I Asked you

I asked you once,

It was really long ago'

You probably forgotten by now

But I haven't.

I asked you once,

A really important question,

You answered it,

The answer made me very happy.

I asked you once,

'Do you love me?'

You said 'Yes, I do'

For the first time I was really on cloud 9.

I asked you once,

Only once,

Cause I was afraid you change your answer

If I asked again, so I didn't.

I asked you once,

I like your answer to me,

But now I see that it was a one-time answer.

Cause now I see you with another.

I asked you once,

I wish I had the courage to ask again, but I didn't

I saw you say 'I love you' to that other

You two hugged and kissed on the lips.

I asked you once,

I guess you forgot your answer

It's my fault you forgot, cause I never asked again

And now it's too late,

Cause today your wedding day

And I am sitting outside, in my car.

While you're inside that church, you look so happy

I… thought maybe you come out and join me

But you didn't, you stayed in the church

And said 'I do' to someone that was not me.

I asked you once,

I guess that wasn't enough

I should have told you 'I loved you, too'

But I didn't, you cried that day

And left me for good…

I hope you're happy now,

Cause I really do love you, so if you're happy

Than there is no reason

I should not be happy for you.

I asked you once,

And only once,

I should have answered

When you asked me once,

I'm sorry; I really do hope you're happy.