Ok, here's this, sorry its a little longer than "tomorrow" but it was close right?

I knelt in front of the gravestone and ran my fingers over the name and sighed.

"I wish things hadn't ended up this way," I whispered and laid the white rose on the top of the tombstone, brushing my hand over the name again. I heard someone clear their throat behind me and turned to see Danielle standing there and I smiled at her. Standing I made my way to her an, wincing as pain shot through my side. Steve had done some damage when he had stabbed me.

"You ready to go?" she asked quietly as I reached her and nodded.

"Yeah, lets get out of here, I'm not done packing," I said and offered my arm which she took with a smile.

"Well they say that they're going to release Adam tomorrow," she said as we walked to the cab that was waiting.

"Good, that should fit into our timeline," I said thinking it over. Adam had been shot in the leg, he had shot Steve before the other man had been able to shoot me and Steve had turned around and shot Adam, luckily only in the leg, but it had done quite a bit of damage. He would live but the damage that had been done was too extensive and he would have to walk with a cane and be confined to a desk when we got back to California. He had convinced me to move back with him, not that it had taken too much, I loved New York but I wanted to leave this place, too many memories, most of them bad. The cab stopped and I looked up to see us outside of the Coffee Bean and sighed as I stepped out and opened the door that had a "Closed for Business" sign on it. I walked into the shop and stopped; it had been cleaned out, I had sold it a week ago and it was going to be some kind of book shop I think is what the guy said. I was just there to drop off the keys and the lease agreement. Walking into the back I placed the keys on the table there and the lease in the office. Sighing, I walked back out to the front and ran a hand along the counter. They had already started to redo the inside and I barely recognized it as the place I had once worked at. I looked up when I heard someone open the door and smiled at Mrs. Angfield and walked towards her.

"How are you Mrs. Angfield?" I asked gripping her hand and she smiled at me.

"I'm doing well Evan, thank you. I'm glad to see that you are all right," she said kissing my cheek.

"I'm fine, hank you," I said squeezing her hand again and smiling.

"I was so worried, what happened to your beau?" she asked looking around for him and I laughed at her old term.

"He's still in the hospital, but we'll be getting him out tomorrow," I said quickly when I saw the alarm on her face.

"Oh, I'm so glad, he's such a nice young man," she said and I started to lead her out of the building.

"He really is, one of the best," I said as I locked the door behind me.

"You won't be here much longer will you?" she asked, looking up at me sadly.

"No, I'm going to go back to California with Adam," I said and she sighed before turning us both towards her apartment.

"Well I will miss you, my grandchildren have been more attentive as of late, so I wont be so lonely," she said stopping before we went upstairs. "Keep in touch young man, I want to know that you are happy," she said before reaching up and kissing my cheek once more, squeezing my hand and turned to walk up the stairs and I fought tears. Mrs. Angfield had been a great friend, someone I had confided in, someone who had shared her love an kindness with me, I would miss her. Turning, I saw Danielle standing there and smiling.

"You ready to go?" she asked and I turned to stare at the shops around me, took a deep breath and turned around and nodded before climbing into the cab beside her.

I walked into Adam's hospital room and smiled to see him up and getting dressed.

"Hey," I said leaning against the doorframe and he turned and smiled at me.

"Hey," he said and I walked to him and he gave me a quick kiss.

"What do you say we get out of here?" I asked and he nodded. We walked to the nurse's station and Adam signed the papers he needed and we made our way slowly out of the hospital and I hoped I would never have to return.

Two days later I stood with Adam, Danielle, Andrew and Scott waiting to board the plane and I noticed Adam's nervousness and I remembered his fear of flying and took his hand.

"You'll be ok, I promise," I whispered, leaning close an he smiled at me.

"All of your stuff will be out there in a week?" he asked and I nodded.

"Amy's going to be sending it out on Monday," I said and stood, helping Adam to his feet as our flight was called. We boarded the flight, all of us laughing, trying to keep Adam from thinking too much and took our seats. We sat through the pre-flight check and I again took Adam's hand as we took to the air and noticed him smiling at me. I knew we had a lot to work out, but we would, together.

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