulders and Andy slipping his arm around his waist. The shut their eyes tightly after the flashes from the camera, momentarily blind. Andy shifted on his cane, briefly thinking about Laurie who was taking pictures with Katelyn and Claudia at her place. The parents called for another picture and they smiled, Andy kissing Jude on the cheek at the last second, receiving a disgusted face from the taller boy. The parents' laughed and Matthew stuck out his tongue. Sarah continued laughing as Jude punched Andy on his arm in a joking manner. It was Andy. He couldn't necessarily say he didn't expect the kiss.

"Ow man, that hit really hurt.."

Jude grinned, looking at Sarah when she ran over to him, picking her up and balancing her on his good arm as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Matthew came and stood in front of Jude and Andy, giving a peace sign for the camera as Jude kissed Sarah on her cheek.


Laurie put her hair in a ponytail at the nape of her neck before placing her cap on her head, glancing over to a crying Sophie. Claudia rushed over to her, make-up covering the bags under her eyes. She smiled as she picked her daughter up, Sophie slowly coming to a stop with her crying as she stared up at Claudia with her big blue eyes. Katelyn smiled, placing her cap on also.

"I bet she has Kendall wrapped around her finger already."

"Heck yes," Claudia replied, glancing at her with a big grin. "He said he was going to be strict, but I highly doubt it. She's his clone and his new baby girl."

Laurie nodded, looking in the mirror, "He will give into her every plea. Poor guy."

Claudia told Kendall to go be with his friends and meet her at the ceremony, leaving Sophie with her grandmother. She placed Sophie back down in her basinet, turning to the two girls. "So, let's get this show on the road."


Girls' swooned and sighed as Jude accepted his diploma from the principal, giving him a small smile and glancing out into the crowd when he heard Andy calling his name along with a few other friends'. He glanced at a few girls' that tried getting his attention, giving them a smile that drove them crazy.

Everyone went quiet went Andy walked, taking his time with his cane and giving the principal a hug after he handed him his diploma. The principal patted him on the back and everyone cheered because Andy made it through a car accident and could still put on a smile. Andy raised his hand with his diploma in it, the cheers getting louder and he stuffed it in his gown, taking the microphone from the student announcing names, causing the principal to open his mouth.

"I bet you're all wondering if I have any clothes on underneath this thing. Well, then–"

Everyone laughed as he reached for his gown, but the principal stopped him, moving him along.


Few Weeks Later

Dawson Residence

Laurie came out of the bathroom in a tank top and ripped shorts, smiling when she found Andy leaning against the wall and waiting for her. She kissed him on his cheek lightly, hearing the music blasting out in the backyard were Kevin was barbequing along with Chris for the guests. Sherry and Kara sat on the chairs, watching the family relatives chat among themselves. Jude stayed out on the deck, sipping his soda and backing away from the grill when a flame shot up. He glanced at Matthew and Mary as they ran by, Sarah close behind with Spot barking at them as they made their way to the swing set.

Sherry looked up at Jude, a small smile on her face, "Have you seen Katelyn?"

"No," he replied dryly, taking a larger sip of his drink. He glanced at his mother through his shades, shrugging when she sent him a small glare. "What? I haven't."

"Could you go look for her and ask her if she wants to help us bring out more desserts and whatnot?"

He tried his best to avoid Katelyn and give her space, but his mother was making it difficult to do so at some times. "Mom, why can't–never mind," he rushed out, receiving a look. He placed his drink down, hurrying inside and unaware that Matthew took that chance to take his drink and finishing it off.

Andy sat down in a chair near Kara, pulling Laurie into the chair next to him and pulling her chair closer to his. His mother and girlfriend immediately engaged in a conversation. Jude walked around inside, pushing a door open and finding the room empty. He closed the door and headed down the hall, standing directly in front of Katelyn's room and staring at the door with a blank look on his face. Ever since that day at the hospital, they haven't spoken to each other, let alone be in the same room. He was surprised she didn't find some excuse to skip out of the barbeque. He tried to skip out, but the looks his mother gives him makes him think otherwise…

He grabbed the doorknob, turning and opening the door, finding Katelyn sitting on her bed with her back to the door. She jumped and gasped, looking over her shoulder and Jude blinked in surprise when he saw that she was crying. He let his hand slip away from the door knob, fighting the urge to go and comfort her. He would give anything to have her in his arms. Katelyn wiped her eyes as she stood up from her bed, turning around to him and glaring slightly at the taller boy. "What–do you always barge into rooms without knocking?"

"Sorry–they were asking for you and I came to look. I wasn't thinking. Apparently I don't think in a lot of situations," he mumbled, slipping his hands into his pockets and looking away from her. His clear blue eyes shot to the other end of her room, his jaw clenching when he saw no pictures of the two of them together. Before, they were all around her room. He couldn't help but feel a little hurt and upset.

"Oh, well, I'm coming out right–"

"Why're you crying?"

"Why do you care?" She asked coldly, flipping her black hair over her shoulder as she crossed her arms over her halter top that stopped above her belly button.

