Chapter 2

"Junior! Hey Junior!" I zigzagged my way through the crowded hallway. Man was that guy deaf or something? He seriously couldn't hear me? He was only a couple feet away and he hadn't even turned around. Times like these it helps to be a midget. I ducked and dived and miraculously managed to catch up to him. "Oh…my…gosh!" I paused between every word in effort to gulp down the oxygen I seriously needed. "I have just found out the most greatest thing!" Talk about being on a high today, I didn't even feel like I should even pretend to be mad at him for making me dodge basically the whole school.

He had an amused look on his face. Okay seriously, who wouldn't if a mad creature just popped out of nowhere causing this great big scene that everyone seemed to be watching. But as soon as they saw it was dear little Sammy they turned right back to whatever they were doing seconds before. "Okay. Shoot. What's so important that you felt the need to share this little nugget of information?" What the fuck? This guy really needs to learn how to use the kind of language that normal kind of people use.

Then he smirked so evilly that I knew the truth. I punched him hard on the shoulder. "You Bastard! No fair! You knew and you didn't tell me? This is the kind of information that people tell their best friends! This is extremely important you know? Did the thought just never occur to you!?" By this point I was madly flapping my hands around in all directions. It's a wonder I didn't hit anybody.

So I was being a little overdramatic, who isn't?

The smirk on Junior's face became distorted into a confused one. "Sammy what are you on about? Important? I thought we were talking about the same thing. As in the fact that Lee Wallis has joined the varsity basketball team because Bruce dropped out. What are you talking about?" Was this guy dense or was this guy dense? I withheld the urge to grab him and shake him.

But on second thought I don't really think that I would be able to shake him. Maybe if I used all my strength I could make him rock back and forth a bit. That would obviously only happen if I caught him off guard.

Damn it.

But he's still a knucklehead.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about! Why didn't you tell me? Now I've totally embarrassed myself." As you guessed it, I the resident tomboy of Westbrook High had a crush on the yummiest guy in the school. Well that's only in my opinion as apparently he comes second to Kyle. YEAH RIGHT! Wow, I actually sound like a girl. But come on I'm 18 years old. If I didn't have a crush on a guy there would something seriously wrong with me. Or I could be a lesbian. Obviously.

The only two that know about my slightly more than platonic feelings for Lee are Maddie and Junior. You wouldn't believe how gossip can spread in my group of friends. I swear the guys in our group are the worst gossips ever.

"Why what did you do?" He chuckled. No way. Junior Mills is a dead man.

"What did I do? I walked into the boys' locker room to come and find you because Maddie wanted me to tell you something. It's not like I haven't been in there a million times before. Oh by the way Maddie wants to meet her before the end of lunch period so you can discuss your plans for your anniversary. Have you got her a cool present? Because you should, with it being your second anniversary and all." I digressed. It's a bad habit but I eventually get to the point of what I'm saying with a little prompting.

"Sammy, stick to the point!" That's what I mean. I need prompting at times.

"Oh right, where was I? Hmm…I walked in the locker room and there right in front of me was Kyle and Lee." I wasn't really looking at Kyle though. But even if I was he was fully clothed. Not that I would actually want to see his body. It's probably covered in scales or something.

"But Lee. Oh my word, Lee was just standing there in a towel. And all I could do was gawp. My mouth was literally on the floor. I most likely drooled. I mean I did kind of make a weird noise resembling a strangled cat but then I came to my senses and ran for it. Junior it was so embarrassing." I was practically cringing while I retold the story. "Junior get up off the floor!"

He actually fell on the floor because he was laughing so hard. It wasn't funny. And as if it couldn't get any worse, Kyle decided to make an appearance.

"Well I can see that you seem to have told your best buddy here about what happened in the locker room." Why did he have to be so evil? "But no time for small talk Taylor. Meet me at Café Coffee at five. I got a proposition for you." Then he strolled off as if what he said was totally normal. I was so dumbfounded that I didn't even respond.

"Taylor open this fucking door!" Kyle had been banging on my front door for the past ten minutes. It was now six thirty and my guess was that he was pretty pissed off that I hadn't met him at the café. "I WAITED IN THE CAFÉ FOR OVER AN HOUR AND YOU NEVER SHOWED!" Oh I was right.

Nevertheless being the kind-hearted person that I am I finally opened the front door and yawned wondering how long this was going to take. My parents would be home any minute. "Hello Collins, fancy seeing you here." Mock innocence is always fun to do.

He didn't say anything. Instead he breathed in slowly as if trying to calm himself down. I didn't really want to stand there all night so I decided to speak up. "Why so angry? No one ever stood you up before?"

"Actually Taylor I wanted to ask you a favour." Suddenly he was all cooled down. Back to his collected self.

It was my turn to smirk. "Favour? Since when would I ever want to do you a favour? I think you've got the wrong person." I started closing the door but he held it in place. Damn why does he have to be so strong.

"Since you found out that I could get Lee to be your prom date."

For the second time I was speechlessly watching Kyle's back as he walked away.

Did that just happen?

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