Chapter 1

My name; Samantha Ashley Taylor.

My status; The most prettiest and popular senior in Westbrook High.

"Yo dude, sup?" Junior Mills strutted into the building slapping me on the back as he does every Monday morning. I swear that has become his weekly ritual over the past four years. He really needs to get a new pitch.

And most of you probably guessed that I was lying about being the most popular and prettiest. But I am popular with my friends who just happen to be mostly guys. But don't get me wrong I'm not totally geeky, I have friends that are jocks as well as the so-called nerds and the average Joes. I'm what I like to call a very well rounded person.

And just for the record. Junior is a jock.

As for prettiest? People regard me as more of an imp rather than stunning. With shortish, straight, brown hair and standing at about 5 foot 3, I guess I am pretty impish compared to all my friends that are all at least 6 feet. But I seriously don't mind. My motto has always been; if you don't like me the way that I am screw you! And that has got me the respect of many as well as trouble from others.

And yes for your information I would just like to announce that I am a GIRL! Of the FEMALE variety of sex! I just thought that I should clarify that in case somebody got confused.

"Junior! Hey! Do you have any idea how much that hurts? Jocks these days. And I thought you were my friend," I joked adding a little pout just for effect. But I couldn't help a grin forming on my face. "Anyway I'm forgiving you this time. But as for next time, you are as good as dead mate." "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot calculus test marks back today. How do you think you did?"

"Truth? Pretty shit. I totally fucked up the ten marker at end of the paper."

"Junior your such an ass. You always say that but then come out with the best mark in the class." He's such a loser sometimes but so not the typical dumbass jock.

"Hey! You always come up with top marks too." I'm a hard worker so sue me. "Anyway Maddie just text. She just arrived in school. Think I'll go see her before homeroom." A sheepish grin and the motion of his hand running through his hair replaced his casual words.

Who's Maddie you ask? The one and only long term,(as in two years) girlfriend of one of my best friends in the whole world. If you hadn't guessed I was talking about Junior. She is sweet, kind, pretty, feisty and the best girl that I could ever want for him. You're all probably thinking, 'best friend that is a guy? She totally crushes on him.' To that I would just like to say HELL NO! This dude is like my brother and that idea would be like complete incest. And that would just be plain gross.

Plus that would mean the break up of the cutest couple in the world. The lovely Junior and Maddie. I could never ever do that to either one of them because to all that know them it is so obvious that they are totally MTBT (for those none abbreviators – Meant To Be Together) And I am so going to be invited to their wedding which is inevitably going to happen in a couple of years from now as in my opinion it was I who managed to bring them together. (Junior was too shy to as her for her cell number so I just had to give it to him. Such a coward when it comes to love!) I smiled at the memory and continued to stay in this dazed state until I was rudely shoved from behind.

That certainly brought me back to reality.

"Taylor, what exactly is the point of standing in a doorway of a classroom that lots of people want to get into?" Kyle Collins. The bane of my existence sneers at me while his hand picked group of 'friends' grin evily. Sometimes I wish I could remove that smirk by tightly grabbing his- Will definitely not finish that thought.

"Collins!" I say with fake enthusiasm. "Wow! I'm so lucky that you decided to grace me with your presence. Come in, come in." I pause slightly for effect. "However would you be ever so kind as to remove the slut embedded at your hip? I do believe that she isn't enrolled in this class. Maybe you should tell her." I put on an equally fake smile and stood thee with my hands crossed over my chest.

Man I hate that child so much. He thinks that just because he's hot and a jock it gives him the right to be the king of the school. The sad thing is that people are actually sucked in by his supposed charm. Stupid no brained people naturally.

He turns. Sucks face with this previously referred to as slut. I think her name is Candy, maybe Candice, I don't really care to know people such as her. Then he walks over to his seat and sits down.

If I'd known that he had purposely stuck out his foot I would have been more careful. But he had caught me off guard and that's how I ended up on the classroom floor with a very painful butt.

"Monday morning one nil to me Taylor." He hissed at me.

Looks like another normal school day for Sammy Taylor has just begun.

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