"Because I love you," he replied bluntly, stepping closer to her. He frowned when she backed away from him, her eyes widening briefly before her glare returned. He took one last step and she did it again, causing him to sigh loudly and run a hand through his hair in frustration. "Say it back at least."

"Why? So you can feel better Jude? Is that it? I won't say it back b-because I don't love you anymore," she lied, glancing down at the floor. She felt like screaming at him, hitting him, and just letting all her anger out on him. He was the cause for her pain and tears and she wanted him to know it. She bit her lip, looking back up at him and gasping lightly when he was much closer. She placed her hands on his chest when he stepped closer, ignoring his muscles that rippled underneath her fingers. She backed up against the wall, cursing walls mentally. "Jude–"

"Don't tell me you don't love me damnit. You can't stop loving someone just like that. There's no such thing. Tell me you still love me Katelyn."

Her brown eyes met his with a glare, "I don't Jude! Get over it! I'm over it!"

And I know in my heart

You can't say that you don't love me too

Please say you do

He glared back, his blue eyes narrowing, "You're over it, huh? Is that why you cry yourself to sleep? Is that why you were crying in your room just now?"

Her eyes shimmered and she bit her lip once more, "It's none of your–"

"Oh, it's my business all right. Everything about you is my business Katelyn. I will never stop worrying about you or caring about you. I'm sorry about everything, please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you–I love you more than anything and–"

"Then you should've never made mistakes Jude!"

"People make mistakes!" He snapped, slamming his hand next to her head against the wall as he glared at her. She jumped, staring up at him with wide eyes. Her shock was quickly replaced by her glare and she lifted her hand, slapping him across the face as hard as she could. Tears fell from her eyes afterwards as she lowered her hand.

"People make mistakes, yes, they do. Breaking an expensive vase in a house is a mistake. Stepping on someone's foot while dancing is a mistake. Doing drugs, cheatingand lying to your girlfriends face is...is…is a huge problem!" Katelyn shook her head, pushing past him and heading to her bathroom to fix her eyeliner. She didn't have to look in a mirror to know that black streaks were on her cheeks.

"Katelyn, I'm leaving."

She stopped, her hand on the doorknob to her bathroom and she sniffled, glancing at him over her shoulder. "What do you mean?"

"I'm leaving for France in three days with my mom. She's going to be there for two weeks, but I'm staying for two months or so to help start a clothing line in her name for young boys and teen boys. I want to know if you still love me before I leave. If you do, meet me at the air port before our flight takes off. Three days, my flight plans to take off at twelve in the afternoon." He paused, touching his cheek lightly. 'Geez.' "If you show up, then I know I have something to come back for. If you don't, then...I get the picture."


Laurie sat on Katelyn's bed, watching her put her hair up in a ponytail in the bathroom. She grabbed a stuffed animal, placing it between her legs and playing with the ears. She yawned, rolling her neck and smiling from the fun day they all had at the barbecue that seemed to last all night. She looked at Katelyn when she heard the door shut and smiled slightly, "You avoided Jude like he was the plague."

Katelyn sighed, plopping down next to her friend and turning on the television. "I know, but we did talk a little bit earlier in the day. He came looking for me so I could help Kara and Sherry."


"And we got into an argument. I told him I didn't love him when he asked me."

"You said no, didn't you? You liar. You can't be mad at him because he lies when you're lying."

Katelyn rolled her eyes, giving Laurie a look. "It's different, Laurie." She sat up, handing her the remote. "But yeah, you're right. I told him I didn't, we screamed at each other, and then he told me he was leaving for France with Sherry and he was staying for two months, maybe more." She paused, bringing her legs up to her chest. "He said he wanted me to show up and if I did, it means I still love him. And if I don't, then I don't love him. I don't… want to give into him Laurie! He hurt me so much," she cried out, wiping her eyes when tears fell once more.

Laurie nodded, understanding as she wrapped her arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to her. "Just do what you think is right and don't think with your mind, but your heart instead. The heart is always right no matter what. My mom taught me that and so far, so good."


Sarah pouted as she watched Jude pack his suitcases, muttering under his breath about Sherry being right. He should've packed the day before instead of the day of leaving. He had things to look for and it was wasting his time. He yawned as he zipped up his second suitcase, tossing it on the floor and lifting an empty suitcase on his bed, tossing boxers in carelessly. His clear blue eyes darted to movement and he smiled softly, seeing his younger sister in his doorway. He motioned for her to come over, letting her cling to his leg.

"Why are you leaving with mommy?"

"Because I have things to do with her. Hey, it won't be that long and I'll call every day, so it won't even feel like I'm gone. I'll send you pictures too, because I heard that France is a beautiful place. Maybe I'll bring you back clothes too, if you're good that is."

"I'm always good!"

"Sure you are," he teased, picking her up and resting his forehead against hers. "Being good doesn't include giving Matthew a wedgie."

"He was being mean! He deserved it."

Jude winced, remembering that his little brother was crawling down the hall in pain. "But he's a boy. You have to go easy on…boys. They have...extra stuff that hurts when you wedgie them."


