If I could,

If only I could,

Relive my life again,

Then there would be,

Most surely be,

Much for me to amend.

A remark so mean,

So very mean,

Uttered in haste, my beloved,

And the path which lead,

From an unthinking head,

Would have remained uncovered.

But alas tis true,

So very true,

That the words were used in anger.

And the comment from me,

I shudder to see,

Did put my life in danger.

For after you left,

Of you, bereft,

My heart did cease to beat.

And in a while,

A short little while,

My maker I left to meet.

I realize now,

With a sigh and a frown,

Those words did tear us apart.

But maybe one day,

An eon away,

Love could still burn in your heart?

Here I will wait,

Unceasingly wait,

Until it is your turn to die.

And when you arise

Up into the skies,

May your name be the first thing I cry!