"We'd Still Be Friends"
6.17.05 - 10:55 PM

I thought you liked me,

thought you trusted me.

I accepted that we were,

"Just friends", okay.

You chose her over me.

What the heck is happening?

She's the evil one.

She's the mean one.

She's the backstabbing one.

She's the betrayer.

She's the distrustful one.

Why do you believe her more than me?

But, all along..I discover..

That I was the evil one.

The betrayer.

The mean one.

But, I'm not a backstabber.

And you can trust me with anything.

But, you chose her over me.

You've known her shorter.

Yeah, I liked you in the past.

And that's how it ended up like this.

But, did you ever think...

If I met you a week after,

That you'd trust me?

It's a little something called


and you just gotta know...

if we had other circumstances,

we'd still be friends.

Author's Note: It's been such a long time since I wrote SOMETHiNG, anything. Yeah, well I haven't disappeared or anything; I just don't have any ideas for me to write so I can update. But, let me tell you this, I'm trying to work on this little story. Well, I'm not sure if this is really a poem, but it doesn't seem like a story, so I put it as a poem. I found this in my email and apparently, it was written on the seventeenth of June, which was the last day of school, last school year. I don't think I wrote that intentionally, you know? It's just a sudden idea. As I read this, I can still remember everything that happened the previous school year...And I know who this is about, of course, haha. Well, I hope you enjoyed it.

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