"Whatever? Who–"

A smile sprung to her face, "Andy says it all the time."

He placed her on his bed, getting more clothes to pack. He listened as she continued to speak about multiple things, kicking her legs back and forth. She brought up going over to see Mary and Katelyn entered his mind and he stopped briefly, wondering if she was going to show up.

"And Katelyn had this guy over–"

"A guy? Who?"

Sarah shrugged innocently, watching him toss another shirt in the suitcase. "I dunno. He had black hair. Mary said that he was some friend that watches movies with Katelyn. He was nice."

"I see," he mumbled, zipping up the suitcase once he was done. He gave her a smile, pushing the thought of another guy in the back of his mind as he pulled her off of his bed. "Let's eat some breakfast together before I have to go."


Dawson Residence

Katelyn chewed on her nail as she walked downstairs, dodging Spot as he ran in front of her. She watched him briefly before looking at the clock, swallowing slowly when she checked the time. Her eyes glanced at the floor and she cleared her throat, debating on whether to go or not.

'I should, I still love him…anything could happen if I don't go. He could meet a girl in France and hook up with her because he'll know or think that I don't love him anymore. He'll leave and forget about me! He screwed things up royally, b-but I still..'

"Katie? Anything wrong?"

She heard Kevin's voice and she looked up, staring at him before smiling softly. "Just thinking, Dad. Nothing's wrong."

"Alright. I'll be in the kitchen if you need to talk to me," he told her, giving her a smile before walking off, leaving her alone. Katelyn stared at the clock, her brows wrinkling together in thought.

"Dad, I'll be back in a little bit! I have to do something!"



Sherry smiled at Jude as she placed a hand on her shoulder, motioning for him to follow her onto the plane as they made the last call. He returned the smile, nodding as he picked up his bag of candy to eat on the flight to keep him occupied. He sighed loudly, glancing over his shoulder as he started to follow his mother to the door of where their plane was waiting. He looked ahead, shaking his head when he saw no sign of Katelyn anywhere. He messed up and he was paying for it, though it was painful and he would give anything to erase everything he did.

He smiled at the woman that was taking their tickets and she returned the smile. "Enjoy your flight."

Sherry and Jude nodded, Sherry walking ahead with her purse in hand. Jude hesitated, but took a step and stopped when he heard a faint feminine voice. He stood, waiting to hear the voice once more.


He turned and looked, seeing black hair and staring in shock and disappointment when a girl with black hair ran to another man, grabbing his hand. Jude stared before closing his mouth, clenching his jaw.

"Sir, are you alright?"

He looked back at the woman, eyeing her before nodding, turning his back to the couple and walking off, closing his eyes briefly.

Katelyn bent over, out of breathe as she reached the airport, breathing heavily as people passed her, giving her glances. She stood up straight, blowing her bangs away from her eyes as she ran over to the large window, looking at the planes that were taking off. She frowned, thinking of what plane could be his, but she couldn't remember the number. She smacked the window before running off, going to the front desk and pushing someone out of the way.

"Miss, please wait your turn," the man scolded, glaring at her slightly.

"Wait–I need to know–there's a flight to France, did it leave?"

"Yes, actually, it's taking off at this moment…"

Katelyn let her fingers slip away from the edge of the counter, walking off back to the window and eyeing the plane that was rolling off.


Jude woke up, glancing out of the window, smiling slightly when he caught sight of the clouds. He glanced next to him, seeing that Sherry was fast asleep with her pillow, a small smile on her face. He had the feeling that she was thinking about his siblings and Chris. Her family was the most important thing to her. He shifted in his seat, gazing at the couple that was across from him, giggling and whispering to each other. Katelyn immediately came to his mind and he cleared his throat, closing his eyes as he remembered their relationship. He wanted her back and it made him feel extreme pain when he didn't see her face at the airport. He was hoping that she would come and let him hold her, telling him that she loved him no matter what.

'But that's just fairytale bullshit,' he thought to himself, grinning bitterly.

He slowly opened his eyes, looking back out of the window as he continued to think about the one girl he loved all of his being. He had hurt her and he had let her slip out of his grasp. He would forever hate himself for the biggest mistake he ever made. But she made him realize that she didn't love him and he had to take the hint. He wasn't going to bother her about it when she didn't have the same feelings for him anymore. But he wouldn't stop loving her and he vowed that when he could see her again, he would ask her once more if she loved him. He wasn't one to give up so easily.

So I'll just hang around and find some things to do

To take my mind off missing you


Katelyn climbed onto the trampoline, steadying herself when she almost fell. She tucked her hair behind her pierced ears, slowly taking a seat before lying down on her back, staring up at the midnight sky that was painted with white stars, some standing out brightly from the others. She rested her hand on her stomach, smiling softly to herself when she saw a shooting star, but didn't bother making a wish as she slowly closed her eyes, Jude entering her thoughts.

She would wait. This time apart would do them some good and maybe in the time that they would be apart, she could find herself to forgive him and she just hoped that his habit would be thrown out the door.

She would wait until he came back home and she would surprise him, telling him that she loved him.

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